Exhibits at the Library

Summer 2017

Saluting Old Glory: Our Nation’s Flag

Saluting Old Glory logoSaluting Old Glory: Our Nation’s Flag, an exhibit detailing the history of the Star-Spangled Banner, has opened at the Morris County Library. American flags from the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries are on display in the lobby of the County Library. Flags and exhibit cases of related items are on view on the first and second floor.

Visitors to the exhibit can view a selection of American flags and see the changes that took place from the colonial period to the mid-twentieth century. Also on view are vintage children’s books, period photographs, and other materials related to the Stars and Stripes.

Saluting Old Glory: Our Nation’s Flag is on view through August 25. Items in the exhibit cases will be on view through September 15.

Linda Schwartz – Vintage and Contemporary Pastels

Capturing people, places and objects that evoke emotion and connect us – to the past, to memories, to imagination, to joy, to childhood – is my motivation. Color, shape, light and reflections are the themes that I use to explore those connections.

7 paintings by Linda Schwartz

I employ color – from the sepia tones of vintage portraits to the bright, vibrant colors of childhood remembered and imagined. I am drawn to the way that glass reflects and distorts light, changing our perception of reality, just as the lens of memory distorts our past and reflects our present. I love iconic objects that spark recognition and draw us in, hinting at forgotten feelings and memories below the surface. Patterns created by recurring geometric and other shapes are also a major theme in my work.

​The rich color, immediacy and texture created with pastels offer the ideal medium to bring these themes to life. I use these themes to explore and express our connection to people, places & objects.

Linda Zamer – Oil Painting

A painting by Linda Zamer of narrow streets leading to a churchI demonstrated a strong interest in music and art at an early age. Having been influenced by a favorite cousin who was an artist and his father who began painting in his sixties, I decided at age ten to enroll in an art class at the Newark Junior Museum and traveled (alone) by bus every Saturday to have fun with art in the museum garden and indoors in a studio.

Fast forward to adulthood, college, graduate studies in professional counseling, marriage and raising 3 children, I enrolled in several Local painting classes and painted at home. Following my retirement from a career in counseling, I resumed classes in oil painting in Livingston and Jupiter, Florida. As a member of the Lighthouse Foundation for the Arts, I volunteer and exhibit in their gallery. I have also exhibited in Livingston as a member of the Local art council. My paintings can be seen in various popular eating spots in Jupiter. While I have experimented in water color and acrylics, my preferred medium is oil favored for its richness in color and texture and the ability to blend.

Why exhibit at MCL?
To expand membership in your organization, increase awareness about an important subject, share your collection with other people who share your interests or celebrate a particular event, holiday or anniversary.

What are MCL exhibits about?
We’ve shown all kinds of things! Rock and roll of the 1950s; history of bubble gum; an outstanding doll collection; service history of the USS New Jersey; musical instruments of the world; work of a local Chinese painting group and editorial and political cartooning.

Who exhibits at MCL?
Public and private institutions, collectors, corporations, historical societies, special interest groups, painters, sculptors, photographers or anyone with a shared interest. MCL hosts local juried art shows (Volunteers for Morris County, Roxbury Art Association &c.).

Where are exhibits displayed?
Our primary gallery runs the length of our 1st floor renovated brick building face. The gallery is roofed with skylights, so is airy, light and feels spacious. There are also elevated gallery views from the stairwell landing, up to the second floor, and a second floor overlook through a large window. Additional exhibit space is available on the 2nd floor, near the computers & periodicals area. Display case is located in the first floor lobby.

How do I contact MCL?
Contact our exhibit staff (973-285-6966) to discuss a possible show at the library.

Exhibit policy & application
NOTE: signed application is required before we can accept items.

When can I exhibit at MCL?
Exhibits are generally scheduled eight months to a year in advance. Scheduling hinges on several factors including the type of exhibit, local and annual events, celebratory months and national holidays.

Can I host a reception for my showing?
Yes! You can reserve either the large or small meeting rooms on the first floor for your event. Library will advertise your reception. You are responsible for room set up and refreshments. Please ask your guests to keep their food & beverages in the room.