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Boy’s shoes, 1.00/pair
Boy’s suit, 1.59/each
Children’s coat, 1.49-7.98/each
Girl’s dress, .23-3.25/each
Cloak, fur-lined, 27.00-75.00/each
Men’s coat, 13.75-38.00/each
Men’s collars, .06/each
Men’s hat, derby style, .98-1.45/each
Men’s overalls, .33/pair
Men’s pants, “Nufang,” 3.75/pair
Men’s shoes, 2.00/pair
Men’s shirt, .35/each
Men’s suit, 2.50-8.00/each
Men’s suspenders, .08/pair
Men’s sweater, wool, 1.39-3.00/each
Umbrella, silk, 2.75-4.00/each
Women’s coat, 4.75-9.98/each
Women’s shoes, 2.95-4.00/pair
Women’s skirt, 1.25-2.98/each
Women’s suit, 6.98-22.00/each
Women’s waist (blouses), .39-2.49/each

Employment & services

Girl, light housekeeping & childcare, 5.00/month

Food & beverages

Bacon, XXX boneless, .15/lb
Bananas, .05/dozen
Baking powder, .20/lb
Beans, .08/quart
Beef, corned, .04/lb
Beef, rib roast, .10-.12/lb
Butter, .27/lb
Candy, caramels, .30-.40/lb
Cereal, puffed rice, .25/3 pkgs
Chicken, .18/lb
Corn, .05/can
Coffee, Hotel Astor, .35/lb
Crackers, National Biscuit Company, Uneeda, .10/2 pkgs
Cranberries, Cape Cod, .10/quart
Cream of Wheat, .25/2 boxes
Eggs, .25/dozen
Fish, bloaters, .05/2
Fish, salt herring, .20/dozen
Flour, Christian’s XXXX Minnesota Patent, 5.15/bushel barrel (bbl)
Ham, California, .11/lb
Jelly, apple, .22/5 lbs
Ketchup, .25/3 bottles
Lamb, forequarters, Canadian, .09/lb
Lentils, .12/lb
Margarine, Cottolene .09/lb can
Oats, Quaker, .25/5 lb pkg
Onions, fancy yellow, .40/half bushel basket
Oranges, navel, .25/13
Oysters, .35/quart
Rice, puffed, .25/3 packages
Soup, Campbell’s, .25/3 cans
Tea, India Ceylon, .25/lb
Vinegar, .10/bottle
Worcestershire sauce, S & S, .17/pint

Household & seasonal goods

Ammonia, .10/bottle
Blankets, full-size, .59/each
Blueing, .10/bottle
Cleanser, Dutch, .08-.10/can
Coal, pea, 5.10/ton
Comfortables [comforters], full-size, .79/each
Napkins, .75/dozen
Lye, S & S, .22/3 cans
Soap, scouring, .25.6 cakes
Sheets, 54″ X 90″, .39/each
Table cloth, damask, full size, .68/yard
Tea set, China, 7.50-12.00/set
Toweling, .49/yard
Washing powder, Grandma’s, .15/pkg
Window shades, 6′ X 8′, .24-.50/each


.01/daily paper

Personal care & health

Combs, fancy, .29-.40/each
Diapers, cloth, single width, .45-.69/dozen
Eye glasses, gold wire frames, 1.00/pair
Hair tonic, Dandrocide, 1.00/bottle
Headache pills, Ake-in-the-Head, .10/bottle
Laxative, Bromoquinine, .25/box
Toilet paper, .20/6 rolls

Real estate

Houses for sale
[advertised, no price]
Houses for rent
[advertised, no price]
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 5 rooms, 10.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Theatre, Lyceum Theatre [Morristown NJ], .35-1.00/ticket
Trunks and suitcases, 1.00-2.50/each