Dodge Brothers Winter car, 950.00
Ford sedan, 740.00


Boas, Stone Martin, 3.98/each
Boys’ overcoat, 2.85-3.98/each
Children’s pajamas, flannelette, .37/pair
Girls’ velvet dress, 2.98-2.39/each
Gloves, woolen, .23/pair
Hat, velour, .98/each
Men’s overcoats, 10.00/each
Men’s rubber boots, .79-1.49/pair
Men’s tuxedo suit, 17.00/each
Men’s dress shirt, Arrow, 1.50-2.00/each
Men’s trousers, 1.35-2.85/each
Muffs, badger, 10.98/each; black coney, 4.98/each; opossum, 9.98/each
Umbrella, 1.00-6.42/each
Women’s blouse, voile, 1.09-1.69/each
Women’s dress, satin, taffeta, fur-trimmed, 16.49/each
Women’s dress, serge, 4.45-6.98/each
Women’s skating suit, 13.50-14.98/each
Women’s skirt, 2.49-3.69/each
Women’s suit, fur trimmed, 22.50-27.50/each


Messenger/Delivery person 120.00/60 days work
Salesman, automotive, 30.00-40.00/week
Woman to introduce new sanitary specialty for residences and business buildings. Talking unnecessary, 25.00/week

Food & beverages

Apples, fancy table, .15/4 quarts
Bacon, .12/lb
Bread, .04-.98/loaf
Brussels Sprouts, .10/quart
Butter, Finest Elgin Creamery, .37/lb
Candy canes, .01/each
Capons [chicken], Fancy Philadelphia, .29/lb
Chocolate Filbert Kisses, .23/lb
Cocoa, Hershey’s .08/box
Coffee, White Rose, .32/lb
Cookies, National Biscuit Company, Fig Bars, .10/lb
Corn, sugar, .25/3 tins
Cucumbers, hothouse, .10/each
Dates, .12/lb
Eggs, Choice Western, .20/dozen
Fish, tuna, canned, White Rose, .23/large can
Lamb, .08/lb
Lettuce, .05/head
Mincemeat, .39/3 lb pail
Oatmeal .08/large pkg
Onions, .05/large bunch
Oranges, Florida, extra large sweet and juicy, .25/13
Pineapples, sweet sugar, .10/each
Potatoes, Jersey, .55/half bushel
Tangerines, fancy, .25/dozen
Tomatoes, hothouse, .20/quart basket
Tunny [tuna] fish, White Rose, .23/large can; .14/small can


Baby carriage, Pullman, 35.00/each

Household goods

Blanket, wool, 76″ X 90″, 2.27-2.98/each
Curtains, 1.35-2.29/pair
Matches, noiseless, .10/3 boxes
Mop, “Wizard,” .25/each
Washing tablets, La France, .04/pkg
Sheets, Utica, 54″ X 90, .55/each; 90″ X 90″, .77/each
Tablecloth, Irish Linen, 72″ X 108″, 3.95/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ] .01/daily paper

Personal care & health

Cough remedy, Medicum, .25/bottle
Danderine, for thicker hair, .25/bottle
Dental plates, 10.00/each
Fillings, 1.00/each
Laxative, Rexall Orderlies, .10-.50/bottle
Razors, 1.75-4.50/each
Syrup of figs for children, .50/bottle
Toilet paper, .25/7 rolls

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morristown, 10 rooms, improvements, 10,000.00
Morristown, 2 family, 6 bedrooms, 4,500.00
5 room bungalow, large porch over the lake, 3,000
Houses for rent
6 rooms, near park, 12.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 5 rooms, corner of Market & MacCulloch, 15.00/month
Morristown, lower half of house, 2 Maple Ave., 18.00/month
YMCA furnished rooms, 2.00+/week

Recreation & amusements

Basketball game, .15/ticket
Cigarettes, Lord Salisbury, .15/20 count pkg
Movie, .25/ticket (adults); .15/ticket (children)
Photoengraving, 25″ X 35″, “Sherman’s March to the Sea,” .39-1.50/each
Steamer trunks (Brinks), 4.68-18.50/each
Suitcases, 1.00-18.50/each
Theatre, New Park, evening, .15, .25, .35 & .50/ticket
YMCA American Girls concert, .50/ticket; 1.00/season pass