Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder

By Joanne Fluke

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder is the newest novel in the Hannah Swenson series. Readers familiar with the series know that Joanne Fluke is a New York Times bestselling author. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (2000) was the book that started it all.

The mystery of who killed Mayor Bascomb has people on edge in Lake Eden. Spring is in the air, and Hannah Swenson is busy managing her local shop, The Cookie Jar. Juggling orders for upcoming Easter celebrations and keeping a murder book to record clues and suspicions occupies Hannah’s time. Yet, no matter how busy Hannah becomes, she always seems to have enough time to quell the small upsets experienced by the family and friends that surround her with a fresh plate of cookies or cupcakes.

Readers will enjoy Hannah’s detective work as she uncovers the circumstances that led to the mayor’s demise. Through her attention to detail, Hannah unravels the case and even confronts the suspect at home with two dozen cookies in tow. She tells herself, “You know you’re not supposed to confront a possible killer alone!” However, this doesn’t stop her. Hannah has an endearing sense of commitment and determination that readers enjoy.

It’s no wonder that Joanne Fluke’s cozy mysteries are wildly popular! This was my first introduction to the series and now I understand why. While there is a murder mystery to be solved, it is Hannah’s natural talent for baking and cooking that adds a fun element of engagement for the reader. The reader has the sense that they are right there alongside Hannah, planning menus, whipping up tasty treats, and solving a murder.

Favorite Entrée Recipe: Stroganoff Light

Favorite Dessert Recipe: Tropical Vacation Bundt Cake (Unfortunately, I am not a big cheesecake fan.)

Note: Hannah’s recipes include appetizer, main dishes, and desserts, complete with instructions and anecdotal notes.