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The Director’s Book Club

Thursdays (see below) at 10am

December 27

Frankenstein book cover

Mary Shelley

Mystery Book Club

Mondays (see below) at 6:30pm

November 26

Two Girls Down

Two Girls Down
Louisa Luna

When two sisters disappear from a strip mall parking lot in a small Pennsylvania town, their devastated mother hires a bounty hunter, Alice Vega, to help find the girls. With the help of Max Caplan, a former cop, they work together to solve the mystery before time runs out!

December 17

The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window
A.J. Finn

Anna Fox, a recluse, lives alone in her New York City home, unable to venture outside. She spends her day drinking wine, watching movies, recalling happier times and…spying on her neighbors. The perfect family moves across the way but when Anna gazes out of her window one night she sees something she shouldn’t, or did she? What is real? What is imagined? In this diabolically best -selling thriller, no one – and – nothing is what it seems.

StarStuFF – SciFi Book Club

Tuesday (see below) at 7:00pm

December 18

Childhood's End

Childhood’s End
Arthur C. Clarke

“In the near future, enormous silver spaceships appear without warning over mankind’s largest cities. They belong to the Overlords, an alien race far superior to humanity in technological development-and their purpose is to dominate the Earth. Their demands, however, are surprisingly beneficial-end war, poverty, and cruelty. Their presence, rather than signaling the end of humanity, ushers in a golden age-or so it seems.”

January 22

Good Omens book cover

Good Omens
Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

February 26

The Fifth Season cover

The Fifth Season
N. K. Jemisin

March 26

The Dreaming Void book cover

The Dreaming Void
Peter F. Hamilton

April 23

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet book cover

Long Way to a Small Angry Planet
Becky Chambers

For more information, call 973-285-6979.

Read Around the World Book Club

Thursday (see below) at 2:15pm

Sign up by emailing [email protected] or by calling the Reference desk at 973-285-6969.

November 15

Children of the Street book cover

Children of the Street
Kwei Quartey

Street kids are going missing—and turning up as strangely mutilated corpses. Can Detective Darko Dawson save any of them? What about his own gravely ill son?

December 20 (1pm)

Seven Blessings book cover

Seven Blessings
Ruchama King Feuerman

A classic marriage novel set among colorful religious immigrants to Jerusalem who seek love, God, and their place in the world. But not necessarily in that order.

Good Morning Games (Scrabble & Canasta)

scrabble logoWe are hosting a monthly Scrabble & Canasta Club! Join us on the first Monday of every month from 10AM-noon.

Knit and Crochet PLUS!

Knitting needles and yarnDo you crochet, knit or do other types of needlework? Bring your current project to share with the group, mingle with other members, share ideas and tips. Make new friends and learn new skills. Bring your own project or participate in a new one.

Join us on the second Thursday of each month from 11AM-12:30pm.

Italian Conversation

outline of Italy, with three stripes of the colors of the Italian flag, with the word 'Italia'

Ciao a tutti! Benvenuti al gruppo Italiano!

Join us for Italian conversation and practice your language skills. Participants should be able to speak and  understand Italian. All levels are welcome!

Our monthly afternoon group meets in the Conference Room on the third Thursday of every month from 2-3 PM.   The weekly evening group meets every Wednesday night from 6:30—7:30 PM in the Music and Media Department.

German Language and Culture Meetup

outline of Germany with superimposed German flagDeutsch macht Spaß!

The German Meetup is a friendly and informal gathering where you can speak German and learn more about contemporary German culture and society. Participants of all ages and language skill levels, from beginner to native speaker, are welcome.

We meet in the library’s Conference Room on the second Monday of each month from 2-3 PM. Herzlich Wilkommen!

Need to refresh your German language skills? Your library card provides you with free online access to the renowned Rosetta Stone language learning system!

Conversaciones en Español

Word cloud of Spanish-speaking countriesPlease become a part of our group speaking Spanish in a pleasant and informal setting where you can practice, improve and learn the language. Participants should be able to speak and understand Spanish. All levels are welcome, from beginners to advance speakers.

Join us in the Library’s Conference Room the second Wednesday of every month at 2 pm.