Chandler, touring, 1,895.00
Cleveland Six, touring, 1,435.00
Overland, touring, 1,035.00
Cadillac “8”, 1917, passenger touring car, 1,600.00
Chandler, model 17 touring, 650.00
Dodge, touring, 775.00


Boy’s golf hats, 1.25-3.50/each
Boy’s knee pants, 1.59/pair
Boy’s suit, 15.00/each
Children’s pajamas, Dr. Denton’s, 1.00-1.45/each
Girl’s dress, navy blue wool serge, braid trimmed, 12.75/each
Men’s hat, felt, 3.85/each
Men’s overcoat, 12.50/each
Men’s shirt, chambray work shirt, 1.50/each
Men’s shoes, work style, 2.95/pair
Men’s suit, Style Plus Value First Fall Suits, 40.00-60.00/each
Sweater, 3.95-12.50/each
Women’s coat, 37.50/each
Women’s blouse, 3.95-17.50/each
Women’s dress, flannel, 2.50-3.50/each
Women’s petticoat, 1.19/each
Women’s skirt, 1.19-1.75/each

Employment & services

Bricklayers, 1.25/hour
Laborers, 5.50/8 hour day
Laundress, 3.00/day
Men’s suits pressed, .50/each
Shoe repair, men’s sole & leather heel, 1.65/pair
Telephone operator, 14.00/week
Tutoring, 2.00/hour

Food & beverages

Bacon, Dixie Style, .29/lb
Beans, baked with tomato sauce, 12.5 cents/can
Beef, Libby’s, corned, .29/lb can
Chewing gum, Wrigley’s Doublemint, .05/pack
Chicken, liver, 1.00/each
Coffee, Mota, .27/lb
Corn, sugar, 1.00/7 cans
Crackers, NCB, Uneeda, .05/pkg
Cream, evaporated, 1.00/8 cans
Fish, Columbia River Salmon, .20/2 lb can
Fish, Gorton’s, frozen, ready to fry codfish cakes, .25/pkg
Flour, 7.38/98 lb bag
Ham, Cala, .25/lb
Lamb, chops, .38/lb
Lamb, short forequarters, .24/lb
Lemon pie filling, Good Luck brand, .14/pkg
Milk, condensed, 1.00/5 cans
Potatoes, .78/16 qt basket
Prunes, canned, .14/can
Salt, Worcester, .25/3 boxes
Sugar, granulated, Domino, .15/lb
Tea, Tetley’s, .04/lb
Tomatoes, 6 cans, 1.00/lb


Bed, enamel, full-sized, 100.00/each
Bedroom set, mahogany suite, Louis XVI, 9 pieces, 1,928.00/set
Carpet binding, .10/roll
Music cabinet, mahogany, 22.00-38.00/each
Range, gas, Lorain, 110.86
Water heaters, gas, 2.00/each

Household & seasonal goods

Blanket, beacon, wool nap, 9.98/pair
Cooking utensils, granite ware, 1.00
Curtains, Renaissance lace, 10.50/pair
Flower bulbs, hyacinth, 1.10/dozen
Mirrors, 34″ X 72″, 50.00/each
Range, 94.70/each
Towel, Turkish, 1.39-2.00/each
Wallpaper, .15/roll
Window shades, .75-1.75/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ], .02/weekday paper

Personal care & health

Beecham’s Pills (for indigestion), .25/bottle
Kellogs Tasteless Castor Oil, .15/bottle
Kotalko (for hair growth), .10/proof box
Postum, cereal health drink, .25/50 cup pkg
Wash cloth, .07/each

Real estate

Houses for sale
Farm, 25 acres, 10 room house, 15,000.00
Morristown, 8 rooms, 2 family, 3,200.00
Morristown, 7 rooms, single family, 5,500.00
Houses for rent
9 rooms & bath, 100.00/month
Apartments & rooms
YMCA, furnished rooms, 3.50/week

Recreation & amusements

Belgian hares (rabbits), 10.00/each
Bicycle, girl’s, 10.00
Business supper, YMCA, .60/ticket
Cigars, Ms. J. Noltz, .10-.15/each
Concert, Enrico Caruso & others, 10.00/ticket
Dance, Elks Entertainment, 1.00-3.00/ticket, includes war tax
Horse show, Far Hills, .50/admission
Movies, Liberty Theatre, .17/matinee; .22/evening
Piano, 50.00
Scarf pins, 10.50/each
Steeplechase & pony races, Whillany River Club, 2.00/admission