None advertised
several advertised, no prices


Boy’s knickerbocker pants, .39-.98/each
Boy’s shirt, .23-.45/each
Boy’s shoes, 1.00-2.50/pair
Boy’s suit, 1.45-4.00/each
Girl’s dress, gingham, .49/each
Girl’s hat, felt, .49/each
Girl’s shoes, 1.50-2.00/pair
Men’s hat, .89-2.45/each
Men’s shirt, .45-.95/each
Men’s shoes, 2.00-2.50/pair
Men’s suit, fall, 5.50-22.50/each
Men’s trousers, 1.00-3.50/pair
Women’s blouse, .29-3.98/each
Women’s coat, fall, 5.98-9.98/each
Women’s hat, 4.95-9.00/each
Women’s house dress, .89-1.79/each
Women’s skirt, 5.98/each
Women’s suit, 19.00-79.00/each
Women’s sweater, .98-5.98/each


Girl for general housework, 18.00-20.00/week
Ironers (clothes pressing), 15.00/week

Food & beverages

Apples, .15/6 quart basket
Baked beans, White Rose, .25/two no. 3 cans
Beef, Sirloin steak, .16/lb
Butter, fancy creamery, .39/lb
Chicken, roasting. .22/lb
Cocoa, Lowney’s, .17/2 lb tin
Coffee, Best Maracaibo, .20/lb
Corn, Sultana, .08/can
Crackers, National Biscuit Company, Uneeda, .10/3 pkgs
Eggs, .26/dozen
Fish sardines, .03/can
Flour, 1.75/49 lb sack
Ham, Swift’s, sugar cured, .14/lb
Ice cream, .10/pint; .35/quart; .45/Neapolitan brick quart
Ketchup, Pride of the Farm, 1.00/bottle
Lamb, leg, .16/lb
Lemons, .10/dozen
Macaroni, .10/pkg
Milk, condensed, .25/3 cans
Mustard, Colman’s, .10/pkg
Peanut butter, .11/lb
Potatoes, white or sweet, .10/6 quart basket
Raisins, A & P, fancy, .07/pkg
Rice, Japan, .05/lb
Salt, .07/pkg
Soup, Campbell’s, .25/3 cans
Tea, 1.00/2 lbs
Worcestershire sauce, Lea & Perrins, .19/bottle

Household & seasonal goods

Baby crib, 2.98-4.75/each
Bed, brass, 15.00-25.00/each
Bed spread, white crochet, full size, .98-1.39/each
Blanket, wool, 3.98-5.98/each
Carpet sweeper, Puritan, 1.65/each
Cleanser, Dutch, .07/pkg
Coal, 5.25-6.75/ton
Dinnerware, fine Austrian China, 100 piece set, 14.00/set
Flower pot, up to 12″, .02-.35/each
Laundry detergent, Grandma’s Washing Powder, .15/pkg
Linoleum, .35-1.50/square yard
Mason jars, quart size, .48/dozen
Muffin tins, Turk’s Head, 12 cups, .29/each
Range, Ben Hur, 18.50/each
Refrigerator, 24 1/2″ wide, 16 1/2 ” deep, 39″ high, 6.00/each
Rocking chair, oak, 3.95-6.98/each
Rug, Oriental, 1.00/square foot
Sheets, 68″ X 90″, .42-.55/each
Table, folding, 36″, .49-1.50/each
Tea pot, enamel, 3 & 4 quart size, .29/each



Personal care & health

Beecham’s Pills (for weak stomach nerves), .10-.25/bottle
Book, Family Doctor/Dr. Pierce, 1.30/each
Cough syrup, Jayne’s Expectorant, .25-1.00/bottle
Hair curlers, “Magic,” .07/2
Hair pins, large size, .07/250 count pkg
Hair wavers, “Magic Marcel,” .18/5
Shoe shine, .05/person
Toilet paper, .05/2 rolls

Real estate

Houses for sale
None advertised
Houses for rent
None advertised
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 3 rooms, 15.00/month
Morristown, 5 rooms, 25.00/month
Morristown, 6 rooms, 28.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Clam bake, Morristown Heights, Labor Day, 1.00/ticket
Piano, Ruckstuhls, 225.00-275.00/each
Post card album, .39-1.50/each
Rifle, 13 shot Vetterlin Magazine, 40.00/each
Theatre, Lyceum Theatre, [Morristown, NJ], .50-1.00/ticket
Train fare, New York-Chicago, 27.00/round trip

School supplies

School cases (bookbags), .79-1.05/each