Hudson Super Six Coach, 1,500.00
Essex Six Coach, 975.00
Used, Cleveland Sedan, 1923, 700.00


Men’s coat, Hart, Schaffner & Marks, 35.00-75.00/each
Men’s suits, 4 piece, 24.00-28.50/each
Men’s shirts, Oxford, 1.59/each
Women’s skirt, 4.95-10.95/each
Women’s dress, silk, 15.00/each; housedress, .95/each
Women’s dress shoes, 4.85-7.85/pair
Women’s coats, Twill, 16.94-23.94/each
Boy’s suits, 4.95-12.00/each
Girl’s dress, .59-1/00/each
Tots’s bloomer dresses, .95/each
Hats, straw, 2.25-3.00/each

Food & beverages

Bacon, Swifts Scheid, .35/lb
Bananas, .40/dozen
Beef, roast, .33/lb; chopped, .22/lb
Butter, Brookfield, .40/lb
Chocolates, Cloverland, .45/lb
Chicken, frying, .39/lb
Cocoa, Hooton’s, .13/half pound can
Coffee, Rex Blend, .41/lb
Cranberry sauce, .24/no.2 can
Duck, Long Island, .29/lb
Eggs, .32/dozen
Fish, cod steak, fresh .18/lb
Ham, Swift’s Premium, .25/lb
Ketchup, Sundale, .19/large bottle
Lemons, .25/dozen
Lettuce, head, .15/lb
Onions, .05/bunch
Oranges, .25/13
Peaches, Del Monte, sliced, .15/no.1 can
Pineapples, Regina, .29 large can
Potatoes, .89/half bushel
Soda, Cliquot Ginger Ale, .25/2 bottles
Spaghetti, Franco American, .10/can
Tea, Orange Pekoe, .29/quarter pound carton


Baby crib and mattress, 15.25/set
Bed, metal, 16.50-30.00/each
Lamps, table, vase pottery, 10.75/each
Rug, Linoleum, 9X12, 12.98/each
Rug, Persian, Serappi, 8X11, 295.00-295.00/each

Garden equipment

Lawn mower, 8.05/each

Household goods

Carpet sweeper, 2.79-3.50/each
Cleanser, Old Dutch, .07/container
Curtains, 1.00-2.00/pair
Clothes washer, 77.50/each
Dishes, dinner plates, .10/each
Disinfectant, Lysol, .69/pint
Laundry soap, Borax, .13/lb
Paint, Benjamin Moore, 2.49/gallon
Range, Public Service Gas, 97.00/each
Sheets, 1.24/each
Toilet bowl cleaner, Saniflush, .19/can


Daily Record .01/weekday paper

Personal care & health

Aspirin, Bayers, .79/100 count bottle
Bell-Ans, indigestion pills, .25-.75/pkg
Face cream, White Youth Clay, .50-1.00/jar
Hot water bottle, rubber, .79/each
Milk of Magnesia, .25/pint
Razor blades, Gillette, .50/dozen
Talcum powder, .15/lb
Toilet paper, 2.25/12 rolls
Toothbrush, imported, .50/5
Toothpaste, .89/2 large tubes

Real estate

Morristown, “modern single dwellings,” 3 floors, 29,000.00
Morristown, 2 family, 2 car garage, 7,500.00
Cedar Knolls, 6 rooms, 2,400.00
Chatham Terrace, plots 50X150, 750.00-1,500.00
Rent, Morristown house, Water St., 25.00/month
Apartments, 4-6 rooms, Morristown, 50.00/month.

Recreation & amusements

Bicycle, Columbia, 35.00-38.50/each
Dinner, South Street Restaurant, Sunday chicken or turkey dinner, 1.25/person
Movie, Lyon’s Theatre, “Jackie Coogan in “A Boy of Flanders,” .22-.55/ticket
Player piano, 345.00/each
Radio, Neutrodyne, 100.00/each
Record albums, 1.00/3 albums
Tricycle, childs, 4.50-8.00/each