Waverly Electric Vehicles (no price)
NOTE:The first Daily Record advertisements for automobiles that included prices appeared June 3, 1903 (p. 1):
Steam Mobile Trap, seats 4, new 550.00
Waverly Electric Runabout 350.00
Hoffman Light Touring Car 975.00


Coffee, Maracaibo .21/lb
Mineral water, Saratoga .15/bottle


Boys sailor suit, reg. 4.00, sale 2.98/each
Children’s suit, 1.25-5.20/each
Hats .85-1.50
Men’s extra fine business suits 3.50/each
Men’s silk lined overcoat 9.75/each
Ladies patent oxfords (shoes) 2.50/pair
Ladies walking skirt, 3.50/each
Ladies silk waist (blouse) 4.85/each
Ladies suits, 4.48/each
Ladies ties, with pin .17/each
Women’s house dress .80/each


Carpenters, 2.75/day


Beans, baked, White Rose, .25/3 cans
Butter, .27/lb
Catsup, Waverly, .13/bottle
Cookies, ginger snaps, .05/lb
Eggs, .75/13
Fish, cod steak, .11/lb
Fish, striped bass, .15/lb
Ham, fancy sugar-cured, .14/lb
Ice cream, .30/quart
Ice cream-Neapolitan, .35/brick
Pancake mix, H-O, .10/package
Preserves, Aunt Phebe’s .23/jar


Bed, enameled iron, 2.75
Chairs, dining, .65/each
Chairs, porch, 2.49
Mattress, full size , 2.75

Garden equipment

Hose, rubber, .09-.12/each
Lawn mowers, 2.25-3.00
Rake, .10-.25/each
Wheelbarrow, 1.45/each

Household goods

Borax, .15/four 4 oz packages
Bread knife, .10/each
Coal, Scranton pea (size), 4.00/ton
Coffee pot, enamel, .30
Dishes, glass, .05/each
Egg beater, .10/each
Paints, ready mixed indoor, .08/can
Refrigerator, Jewett dry air, 7.49-19.98
Table linen, damask, .39-.79/yard
Tea kettle, nickel, .85
Tumblers [glasses], glass .36-.70/dozen

Personal care & health

Bochee’s German Syrup, .75/bottle
Comb, pocket, .10/each
Nau’s Dyspepsia Cure, 1.00/bottle
Toilet paper, .25/6 packages
Tooth brush, .10/each
Toothpicks, .05/pack
Vaseline, .05/jar


Daily Record, .01/weekday paper
Classified advertisements, .01/word

Professional Services

Landscaping service, 2.50/day, less than 5 hours

Real estate

Property, Washington Twp. 4,000.00
Tracts, Hanover Twp. 3,000.00
Tract, Morristown 25,000.00
Tract, Roxbury 13,200.00
House for rent, 8 rooms 12.50/month
House for rent, 5 rooms 10.00/month
Floor to let, Ann St., Morristown 8.00/month
NOTE: No advertisements for house sales appeared in these papers. A single column headed “Real Estate Transfers Recorded in the County Clerk’s Office” was published; property descriptions were not provided. Tracts and properties sold may have included houses and other buildings.

Recreation & amusements

Baseball, .10/each
Black Kang’r baseball shoes, 3.00/pair
Children’s sand pails & shovels, .10/set
Croquet set, .89-2.98/each
Dance at the Maxwell Social Club, .25/ticket
Dominoes, .10/set
Fishing rod set, .10/each
Leon Washburn’s All New Combined Shows, .25/adult, .10/children under 12
Playing cards, .10/deck
Tennis shoes, 1.50/pair