none advertised

several advertised, no prices


Boy’s knickerbockers, khaki, .59/pair
Children’s play suits, cowboy or baseball styles, .98/each
Hat, Panama style, 2.90-5.90/each
Men’s shoes, working, 2.50/pair
Men’s suit, serge, 2 piece, 9.90-14.90/each
Men’s slacks, 1.90-5.90/pair
Women’s bathing suit, cotton, 1.50/each
Women’s blouse, 4.50/each
Women’s dress, house dress, 1.00/each
Women’s parasol, .75-7.50/each
Women’s shoes, white canvas pumps, 1.25-2.00/pair
Women’s suit, linen, 10.50-18.00/each
Women’s veil, Chantilly lace, .25/each

Food & beverages

Beef, rib roast, .15/lb
Butter, Elgin Creamery, .31/lb
Catsup, Blue label, .13/small bottle
Cereal, Kellogg’s, Corn Flakes, .08/box
Chicken, .20/lb
Cocoa, White Rose, .15/5 lb tin
Coffee, Premier, .35/lb
Cookies, Grandmother’s, .10/lb
Eggs, .24/dozen
Fish, salmon, .18/tall can
Flour, Christian’s Best XXXX, .69/24 lb sack
Ham, Swift’s, California, .14/lb
Juice, Welch’s, grape, .23/pint
Lamb, hindquarters, .22/lb
Lard, Compound, .10/lb
Margarine, Butterine, .21-.25/lb
Oil, olive, J.S. brand, .24/bottle
Olives, Queen, .15/bottle
Onions, Bermuda, .29/6 qt basket
Peanut butter, .11/lb
Pickles, sweet gherkins, .12.dozen
Pineapples, Hawaiian sliced, .25/tin
Potatoes, finest white, .45/large basket
Salt, Ivory, .07/pkg
Soda water, .12/bottle
Soup, Franco-American, .25/3 cans
Strawberries, preserved, .22/tin
Sugar, .03/lb
Tea, Oolong, .45/lb
Tomatoes, O.K. brand, .12/tin
Vanilla extract, pure, .10-.25/bottle
Vinegar, Amruth, .09/bottle


Bed, four post, Mahogany, 37.00-44.00/each
Bedroom set, Louis XVI white enamel, 4 pieces, 245.00/set
Chair, library, leather, 35.00-45.00/each
Chair, rocking, .79-5.00/each
Dining room set, colonial mahogany, 3 piece, 120.00/set
Hammock, 1.00-3.98/each
Lawn bench, painted & varnished, 1.20/each
Mattress, horsehair, 19.50/each
Porch screen, bamboo, 6′ X 8′, .98/each
Sofa, upholstered, 55.00-95.00/each

Garden & lawn equipment

Hedge shears, 9″ steel blade, 1.25/pair
Hose, rubber, garden, .25-.38/foot
Lawn mower, 8 inch wheel, 18 inch cut, 3.50/each
Lawn sprinkler, .50-2.50/each
Rake, .25-.50/each
Sprinkling can, painted & galvanized, 1 to 20 quarts, .10-1.25/each
Turf edger, .50-.65/each

Household goods

Ammonia, Amruth, .09/bottle
Cleanser, Dutch, .07/pkg
Fly paper, .05/3 double sheets
Fruit jars, Mason, pint size, .38/dozen; quart size, .40/dozen
Ice cream freezer, White Mountain, 1.00-3.50/each
Matches, safety, .06/pkg
Refrigerator, enameled or white lined, 15.00-27.00/each
Starch, celluloid, .10/pkg
Towel, Turkish, bath, 17″ X 36″, .10-.13/each

Personal care & health

Asthma relief, Nozox, .25-.50/bottle
Indigestion medicine, Beecham’s Pills, .10-.25/bottle
Soap, Castile, .08/bar
Toilet paper, Pacific, .25/7 rolls

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morris Plains, 7 rooms, 4,2000.00
Morristown, 9 rooms, double house, 2,500.00
Morristown, 5 rooms, near station, 1,800.00

Houses for rent
Morristown, 8 rooms, 27.50/month
Morristown, 8 rooms, 15.00/month
Morristown, 7 rooms, 15.00/month

