Chandler 6, 7 passenger touring, 1,795.00
Chandler, convertible coup, 2,395.00
Chandler, limousine, 3,095.00
1917, Overland, 5 passenger touring, 450.00
Hudson, Laundlette, (no year), 750.00
Hupmobile, Runabout (no year), 125.00


Bathing cap, .25-1.00/each
Boy’s suit, 3.80-6.00/each
Children’s shoes, play Oxfords and sandals, .69-1.98/pair
Girl’s dress, chambray, 2.95/each
Men’s hat, Panama style, 4.45/each
Men’s necktie, silk, .38-.75/each
Men’s shirt, 1.70/3 shirts
Men’s suit, Palm Beach, 10.00-15.00/each
Men’s union suit, .69/each
Men’s trousers, white and flannel, 4.50-8.00/pair
Swimming shoes, .85-1.50/pair
Women’s bathing suit, 5.98/each
Women’s coat, linen, 3.75-6.75/each
Women’s dress, silk, 9.98/each
Women’s shoes, 5.50-8.50/pair
Women’s skirt, linen, 1.98/each
Women’s suit, summer, 9.98-22.98/each
Women’s vest, .29-.33/each


Girls to work at soda fountain, 15.00/week

Food & beverages

Bacon, boneless, .40/lb
Baking powder, Red Star, .18/lb tin
Beef, prime rib roast, .29/lb
Beets, fresh, .05/bunch
Butter, Elgin Creamery, .49/lb
Cocoa, .38/lb can
Coffee, Finest Bogata, .85/3 lbs
Crackers, National Biscuit Company, Uneeda, .07/pkg
Ham, Swift’s sugar cured Cali, .24/lb
Juice, Armour’s, grape, .38/quart bottle
Lemons, Fancy, .35/dozen
Lettuce, .10/head
Margarine, Spreadit, .30/lb
Milk, Lion, condensed, .20/2 cans
Onions, fancy yellow, .33/6 lbs
Oranges, .45/dozen
Potatoes, 1.05/27 lb basket
Raisins, .19/jar
Root beer extract, Hires, .15/bottle
Salt, table, .08/large box
Tea, English breakfast, .40/pkg
Tomatoes, fresh Jersey, .10/quart


Carpet sweeper, Bissell, 3.25-5.00/each
Coffee mill, glass, .79/each
Congoleum (flooring), .65/square yard
Fly paper, Tanglefoot, .09/6 double sheets
Mason jars, .85/pint; .90/quart
Paint, oudoor house, 2.25-4.00/gallon
Refrigerator, 14.00-24.00/each
Screen door, 2.00-3.00/each
Vacuum sweeper, Bissell, 5.00-10.50/each

Lawn & garden

Bench, garden, 1.35/each
Cabbage plants, 2.00/1,000 plants
Celery plants, 2.00/1,000 plants
Hammock, rope, 1.50-8.00/each
Tomato plants, 2.00/1,000 plants


.02/daily paper

Personal care & health

Indigestion pills, Bell-Ans, .25/bottle
Powder, Sykes, 25/container
Shoe polish, Bixby, .10/container
Tonic, Leibig’s, .25/two bottles

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morristown, 12 rooms, 10 acres, 7,500.00
Houses for rent
Morristown, 6 rooms, 24.00/month
Morristown, 4 rooms, 13.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 3 rooms, 10.00/month
Morristown, 4 rooms, 13.00/month
YMCA, single room, 2.50/week

Recreation & amusements

Chicken supper, Monroe Union Chapel, .50/person
Firecrackers, .05 & .10/each
Pool table, 28.00/each
Suitcase, 2.49-3.49/each
Theatre, Lyons Theatre, .15, .20 & .30/ticket
Trunks (large suitcases), 5.00+/each