Chandler 6, 7 passenger touring car, 1,795.00
Cleveland Six, Roadster, 3 passsengers, 1,385.00
Ford truck, 650.00
Ford Runabout, 250.00


Boy’s jacket, Mackinaw, 15.00-19.99/each
Boy’s knee pants, 1.25/pair
Boy’s shoes, 3.00-4.00/pair
Boy’s shirt, .75/each
Boy’s suit, 7.50-18.50/each
Girl’s dress, gingham, 1.00/each
Girl’s shoes, patent leather, 1.39-1.97/each
Men’s coat, silk lined, 35.00/each
Men’s hat, derby, 4.00-5.00/each
Men’s necktie, 1.00/3
Men’s shoes, 5.00/pair
Men’s suit, 28.50-65.00/each
Women’s cape, 6.25-30.00/each
Women’s coat, 53.50-165.00/each
Women’s dress, serge, 15.00-22.50/each


Census clerk, 92.00/month
Cook, 60.00-65.00/month
Hosiery work, 10.00-12.00/week

Food & beverages

Apple butter, .20/no 2 can
Bacon, Dixie, .34/lb
Beef, sirloin roast, .32/lb
Butter, Brookfield, .64/lb
Cereal, Postum, .25/2 boxes
Chewing gum, Wrigley’s, .05/pkg
Corn, .10/no. 2 can
Crackers, National Biscuit Company, .07-.15/box
Eggs, .55/dozen
Fish, sardines, in tomato sauce, .25/tin
Flour, Gold Medal, 1.75/24 lbs
Ham, sugar cured, .39/lb
Karo syrup, white, .23/quart
Lamb, leg, .33/lb
Lard, .34/lb
Lemons, .25/dozen
Margarine, Top Notch, .43/lb
Oats, Armour’s, .25/2 boxes
Oil, Wesson, .40/pint; 2.69/gallon
Onions, Spanish, .10/3
Oranges, Sunkist, .35/dozen
Peanut butter, White Rose, .33/lb jar
Pork & beans, .10/no. 3 can
Potatoes, Jersey, 1.25/half bushel
Root beer extract, Hires, .18/bottle
Salt, White Rose, .08/box
Soda water, Mayflower, 1.65/dozen
Tea, Salada, .09/pkg
Vanilla extract, .23/2 ounce bottle

Household & seasonal goods

Ammonia, .12/large bottle
Bassinette, 5.85-8.00/each
Blanket, Beacon Indian, 6.98/each
Carpet sweeper, Bissell, 4.50/each
Duster, turkey feathers, .69-1.50/each
Ironing board, folding, 2.70-3.00/each
Lamp, portable reading, 10.00/each
Laundry detergent, Lux, .11/pkg
Linoleum, 1.35-2.85/square yard
Meat chopper, family size, 1.25/each
Refrigerator, White Mountain, 150 lb ice capacity, 48.25/each
Rug, colonial rag, 9′ X 12′, 17.50-20.00/each
Scrub brush, .25-.30/each
Sewing machine, Reliance, 28.75/each
Towels, Turkish, 1.00/3
Wash board, zinc, large size, 1.10-1.25/each


.02/daily paper

Personal care & health

Hair nets, Verida, 1.00/dozen
Hydrogen peroxide, .25/16 oz bottle
Indigestion medicine, Beecham’s pills, .10-.25/bottle
Razor, Peerless, safety, with blades, 2.00/set
Soap, Gold, .65/10 cakes
Talcum powder, Mennen, .18-.23/pkg
Toothpaste, Colgate, .20/pkg
Vick’s Vapo-rub, .30, .60 & 1.20/jar
Witch hazel, .35/pint

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morristown, 9 rooms, 10,000.00
Morristown, 7 rooms, with electricity, 5,200.00
Morristown, 10 rooms, 2 family, 3,500.00
Houses for rent
None advertised
Apartments & rooms
1 room, 2.50/week
1 room, YMCA, 3.00/week

Recreation & amusements

Bicycle, men’s & boy’s, 34.98-45.00/each
Concert subscription, Newark Armory [Newark NJ], 8 shows, 6.00-16.00/ticket
Dance, Romer Club, benefit, .50/admission
Kiddie car (child’s scooter), .98-1.50/each
Movie ticket, Lyons Theatre, .10-.20/matinee; .15-.30/evening
Piano, Frederick, upright, 295.00/each
YMCA membership, personal, 10.00/year

School supplies

Desk blotter, 19″ X 24″, .49/each
Desk set, child’s, solid brass, 1.75/set
Pen, self-filling, 1.50/each
Pencil sharpener, .98/each