None advertised, new or used


Aprons, .25/each
Bathrobes, terry cloth, 2.98/each
Boa, fur, 4.98-5.50/each
Boy’s coat, 2.50/each
Men’s boots, felt, 2.00-2.50/pair
Men’s coat, olive green with double yoke and King Edward lapel, 12.48/each
Men’s jacket, 2.98-5.98/each
Men’s shirt, wool, .48/each
Women’s flannel waistes (blouses), 2.98/each
Women’s hat, .39-.89/each
Women’s shoes, 1.10-1.25/pair
Women’s slippers, felt, 1.20/pair

Food & beverages

Beef, Porterhouse steak, .19/lb
Beef, prime rib, .17/lb
Bologna and head cheese, .12/lb
Butter, Best Elgin Creamery, .25/lb
Candy, peanut butter brittle, .10/lb
Cereal, Grape Nuts, .12/pkg.
Duck, Long Island, .16/lb
Fish, bluefish, .14/lb
Fish, haddock, .07/lb
Flour, Best XXX Minnesota Patent, 4.72/barrel
Ham, Best Sugar Cured, .12/lb
Mincemeat, .10/lb
Mutton, legs and hindquarters, .12/lb
Pop corn, .08/lb
Pork chops, .25/two lbs
Sausage, .25/two lbs
Turkey, New Jersey, .12/lb


Curtains, 3 yards long, 40″ wide, .79/pair
Rug, Smyrna, 27″, .59/each

Household & seasonal goods

Alarm clocks, .85/each
Artifical palms, .50/each
Baskets, Indian made, .10-1.25/each
Carving set, .35-3.75/set
Christmas candles, .10/box
Coffee Mills, plain & fancy, .20/each
Corn poppers, .08-.15/each
Ink stands, fancy, .10-.50/each
Lamps, silver plated, .25/each
Laundry service, Singlee First Class Chinese Laundry, .05/shirt
Meat chopping machines, 1.25/each
Napkin rings, plated, .10-.50/each
Scissors & shears, .25/pair

Personal care & health

Dr. Faner’s Golden Relief for all inflamation, .50
Hair brush, sterling silver, 1.98-9.98/each
Razor strops & shaving mugs, 1.00/set
Razor, “best English,” .75-2.50/each
Reading glasses, .75-4.00/pair

Real estate

Houses for sale
None advertised
Houses for rent
Advertised, no prices
Apartments & rooms
Advertised, no prices

Recreation & amusements

Air rifles, .85 & .98/each
Books, cloth bound, .10-.98/each
Bows & arrows, canoes, tobaggans, .20-.25/each
Doll cradle, enameled with gold knobs, .25-.39/each
Doll go-carts, .25-2.00/each
Dolls, worsted, .05-.25/each
Harmonicas, .05-.25/each
Magic Lanterns, .98-1.25/each
Opera glasses, genuine Lemaire, 5.50/pair
Rocking horse, .60-3.00/each
Sleds, .25/each
Theatre ticket, Lyceum Hall [Morristown], .10, .20, & .30/ticket
Toy brooms, .10/each
Toy china tea set, .25-2.98/set
Toy drum, .25-.98/each
Toy dust pans, bright colors, .05/each
Toy pianos, .25-.48/each
Velocipedes, 1.45-2.50/each
Wagons, children’s, .50-1.98/each

Tobacco & alcohol

Cigars, Hoffman House Bouquet, .25/4 cigars