Abbott-Detroit, 7 passenger, new, 1,800.00
Ford Model T, new, 5 passenger 690.00
Studebaker E-M-F “30,” new 1,100.00
Studebaker, Flanders “20,” new 800.00
Ford T Touring, used 1 year 450.00
Runabout Auto, used, no year 95.00


Ginger ale or Sarsaparilla .07 1/2 per bottle
Milk .12/quart


Men’s blue or brown serge suits 1.98-5.98
Men’s hats 1.95
Men’s shirts .95
Men’s trousers 1.45-2.95/pair
Women’s dresses 12.50-25.00
Women’s serge dress 4.98
Women’s spring coat 4.98-9.98
Children’s dresses .50-2.95
Children’s shoes .85-3.00/pair
Shoes, custom made 5.00/pair


Carriage painters 3.25/day
Strong boy to help after school 1.50/day


Asparagus, Del Monte .19/can
Bacon .16/lb
Beans, white wax .25/3 cans
Butter .35/lb
Cheese, cream .20/lb
Cookies, Nabisco’s Zuzus .04/pkg
Crackers, Nabisco’s Uneeda .04/pkg
Eggs .22/dozen
Fish, Red Alaska Salmon .15/can
Flour, wheat .23/6 lbs
Ham, sugar cured .15/lb
Jell-O .25/3 packages
Onions, Bermuda .55/6 quart basket
Oranges, navel .25/6 oranges
Potatoes .59/16 quart basket
Rice .27/5 lbs
Soup, Campbell’s 1.00/13 cans
Sugar, granulated .37/7 lbs


Bed, brass reg. 18.00, sale 9.95
Dining room set, 8 pieces 39.50
Mattresses 5.50-6.50
Parlor furniture, 3 piece 23.95
Porch rocker .98-3.50

Garden equipment

Lawn mowers 1.98-4.50
Rose bush, .09/each
Wheelbarrow 1.75-4.00

Household goods

Curtains 1.00-3.00/pair
Dinnerware set, 100 pieces 6.45
Folding go-cart [baby stroller] 2.95
Laundry soap .25/10 cakes
Haviland china, 100 piece set 46.45
Rug, rag, 9’X12′ 10.00
Refrigerator [ice box], McKee 7.95
Sheets, Utica .98-4.50/each
Vacuum hand cleaner, Regina 12.00

Medicine & health care

Blaud’s Iron Pills, 100 count, .08/bottle


Daily Record .01/weekday paper
Classified advertising .01/word

Personal care

Hair dye, Hay’s Hair Health 1.00/bottle
Pacific toilet paper .25/7 rolls
Razor strops .50-3.00/each
Razors 1.75-4.00/each
Tooth powder .15/can

Professional Services

Dry cleaning, men’s suit 1.25/each
Shoe shine .05/shine

Real estate

House, 8 rooms, Morristown, 4,000.00
House, 10 rooms, Morristown, 3,000.00
House, 7 rooms, Morrisown, 1,800.00
House, 6 rooms on trolley line 2,800.00
House for rent, 8 rooms 33.33/month
Apartment for rent, 6 rooms 20.00/month
Farm, 8 acres with 9 room house 4,000.00

Recreation & amusements

Bird cages 3.50-7.00/each
Canaries 2.59/each
Greeting cards, hand painted .10-.15/each
Niagara Falls excursion, train, 7 days 10.00
Piano, upright 450.00
Sheet music .07/copy
Suitcases 1.15-18.40