Medieval & Renaissance Music

These 56 titles on CD are a portion of our collection of music from the medieval (1100-1450AD) and Renaissance (1450-1600AD) periods. We also have a substantial collection in long playing record format and a number of books on the times and the composers.


  • Guillaume Dufay, d. 1474, Missa “L’homme arme” . Koln : EMI, p1987.
  • Santo Domingo de Silos (Benedictine Abbey, Coro de Monjes), Chant. Angel, p1993.
  • Gregorian Chant, Catholic Church. Sony Classical, 1994, p1993.
  • Gregorian Chants from Medieval Hungary, Schola Hungarica. [Hungary] : Hungaroton, p1986.
  • Saint Hildegard, 1098-1179, Canticles of Ecstasy. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi ; New York, NY : Distributed by BMG Music, p1994.
  • Hildegard, Saint, 1098-1179. Ordo virtutum [sound recording]. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi; New York, NY: Dis/, BMG Music. 1990
  • Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377), Messe de Nostre Dame. EMI. 1987.
  • Juan Cornago, 15th cent, Missa de la Mapa Mundi. Harmonia Mundi USA, p1992.
  • King Alfonso X, (1221-1284), Cantigas de Santa Maria. Nimbus. 1987.
  • An English Ladymass: medieval chant and polyphony, Anonymous 4. . Harmonia Mundi France, p1992.
  • Codex Las Huelgas, Huelgas Ensemble. Sony Classical, p1993.
  • Llibre Vermell, pilgrim songs & dances, New London Consort. Editions de l’Oiseau-Lyre, p1992.
  • Perotin, d. 1238. Perotin [sound recording]. Munchen : ECM, p1989.


  • Music for the Lion-Hearted King, Gothic Voices. Hyperion Records, p.1989.
  • Love’s Illusion, music from the Montpellier Codex, Anonymous 4.. Los Angeles, CA : Production USA, p1994.
  • Music of the Crusades, Early Music Consort of London. New York : London, [1991], p1971.
  • Ars Magis Subtiliter, secular music of the Chantilly codex., Ensemble P.A.N. New Albion Records, p1989.
  • The Dante Troubadours, Martin Best Consort (Medieval Ensemble). Nimbus Records, [1983], p1982.
  • Forgotten Provence, Martin Best Consort (Medieval Ensemble). Nimbus Records, 1995.
  • The Last of the Troubadours, Martin Best Consort (Medieval Ensemble). Nimbus Records, p1983.
  • Songs of Chivalry, Martin Best Consort (Medieval Ensemble). Nimbus Records, 1983.
  • Medieval Songs and Dances, St. George’s Canzona. [London] : CRD, p1985.

MEDIEVAL, Christmas

  • On Yoolis Night, Anonymous 4. medieval carols & motets. Harmonia Mundi France, p1993.
  • A Medieval Christmas, Boston Camerata. Nonesuch, p1975
  • Thys Yool, Martin Best Consort (Medieval Ensemble). Nimbus Records, p1988.

RENAISSANCE, countries


  • By Baltimore Consort: The Art of the Bawdy Song, A Trip to Kilburn and Watkins Ale. Dorian, p. 1992-1996.
  • Robert Johnson, (ca. 1583-1633), Shakespeare’s Lutenist. Virgin Classics, p1993.
  • John Dowland, (ca. 1563-1626) Lachrimae. Djursholm, Sweden : BIS, dist., Qualiton Imports, p1986.
  • Heart’s Ease, Fretwork. Virgin Classics, p1988.

Scotland, On the Banks of the Helicon, Baltimore Consort. Dorian, 1990.

France, La Rocque n’ Roll, Baltmore Consort. Dorian, p1990.


  • Claudio Monteverdi, (1567-1643), Il Ballo Delle Ingrate. Teldec Classics International, p1993.
  • Andrea Gabrieli, (ca. 1533-1585), A Venetian Coronation, 1595. Teldec Classics International, p1993.
  • Paul O’Dette – Dolcissima et Amorosa. early Italian Renaissance lute music. Harmonia Mundi, p1994.


  • Music from the Time of Christopher Columbus, Musica Reservata. Philips, p1968.
  • Spanish and Portugese Vihuela Songs, Sara Stowe. Chandos, p1993.
  • Lucas Ruiz de Ribaya, 17th cent., Spanish Dances. BMG Music ; Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, p1995.
  • The Harp of Luduvico, Andrew Lawrence-King. Hyperion Records, p1992.


  • William Byrd, (ca. 1542-1623), The Great Service. Oxford, England : Gimell, p1987.
  • Orlando di Lasso, (1532-1594), Missa Osculetur Me. Gimell, p1989.
  • Claudio Monteverdi, (1567-1643), Vespro Della Beata Vergine. Astree Auvidis, p1989.
  • Giovanni Pierlugi da Palestrina, ca. 1525-1594, Missa Papae Marcelli. Innovative Music Productions Ltd, 1987.
  • Giovanni Pierlugi da Palestrina, ca. 1525-1594, Viri Galilaei. Hyperion, 1989.
  • Tomas Luis de Victoria, (ca. 1548-1611), Tenebrae Responsitories. Hyperion, p1989.
  • Josquin des Prez, d. 1521, Messe Ave Maris Stella. Astree Auvidis, p1993.
  • Michael Praetorius, (1571-1621), Alleluia. Newport Classics, c1987, p1986.

RENAISSANCE, Miscellaneous

  • King’s Singers Madrigal History Tour. EMI Records, p1989, c1984.
  • Michael Praetorius, (1571-1621), Dances from Terpsichore. EMI, p1985.
  • 1492: Music from the Age of Discovery, Waverly Consort. EMI Classics, p1992.
  • The Renaissance Lute, Ronn McFarlane. Dorian Recordings, p1994.


  • Bright Day Star, Baltimore Consort. Dorian Recordings, p1994.
  • A Renaissance Christmas Celebration, Waverly Consort. CBS Records, 1977.


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