Chevrolet, 4 & 8 cylinder motors, 490.00+
Dodge, Touring Car, 785.00
Dodge, Winter Touring Car, 950.00
Dodge, Sedan, 1,185.00
1915, Chalmers Light Six Touring Car, 680.00
1914, Reo Touring car, 375.00
1911, Hudson 3.3 Touring Car, 200.00


Boy’s suit, 2.90-8.00/each
Boy’s trousers, 1.37-1.50/pair
Girl’s middy blouse, .71/each
Girl’s white lawn organdele dress, 1.98-12.98/each
Girl’s sweater, 2.15-2.98/each
Men’s boots, snow, 2.50/pair
Men’s night shirt, .68/each
Men’s overcoat, 8.95-22.50/each
Men’s shirt, silk, 2.55/each
Men’s shoes, dress, 2.95-6.00/pair
Men’s trousers, heavy, 1.69/pair
Women’s boots, black, 4.95/pair
Women’s coat, fur-collared, 25.00-39.50/each
Women’s dress, silk, 9.98-27.50/each
Women’s hat, trimmed, 7.50-9.98/each
Women’s petticoat, 3.25/each
Women’s raincoat, 5.25/each
Women’s skirt, 3.77/each

Employment & services

Piano tuning, 3.00/piano
Shoe shine, .05/person

Food & beverages

Apples, Baldwin, .25/4 quarts
Bacon, Winchester, strip, .22/lb
Baking powder, .15/lb tin
Beef, rib roast, .18/lb
Butter, Finest Elgin Creamery, .43/lb
Carrots, Fresh Jersey, .20/4 quart basket
Cauliflower, large snowflake, .15/each
Chicken, roasting, .32/lb
Cocoa, Try-it, .17/half lb can
Coffee, Try-it, .19/lb
Cranberries, Cape Cod, .10/quart
Eggs, Choice Western, .39/dozen
Figs, fancy, .25/lb
Fish, mackerel, large fat, .25/2
Frankfurters, .18/lb
Ham, Swift’s Cali, .18/lb
Jelly, apple, .35/5 lb crock
Karo syrup, .08/can
Ketchup, Blue Label, .12/bottle
Lamb, forequarters, .17/lb
Lemons, large juicy, .15/dozen
Margarine, Butterine, .29/lb
Milk, condensed, .28/3 cans
Nuts, mixed, .22/lb
Oats, Quaker, .22/5 lb box
Oil, Wesson, .23/can
Onions, yellow, .35/4 quarts
Oranges, Sunkist, .25/15
Peaches, cling, .20/tin
Peas, .09/can
Pigs feet, pickled, .10/lb
Pork, loins, .20/lb
Raisins, seeded, .10/pkg
Sauerkraut, White Rose, .15/large #3 can
Sugar, granulated, 1.89/25 lb sack
Tea, .29/lb
Tomatoes, .13/large can
Turkey, .35/lb

Household & seasonal goods

Blanket, wool, full-size, 5.45-6.98/each
Borax, 20 Mule, .08/10 oz box
Cleanser, Dutch, .08/can
Curtains, Marquisette, .95/pair
Goose down, white, 1.57/lb
Lamp black, .10/lb
Rugs, Oriental, room sizes, 155.00-490.00/each
Stove, oil, New Perfection, 16.00/each
Towels, Turkish, bath, 42″ X 23″, .25/each
Wash boards, .39/each


.01/daily paper

Personal care & health

Beecham’s pills (for indigestion), .10-.25/bottle
Dentures, 10.00/set
Malt tonic, .09/bottle
Razor strops [sharpening devices], .65-3.00/each
Razors, imported, 1.75-5.00/each
Shaving brushes, rubberset, .65-3.25/each

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morristown, 12 rooms, 4,400.00
Farm, 69.00/acre
Houses for rent
Morris Plains, half house, 23.00/month
Morristown, 6 rooms, 12.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Large room with kitchenette, 15.00/month
Small store and rooms, 15.00/month
YMCA, furnished rooms for men, 2.00/week

Recreation & amusements

Basketball game, YMCA gym, Morristown HS vs. Belleville HS, .15/admission
Camera, Brownie, 1.25-3.00/each
Camera, Kodak, 6.00-50.00/each
Ice skates, ladies, 5.00/pair
Ice skates, men’s, 4.00/pair
Movie ticket, Palace Theatre, .10-.18/matinee; .10-.23/evening
Piano, Ampico, upright, 585.00-750.00/each
Theatre ticket, Lyons Theatre Playhouse, .25-1.00/matinee; .25-1.50/evening
Victrola, table model, 40.00/each