Men’s top coats, 6.48-9.88/each
Men’s suits, 1.78-25.00/each
Men’s shirts, .45-.89/each
Women’s skirt, 3.75-3.98/each
Ladies’ shirt waist (blouse), .49-1.49/each
Ladies’ & misses’ tailored-made suits, 5.00-15.00
Women’s corsets, .25-.50
Boys suits, 4.98-8.98
Boy’s oxford shoes, 1.98/pair
Gloves, kid, .59/pair
Hats, womens, .23-1.89

Food & beverages

Baking powder, Daisy, .45/lb
Bacon, .23/lb
Bologna, .10/lb
Cereal, H-O Oats, .12.5/package
Cheese, imported Swiss, .27/lb
Cocoa, .19/2 lb can
Coffee, .25./b
Fish, cod, .13/2 lb “bricks”
Cornstarch, .07/package
Ham, fancy sugar-cured, Swifts, .11/lb
Ketchup, Snyders, .17/bottle
Lamb, leg, .13.5/lb
Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, .19/bottle
Milk, Eagle Brand condensed, .12/can
Molasses, .15/1 quart can
Olives, .10/8 oz jar
Preserves, .10/2 lb jars Salt Pork, .09.5/lb
Soup, Campbells, .25/3 cans
Tea, .35/lb
Tomatoes, .25/3 cans


Bed, white iron 2.98-11.98/each
Chairs, dining room .39-1.39/each
Sideboard, 9.98-18.98/each
Sofa, 4.50-10.98/each
Tables, extension (dining room), 4.48-12.48

Garden equipment

Flower seeds, .25/6 packages
Garden tools, 3 piece set, .10-.50/set
Grass seed, .10/quart
Lawn mowers, 2.25-3.25
Rake, .20-.60/each
Wheelbarrow, 1.60/each

Household goods

Ammonia, Ebby’s, .05/2 packages
China bowls, .05-.38/each
China plates, .04-.10/each
Egg beater, .10/each
Frying pan, steel, .10-.75/each
Laundry soap, Fells Naptha, .04/cake
Paint, ready mixed, 1.25/gallon
Range, 12.98-14.98
Refrigerator/ice chests 3.50-15.00/each
Teapot, enamel, .25-.75/each


Daily Record .01/weekday paper

Personal care & health

Cod liver oil, .50/bottle
Cough mixture, .25/bottle
Rheumatism cure, 1.00/bottle
Soap, .25/7 cakes
Toilet paper, .25/6 packages
Tooth brush, .05/each
Toothpicks, .05/pack
Vaseline, .05/jar

Real estate

Property (no description of building):
Boonton, Williams St., 500.00
Dover, Blackwell St., 3,000.00
Morristown, South St., 200.00
Randolph, near Calais Rd., 365.000
NOTE: No advertisements for house sales appeared in these papers. A single column headed “Real Estate Transfers Recorded in the County Clerk’s Office” was published; property descriptions were not provided. Tracts and properties sold may have included houses and other buildings.

Recreation & amusements

Baseball .05/each
Bicycle, 20.00-50.00/each
Children’s garden sets, .10/set
Croquet set, .98-2.50/set
Doll go-carts & doll carriages, .25-2.50/each
Hotel, Park House (Morristown), 8.00-14.00/week; 2.00/day
Rubber balls, .05/each
Theatre ticket, Lyceum Hall, Chas. K. Champlin and His Powerful Stock Company “Ups and Downs of Life,” .20-.30/ticket
Train fare, St. Louis Exposition (Lackawanna), 23.25-34.00/round trip