Pierce Arrow, Series 80, 7 passenger, 2,895.00
Hudson Sedan, 7 passenger, 1,895.00
Dodge Brothers Coach, 1,345.00
Nash, Special, six sedan, 5 passenger, 1,225.00
Chevrolet, Superior Touring Car, 360.00 (no year)
Dodge, Touring car, 1920, 200.00


Men’s coat, raccoon, 160.00-225.00/each
Men’s shoes, Oxfords, 2.95/pair
Men’s suits, wool, 12.50/each
Men’s boots, Stormking, 5.50/pair
Men’s shirts, Madras or percale, 1.00-1.50/each
Women’s sweaters, wool, 2.95/each
Women’s skirts, “Winnie Winkle,” 9.95-14.95/each
Women’s dress, silk, 15.00-25.00/each
Women’s dress shoes, pumps, patent leather, 2.50/pair
Women’s storm rubbers, .87/pair
Women’s coats, 11.00-89.00/each
Women’s handbags, beaded, 2.00/each
Boy’s wool suits, 3.65/each
Boy’s shoes, high cut, 1.97/pair
Boy’s union suits, .92/each
Girl’s wool dresses, 23.00-6.00/each
Hats, men’s felt, 2.50-3.50/each
Gloves, driving, 1.93-3.50/pair
Umbrellas, silk, women’s, 2.95-6.50/each

Food & beverages

Bacon, strip, .30/lb
Duck, Long Island, .38/lb
Beef, chopped, .16/lb
Beef, porterhouse steak, .20/lb
Butter, Brookfield Creamery, .42/lb
Carrots, Bermuda, .10/bunch
Celery hearts, .20/large bunches
Chicken, roasting, .45/lb
Dates, Dromedary, .20/package
Fish, cod, fresh, .25/lb
Grapefruit, .25/3
Ham, Swift’s Premium, .26/lb
Macaroni, Italian (genuine), .20/lb
Oranges, Sunkist Juicy, .25/dozen
Pig’s knuckles, .14/lb
Sauerkraut, .05/lb
Potatoes, Long Island, .85/half bushel basket
Sweet potatoes, Jersey, .25/3 lbs


Bedroom set, 4 piece, walnut, 1,450.00/set
Dining room set, 10 piece, mahogany, 178.00/set
Living room set, 3 piece, upholstered mohair, 160.00/set
Rug, 18 X 36, 1.00/2 rugs


Paint, 2.50/gallon
Paint brushes, 1.00-5.00/each
Shovels, snow, long or short handles, 1.00/each

Household goods

Bedspread, 2.00/each
Clock, alarm, 1.00/each
Dinnerware set, china, 35.00-79.50/set of 12
Range, Lorain Oven Heat Regulator, 82.00/each
Sheets, Mohawk, full-size, .99-1.69/each
Tea kettle, large, 1.00/each
Thermos bottle, 1.00/bottle
Towels, Turkish, 1.00/4
Wallpaper, 1.00/10 rolls


Daily Record [Morristown, NJ] .02/daily paper

Personal care & health

Bell-Ans (indigestion pills), .25-.75 bottle
Cod liver oil, Rexall, 1.00/large bottle
Heating pad, electric, 8.50/each
Musterole (mustard rub for coughs), .35-.65/tube
Quinine, Hills Bromine (cold care), .30/bottle
Razor, Gem brand, .49-1.00/each
Razor blades, .29-.50/package (no count indicated)
Talcum powder, gentleman’s, .25/bottle

Real estate

Houses for sale:
Morristown, new construction, Harding Terrace, 17,000.00
Morristown, 6 bedrooms, 10,000.00
Morristown, 6 rooms and sleeping porch, 8,000.00
Houses for rent:
Morristown, 8 rooms, 100.00/month
Morristown, 3 bedrooms, steam heat and electric lights, 80.00/month
Morristown, 7 rooms, heat and gas light, 45.00/month
Apartments & rooms:
5 rooms, utilities and snow shoveling, 120.00/month
4 rooms, 22.50/month
Y.M.C.A., furnished room, 4.25/week

Recreation & amusements

Basketball game, .25/ticket
Burlesque Cabaret, Women’s Community Club, “All star cast” and dancing, .75/seat; 6.00/table
Camera, Brownie “gift box,” 5.00/each
Card party, American Legion Auxiliary, .50 single; 2.00/table
Dinner, South Street Restaurant, “Sunday chicken,” 1.00/person
Luncheon, Model Restaurant, Morristown, “sandwich, coffee and pudding,” .50/person
Pianos, 85.00/each
Radio, Neutrodyne, complete with loud speaker, 100.00/each
Theatre ticket, Palace Theatre [Morristown, NJ], “The Price of a Party,” .20-.30/ticket
Theatre ticket, Shubert Theatre [Newark, NJ], live performances, .50-3.00/ticket
Victrola, mahogany stand, 75.00/each