Horse blankets, fine linen, 1.00-4.00/each
Sleigh bells, all kinds, 1.00-2.00/each
Stable and dash lanterns, .25-.75/each


Men’s boots, 2.75-4.50/pair
Men’s shoes, “All America,” 2.50-3.50/pair
Men’s suits, 3.98-9.35/each
Men’s shirts, .35-.75/each
Women’s skirts, 1.45-2.25/each
Women’s suit, wool, 12.49-18.98/each
Women’s blouse (shirtwaist, white lawn or linen), .98/each
Women’s dress shoes, Vici kid and box calf style, 1.45-2.00/pair
Boy’s shoes, .65-.89/pair
Boy’s shirts, .17-.35/each
Girl’s school resses, .98/each
Children’s coats, 2.48-7.98/each
Gloves, ladies, kid, .49-.89/pair
Gloves, men’s, waterproof wool, .38-.50/pair
Hat, ladies genuine beaver, 1.25-3.00/each
Hat, men’s, derby, .85-1.50/each
Muffs, natural brook mink, 1.25-1.98/each
Scarf, ladies, fox, 65″ long, 5.98-10.98/each

Food & beverages

Bacon, .12/lb
Beef, Porterhouse roast, .10/lb
Beef, Sirloin steak, .12/lb
Butter, Elgin Creamery, .30/lb
Candy, Lowney’s Chocolates and Bonbons, .49-.60/lb
Chicken, 12.5/lb
Chocolate, Walter Baker’s (unsweetened for cooking), .14/half pound cake
Coffee, Best java, .35/lb
Cookies, ZuZu’s, Nabisco, .07/2 packages
Corn, Winsome brand, .25/3cans
Cottolene, .10/1 pound pail
Crackers, Uneeda Biscuits, Nabisco, .10/3 packages
Fish, sardines, imported, .25/large can
Flour, Gold Medal, .90/bag (no size indicated)
Ham, sugar cured, .09/lb can
Jell-O, .25/3 packages
Jelly, .12/extra large tumbler
Juice, grape, Beechnut, .25/jar
Ketchup, Sunnyside, .25/3 bottles
Malt extract, Liebig’s Famous, .10/bottle
Oats, Mother’s, .08/package
Pepper, black, .25/lb
Potatoes, 1.95/bag (no size indicated)
Pumpkin, .25/3 cans
Raisins, Muscatel, .20/3 lbs
Salad dressing, .20/bottle
Soup, Campbell’s, .25/3 cans
Sugar, granulated, .15/3.5 lbs
Tea, Best, .15/quarter lb
Tomatoes, .09/can
Worcestershire Sauce, .07/bottle


Bed, iron, 1.50-3.00/each
Bedroom suite, Golden Oak, 39.50-60.00 (no number of pieces indicated)
Chairs, dining room, golden oak, caned bottom, 1.24-1.55/each
Chairs, kitchen, hardwood, .46/each
Chiffonier, (high narrow chest of drawers), Bird’s Eye maple, 20.48/each Dresser, white enameled, 10.48-15.98/each
Picture frames, .10-.50/each
Rugs, 7.6 X 10.6, 5.98-8.08/each
Sideboard, Golden Oak, 33.00/each
Table, extension, solid oak, 8 feet, 11.98-16.48


Buck saws, best steel, .50-.75/each
Hatchet, handled, .35-.65/each
Oil heaters, 3.00-5.00/each Snow shovels, long and short handles, .25-.50/each
Stovepipes and elbows, .10-.12/each

Household goods

Ammonia, .19/half gallon
Blankets, .59-4.98/each
Clothes basket, .35-.90/each
Clothes washer, 3.50-6.50/each
Curtains, figured and striped, fluted ruffle, 40″ wide, .69-.98/pair
Matches, .07/2 boxes, 1,000 count
Meat chopper, 1.00-1.85/each
Range, cookstove, 6.98-35.00/each
Shades, window, 3 X 6 feet, .16-.29/each Sheets, .39-.55/each
Soap, laundry, .04/cake


Daily Record [Morristown NJ] .01/daily paper

Personnal care & health

Dr. Platt’s Cough Plaster, .25/bottle
Hair brush, .25-.49/each
Newbro’s Herpicide (anti-dandruff treatment), 1.00/bottle
Shoe polish, Bixby’s, .07/bottle
Toothbrush, .15-.25/each

Real estate


Recreation & amusements

Hockey or Shinney sticks, .05-.50/each
Ice skates, Peck & Snyder’s, .60-2.00/pair
Pen, fountain “The Celtric,” 1.00-3.00/each
Railroad ticket, Erie Lackawana Line, one way colonist fare, Newark NJ-Los Angeles, CA, 50.00/person
Sleds, boys’ and girls’, .30-2.50/each
Sleds, Flexible Flyer, 2.50-6.00/each
Suitcases, leather, 3.25-6.50/each
Theatre ticket, “Flight of Princess Iris,” Lyceum [Morristown NJ], .35-.75/ticket