None advertised
None advertised


Boy’s knee pants, .21-1.00/pair
Boy’s suits, Buster Brown, .69/each
Boy’s suspenders, .08-.15/pair
Children’s hats, straw, .15 & .35/each
Gloves, canvas, .05-.10/pair
Men’s hat, straw, 3.50/each
Men’s overalls, striped, .45/pair
Men’s shirt, .79-1.50/each
Men’s shoes, 1.49-3.50/pair
Men’s suit, blue serge, 7.95-15.00/each
Men’s trousers, 1.23-1.75/pair
Women’s shoes, patent leather, 1.98/pair
Women’s skirt, white linen, 1.95-3.00/each
Women’s slippers, .39-.45/pair
Women’s suit, 7.98-15.00/each
Women’s waist (blouse), .79-.98/each


Cigar saleman, 110.00/month, plus expenses
Honest man, over 25 years old, wanted to travel in New Jersey, 60.00/month plus expenses

Food & beverages

Baking powder, .45/1 lb
Beef, prime rib, .14/lb
Butter, Elgin Creamery, .27/lb
Cake, coffee cake, .10/each
Cereal, Wheat Farina, .07/box
Cheese, cream, .15/lb
Chocolate marshmallows, .15/two pkgs
Cocoa, White Rose, .09/box
Coffee, Choice, .12/lb
Cookies, National Biscuit Company, ZuZu’s ginger snaps, .10/three pkgs
Crackers, National Biscuit Company, Uneeda, .05/pkg
Eggs, .19/dozen
Fish, salmon, .08/8 oz can
Flour, Christian’s Best, 6.25/bbl
Hominy, Van Camps, hulled corn, .09/three one pound cans
Jell-O, .08/pkg
Ham, Swift’s honey cured California, 8.5 cents/lb
Juice, grape, .15/bottle
Ketchup, Jacob Steiner, .25/three bottles
Lamb, stew, .07/lb
Lard, Swift’s, .09/lb
Lemons, .15/dozen
Mustard, Heinz, .09/bottle
Nuts, mixed, .25/2 lbs
Olives, .25/three bottles
Peas, Early June, .25/three cans
Pork & beans, Van Camp’s, .09/can
Root beer extract, .10/bottle
Salad dressing, .09/bottle
Salt, Ivory, .09/box
Shrimp, White Rose, .12/lb
Tapioca, pearl, .07/box
Tea, Formosa, .25/lb
Tomatoes, .25/three no. 1 cans
Vanilla extract (or lemon), .24/4 oz bottle
Vinegar, pure cider, .09/bottle


Ammonia, .15/half gallon
Blueing, .09/large bottle
Borax, .09/half pound box
Broom, parlor, .28/each
Cleanser, Dutch, .10/can
Ice chest, 4.50-16.00/each
Clothes pins, .12/100 count box
Ice cream freezer, 1-8 quarts, 1.65-4.50/each
Napkins, fine linen, .79-1.25/each
Oil stove, .75/each
Pillow cases, hemmed, white muslin, .10/each
Potash or lye, .10/can
Rugs, reversable Smyrna, oriental designs, 6′ X 9′, 2.98/each
Screen door, .95-1.50/each
Sheets, hemmed, white muslin, .39/each
Stove polish, X Ray, .04/container
Towels, linen, 21″ X 42″, .39/each
Wash board, .15/each
Window shades, full size, .19/each

Lawn & garden

Hammock, canvas, 1.06/each
Lawn mowers, 8 inch wheel, 2.50-3.50/each
Sprinkling cans, 1 to 6 quarts, .10-.75/each
Window screens, .25-.50/each


.01/daily paper

Personal care & health

Beecham’s Pills, .10-.25/box
Hay’s Hair Health, .59-1.00/bottle
Nerve Tonic, Moxie, .17/bottle
Powder, Colgate, Talc, .15/container
Shoe shine, .05/person
Soap, B.T. Bobbit’s, .25/7 cakes
Witch hazel, Gould’s double distilled extract, .15/pint

Real estate

Houses for sale
None advertised
Houses for rent
None advertised
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 6 rooms, 30.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Automobiles for hire, 4.00/hour; 25.00/day
Bicycle, 16.50/each
Children’s wagon, .25-5.00/each
Suit cases, .89-4.00/each
Tent, 3.50/each
Trunk, 2.98/each