Tires, Diamond brand, plain tread, 9.00-43.80/each (many sizes) Alfalfa horse feed, 1.75/100 lbs


Men’s coats, 10.00/each
Men’s suits, 7.85-16.50/each
Men’s shirts, .79-1.00/each
Women’s suit, wool, 8.98-15.00/each
Women’s dress, serge, 2.87-5.98/each
Women’s dress shoes, patent leather button and lace, 1.00-2.00/pair
Women’s blouse (shirtwaist), China silk, 1.00-1.98/each
Women’s coats, heavy plaid wool, 4.98-10.00/each
Boy’s coats, 1.50-2.50/each
Boy’s suits, 3.85-8.50/each
Girl’s coats, heavy winter, 1.98-6.98/each
Girl’s dresses, 1.00-1.50/each
Gloves, dress, 1.00-1.50/pair
Ostrich plumes, black and white, 1.00-1.98/each

Food & beverages

Apples, 8 quart basket, .35/basket
Bacon, Swift’s Premium, .23/lb jar
Beans, baked, Campbell’s, .25/3 cans
Beef, chopped, 12.5/lb
Beef, sirloin steak, .18/lb
Butter, fresh Elgin creamery, .37/lb
Candy, fancy boxes, 1.00-1.50/box (no size indicated)
Cereal, Post Toasties, .20/2 boxes
Chicken, 1.00/4.5 lb bird
Cocoa, Hershey’s, .15/half pound tin
Coffee, .18/lb
Cookies, ZuZu, Nabisco, .04/package
Corn, .25/3 cans
Crackers, Uneeda, Nabisco .04/package
Eggs, 1.00/dozen
Flour, Christian’s Best XXX, .95/24 lb sack
Fish, codfish, boneless, frozen .17/lb brick
Grapefruit, .25/7
Ham, Swift’s sugar cured, .15/lb
Ice cream, 1.00/quart
Jelly, Curtice Brothers, .12/1b can
Ketchup, Blue Label, .18-.20/bottle
Lettuce, .05/head
Margarine, Butterine, .25/lb
Milk, condensed, Devon brand, .20/3 cans
Onions, red, .10/basket (no size specified)
Oranges, navel, Sunkist, .25/15
Potatoes, .29/6 quart basket
Soup, Van Camp’s, .25/3 cans
Sugar, granulated, .19/3.5 lbs
Tea, Lipton, .28/half pound
Tomatoes, .08/large no. 3 can
Worcestershire Sauce, .10/bottle


Bed, brass, full-sized, 14.00-21.25/each
Bedroom set, 4 piece, brown oak, 236.50-355.00/set
Bookshelves, bamboo, 1.00-1.50/each
Buffet, golden oak, 18.75-25.00/each
Chairs, tapestry covered arm chair, 20.25-27.00/each
China closet, golden oak, 30.50-34.00/each
Desk, mahogany, “drop lid,” 20.50-31.00/each
Dining room set, 10 piece, mahogany inlaid, 318.00-424.00/set
Living room set, 3 piece, brown oak, tapestry seats, 154.00-171.50/set
Rugs, 9′ X 12′, Wilton and Axminster oriental style, 18.75-29.50/each
Table, folding card with leatherette top, 1.00-1.50/each


Scissors, Henckle’s highest grade, .58-1.29/pair

Household goods

Ammonia, .25/bottle
Bedspread, full size, 1.00-1.50/each
Blankets, white wool, 70″X 82″, 4.65/each
Candle sticks, sterling silver, 18.00-26.00/pair
Clock, alarm, .74/each
Curtains, French lace, 3.75-6.50/pair
Laundry soap, Borax, .25/6 cakes
Light bulbs, Edison Mazda, 1.00/5
Towels, 1.50/dozen
Wash board, .35/each


Daily Record, [Morristown, NJ], .01/daily paper

Personal care & health

Beecham’s pills (indigestion remedy), .25/bottle (no size indicated)
Comb, white or black, .25-.75/each
Curling irons, .10/each
Hair pins, invisible, .05/each
Knowlton’s Danderine (anti-dandruff treatment), .25/bottle
Laxative, Cascaret’s,.10/box (no size indicated)
Sloan’s Linament (Neuralgia pain cure) .25/bottle
Soap, fancy toilet, .10/box
Toothbrush, .10-.25/each
Toothpicks, .05/box of 1,000

Real estate

Houses for sale:
Morristown, 14 rooms, 4,000.00
Morristown, 8 rooms, 2,850.00
Morristown, 12 rooms, 2,500.00
Houses for rent:
Morristown, 9 bedrooms, and bath, 40.00/month
Morristown, 12 rooms, South St., 83.34/month
Morris Plains, 7 rooms, 35.00/month
Apartments & rooms:
Morristown, 4 room flat, gas, and bathroom, 12.00/month
Morristown, 5 rooms, gas and garden, 14.00/month
Y.M.C.A., furnished rooms, men only, 2.00/week

Recreation & amusements

Baseball gloves, 1.00-3.00/each
Basketball game, Y.M.C.A. [Morristown, NJ], .15-.25/ticket
Books, complete works of Shakespeare, leather bound, 6.00-12.00/set
Dinner, Speedwell House and Restaurant, seven courses, .35/person
Novels, .10-.15/each
Ice skates, 1.00-1.50/pair
Phonograph, Aeolian-Vocalion, 90.00/each
Player piano rolls, 1.00-1.50/each
Recital, “Daddy Long Legs,” .25/ticket
Roller Skates, Ball Ba brand, 1.00-1.50/pair
Skatemobiles, .85-1.50/each
Sneakers, men’s, white tennis oxfords with rubber soles, 1.00/pair
Theatre, “Supreme Vaudeville,” Palace Theatre [Morristown, NJ],.10-.25/ticket