Boy’s knee pants for school, .49/pair
Boy’s shoes for school, .98/pair
Boy’s suit, fancy serges, worsteds, cashmeres, 2.98/each
Girl’s dress, plaids, trimmed with silk and fancy buttons, 2.00/each
Hat, Derby, .98-2.25/each
Men’s coat, 4.98-60.00/each
Men’s neckwear, .25-1.00/each
Men’s rain coat, “rubberized,” 10.00/each
Men’s shirt, .95-1.50/each
Men’s suit, 10.00-25.00/each
Men’s trousers, 1.98-2.45/pair
Women’s corset, “Reduco,” 1.00-3.00/each
Women’s dress, French serge, 12.75/each
Women’s shoes, 2.00-8.00/pair
Women’s silk waists, 1.44-2.69/each
Women’s stockings, Buster Brown, 1.00/4 pairs in box
Women’s suit, 22.50/each

Employment & services

Automobile salesmen, 10.00/week [trainee]; 25.00/week [experienced]
Shoe shine, .05/customer
Waitress & chambermaid, 30.00/month

Food & beverages

Apples, .19/6 qt basket
Bacon, Swift’s, .20/lb
Beans, baked, White Rose, .15/no 3 can
Beef, pot roast, 12.5cents/lb
Bread, .10/3 loaves
Butter, fancy, .30/lb
Cereal, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, .09/box
Crackers, NBC, Uneeda, .10/3 boxes
Eggs, Fresh Western, .27/dozen
Flour, Christian’s Best, .3.25/98 b sack
Ham, Swift’s Sugar Cured Cal. Ham, .12/lb
Juice, Welch’s Grape, .19/pint; .35/quart
Ketchup, .10/bottle
Lamb chops, .18/lb
Macaroni, Muellers, egg noodles, .25/3 boxes
Oats, rolled, New White, .19/6 lbs
Peaches, .15/no 3 can
Peanut brittle, .10/lb
Peanut butter, .09/jar
Root beer extract, .10/bottle
Sardines, domestic, in oil, .25/6 cans
Soup, Campbell’s .25/3 cans
Tea, English Breakfast, .35/lb
Vinegar, .10/bottle


Bed, brass, 25.00/each
Bed spread, white crochet, double size, 1.35/each
Chair, rocking, solid oak, 1.49-3.50/each
Chairs, oak frames, imperial leather, 6 piece set, 11.98/set
Rug, B. Altman & Co., 145,00-375.00/each
Table, extension, oak polished, 14.50/each

Household & seasonal goods

Blueing, .10/bottle
Coal, 5.25-6.75/ton
Cookware, enamel ware, .10-1.65/each
Feather dusters, .10-1.00/each
Flash light, 1.10-2.75/each
Flower pots, .50/3 pots
Kerosene, .50/5 gallons
Mason fruit jars, .45/pint; .50/quart size
Pail, .15-.65/each
Rakes, lawn, .35-.50/each
Range, “Ben Hur,” 18.50-25.98/each
Step ladders, .50-2.00/each
Tea kettle, iron, .25-.98/each
Vacuum, Regina, pneumatic cleaner, 25.00/each
Wall brushes, .75-1.00/each
Window shades, .25-.59/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ], .01/daily paper

Personal care & health

Hair tonic, Hay’s, “Free sample,” .10/postage
Soap, Colgate, .25/3 cakes
Toilet paper, .26/6 rolls

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morris Plains, 6 rooms, city water, 2,250.00
Morristown, 8 rooms, bath, heat, and gas, 6,000.00
Morristown, 7 rooms, bath, heat and gas, 4,200.00
Houses for rent
None listed with prices
Apartments & rooms
5 rooms, 25.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Piano, The Llwellyn, 195.00-250.00/each
Theatre, Baker [Dover], .10-.50/ticket
Theatre, Lyceum [Morristown] “Black Beauty,” .25-1.00/ticket
Trunks, steamer, 3.89-18.50/each

How much did it cost to stock holiday tables in 1910? These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County New Jersey], December 15-25, 1910 Meat & fowl
Morris County geese, 20/lb
Morris County ducks, .22/lb
Ohio dry picked turkeys, fancy, .28/lb
Ohio dry picked chickens, .22/lb
Hind quarters of lamb, .16/lb
Loins of Pork, .18/lb
Fresh hams, .18/lb
Sirloin and Porterhouse steak, .16/lb
Sardines, imported, .10/can
Bell’s Poultry Seasining, .10/box

Mushrooms, .60/lb
Sweet sugar corn, .09/can
Maine cream corn, J.S. brand, .11/can
Sweet peas, Pride of Jersey brand, .12/can
Jersey Tomatoes, J.S. Brand, .14/can
Lima Beans, Burlington brand, .11/can
String beans, Golden Wedding brand, .09/can
Asparagus tips, .23/can
Olives, plain or stuffed, .25/bottle Fruits
Cape Cod cranberries, .12/quart
Finest Leghorn citron, .18/lb
Candied lemon or orange peel, .15.lb
Crystallized ginger, .15cents/box
Table raisins, .12/lb
Smyrna figs, .10/box
Fard dates, .08/pakage
Large grape fruit, .25/4 fruits
Sweet Florida oranges, .25/dozen
Oregon Apples, .40/dozen
Malaga grapes, .15/lb
Bartlett pears, .23/can
California apricots, .15/can
Hawaiian Pineapple, .15/can

Dairy, eggs & cheese
Fresh western eggs, .28/dozen
Fresh creamery butter, .35/lb
Swiss cheese, imported, .29/lb
Cream cheese, .17/lb Cakes, candies, & nuts
New Years cake, .12/lb
Plum Pudding, Curtis Bros., .22/lb
Mince meat, None Such, .25/3 pkgs
Walnuts, .18/lb
Pecans, .18/lb
Taragona almonds, .18/lb
Jumbo Brazils, .15.lb
Filberts, .15/lb
Old fashioned broken candy (fancy ribbon candy), .15/lb
Chocolate drops, .15/.lb
Peanut brittle, .10/lb
Jelly Bon Bons, .10/lb

Sweet cider, .25/gallon
Condensed milk, .25/3 cans
Tea, Viceroy, in fancy Xmas cans, .50/lb
Coffee, 3 lb bag, .25/lb