Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman

Catherine Steadman’s Something in the Water (2018) is a surprisingly fast paced intricately plotted thriller. Surprising as it is the debut novel from an already accomplished actor, who we last saw in the tv series Downton Abbey as Lady Mabel Lane Fox. The story opens with a grave being dug but it is all unsure- Who? When? Why? The story then progresses with a young British couple, Erin and Mark, who are planning their wedding. Erin is a documentary filmmaker, creating a film which follows three individuals who are being released from jail. Mark, an investment banker, loses his job just before the wedding and the couple is forced to economize. The one splurge they keep is their honeymoon trip to Bora Bora. There they find something in the water; a circle of floating papers. From there, they investigate while the reader is thinking no, don’t do that, stop! Mark and Erin decide to keep what they find and use it to fund their new married life but suspicions creep in. British investigators show up, Erin’s film criminals act oddly, and the Russian mafia makes an appearance. Definitely a page turner!

Reese Witherspoon’s company Hello Sunshine is turning this book into a TV series, so get ready and read it now! Read a bit about Steadman’s idea for the novel’s plot here. In these days of being stuck at home, read about Bora Bora and dream. Finally, try these other high- octane thrillers; Sharp Objects, In a Dark, Dark Wood and Eileen.