Apartments & rooms
none listed with rents

Recreation & amusements

Croquet set, 1.00-3.00/set
Flag, cotton, on pole, 4′ X 6′, 1.50/set
Player piano music rolls, .25-.75/each
Piano, new, 190.00/each
Piano, new, player style, 390.00/each
Shoe shine, .05/person
Steamer trunk, 5.50-10.00/each
Suit case, .75/each

How much did it cost to stock Thanksgiving tables in 1913? These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County New Jersey], November 21-25, 1913

Meat, fowl & fish
Bacon, Swift’s, 22 cents/lb
Beef, sirloin staeak, 16 cents/lb
Chicken, roasting, 25 cents/lb
Ham, Swift’s Premium, 20 cents/lb
Lamb, legs, 20cents/lb
Mackeral, 5 cents/each
Pork loins, 22 cents/lb
Salmon, red, 15 cents/lb can
Sardines, imported, 19 cents/half lb tin
Sausage, pork, 25 cents/lb
Tuna fish, 25 cents/2 cans
Turkey, 32 cents/lb

Asparagus, Calif, Fancy Green, 21 cents/no. 1 can
Beans, green, finest, 13 cents/can
Corn, Moreca brand, 10 cents/can
Lima beans, medium, 13 cents/can
Olives, stuffed, 21 cents/large bottle
Onions, 35 cents/peck
Peas, AM&C, 22 cents/can
Potatoes, Maine, $2.60/sack
Succotach, 14 cents/can
Sweet potatoes, 29 cents/peck
Tomatoes, Noreca brand, 12 cents/can

Fruit & nuts
Almonds, Papershell, 28 cents/lb
Apples, Baldwin’s, 25 cents/peck
Citron, 20 cents/lb
Cranberries, 10 cents/lb
Dates, pitted, 15 cents/pkg
Figs, Dromedary, 10 cents/pkg
Grape fruit, 25 cents/4
Grapes, Malaga, 12 cents/lb
Lemons, 15 cents/dozen
Orange or lemon peel, 15 cents/lb
Oranges, Florida, 25 cents/dozen
Peaches, cling, 21 cents/can
Pecans, 15 cents/lb
Pienapple, sliced, 25 cents/tin
Prunes, 40-50s, 10 cents/lb
Pumpkin or squash, 10 cents/can
Raisins, seedless, 10 cents/pkg
Walnuts, Imported, 18 cents/lb

Dairy, eggs & cheese
Butter, best creamery, 37 cents/lb
Cheese, cream, 24 cents/lb
Cheeses, Swiss, 29 cents/lb
Cheese, whole milk, 20 cents/lb
Margarine, Butterine, 22 cents/lb

Chocolate, Hershey’s, almond or milk chocolate, 10 cents/3 bars
Cookies, Fig Bars, 25 cents/3 lbs
Peanut Brittle, 10 cents/lb
Plum Pudding, R&R, 23 cents/No. 1 can

Baking, cereals, spices & condiments
Baking powder, Daisy, 45 cents/20 oz can
Bell’s Poultry seasoning, 10 cents/can
Cereal, Quaker Corn Flakes, 5 cents/pkg
Flour, Pillsbury XXXX, 5.99/bbl
Karo corn syrup, 43 cents/No. 10 can
Ketchup, A&P, 18 cents/bottle
Mince Meat, Nonesuch, 25 cents/3 pkgs
Molasses, B&O, 14 cents/No. 3 can
Oats, Hecker’s, 23 cents/5 lb box
Oil, olive, Lucca, 2.69/gallon
Sage, Thyme, or Marjoram, 25 cents/lb
Sugar, granulated, 5 cents/lb
Vanilla extract, 25 cents/2 oz. bottle
Vinegar, A&P, 10 cents/bottle
Worcestershire sauce, 15 cents/bottle

Cider, Mott’s, 23 cents/gallon
Cocoa, Hershey’s, 15 cents/half lb tin
Coffee, Fancy Maracaibo, 22 cents/lb
Tea, English Breakfast, 23 cents/lb

“An Ideal Dinner for Thanskgiving
No matter what kind of a holiday dinner you may intend to have it wil not be right unless it is properly cooked. Good housekeepers know that they can get better cooking results with a gas range than with a coal fire. With gas tthe heat can be thoroughly controlled and directed just where needed for roasting, baking, boiling or broiling. Order a gas range now and have it installed in time for the cooking of the Thanksgiving dinner. They payments can be made later.”
—display ad, Public Service Gas Co., Daily Record [Morristown, N.J.] November 21, 1913 (p. 4)