Chevrolet, Coach, 595.00
Chevrolet, Sport Cabriolet, 715.00
Whippet, Touring, 625.00
Essex Coach (no year specifid), 325.00
1925 Ford, Suburban, 50.00


Boy’s pants, corduroy, .89/pair
Boy’s shirt, madras, .75-.95/each
Boy’s suit, 3.85-4.59/each
Girl’s coat, 12.88-29.50/each
Girl’s dress, 5.00/3
Men’s coat, 38.50-48.50/each
Men’s coat, racoon, 295.00-395.00/each
Men’s necktie, silk, .89-1.00/each
Men’s shirt, dress, 2.25-5.00
Men’s pajamas, heavy flannel, 1.69-2.69/pair
Men’s suit, 29.50-59.50/each
Men’s sweater, 2.89-3.98/each
Men’s union suits, fleece lined, .94/each
Women’s coat, 48.50/each
Women’s dress, silk, 16.00-24.95
Women’s handbag, leather, 1.00-1.89/each
Women’s hat, felt, 1.98-4.95/each
Women’s pajamas, cotton, 1.69/pair
Women’s shoes, dress, 2.85-7.85/pair
Women’s sport coat, 27.50/each

Employment & services

Work at home, gilding greeting cards, 26.00/100 cards

Food & beverages

Apples, fancy eating, .25/10
Bacon, Cloverdale, .25/half lb
Beans, cut stringless, .16/can
Beef, sirloin steak, .29/lb
Butter, .55/lb
Cereal, Benefit, cornflakes, .15/2 pkgs
Cheese, Pabst, American, .25/half lb
Chicken, .29/lb
Cocoa, Benefit, .25/lb jar
Coffee, Progress, .49/lb
Corn, .15/can
Crisco, .25/lb
Eggs, .30/dozen
Fish, Del Monte, sardines, .25/2 tins
Fish, tuna, .22/8 oz can
Flour, Swansdown, .35/carton
Frankfurters, .24/lb
Ham, smoked Cala, .19/lb
Jelly, grape, .25/16 oz glass jar
Ketchup, Heinz, .24/large bottle
Lamb chops, loin & rib, .29/lb
Macaroni, Mueller’s, .10/pkg
Margarine, Sweet Nut Oleo, .21/lb
Oats, Quaker, .10/pkg
Olives, Seville, .15-.25/bottle
Pears, Del Monte, California, .20/No. 2 can
Peanut butter, Cloverdale, .31/glass jar
Pickles, sweet, .39/quart
Pineapple, crushed, .20/can
Popping corn, Jolly Time, .12/pkg
Salt, shaker, .05/3 boxes
Sausage, link, .29/lb
Soup, Van Camp’s, tomato, .24/3 cans
Syrup, Vermont Maid, maple, .25/22 oz jug
Tea, Orange Pekoe, .42/8 oz tin
Vanilla extract, .15-.29/bottle
Worcestershire sauce, Lea & Perrins, .25/bottle

Household & seasonal goods

Ammonia, .25/quart
Blanket, wool, 4.69-5.50/each
Blueing, .12/large bottle
Bread box, round white, .79/each
Brillo, .16/large size
Broom, .59/each
Chair, mahogany, 24.75-40.00/each
Cheesecloth, .24/5 yards
Clock, mantle, 12.50-100.00/each
Coat hangers, .05-.15/each
Curtains, cross bar, .25/pair
Dining room set, 10 pieces, walnut, 198.75/set
Dinnerware, 100 piece set, 17.98-22.98/each
Dishpan, grey enamel, .25/each
Lamp, floor, 21.50/each
Linoleum, Armstrong, 1.75-2.16/square yard
Living room furniture, 3 pieces, 177.50/set
Matches, Blue Tip, .25/5 boxes
Mop and stick, .50/each
Pillow cases, 45″ X 39″, .39/each
Tea pot, English, .79/each
Toaster, electric, 3.79-5.00/each
Waffle molds, electric, 8.95/each
Wallpaper, .10-.25/roll


.02/daily paper

Personal care & health

Bath salts, .50/pkg
Diuretic, Doan’s pills, .60/bottle
Face cream, .39/jar
Heating pad, Westinghouse, electric, 8.95/each
Laxative, Bromoquinine, tablets .30/box
Soap, Palm Olive, .25/4 cakes
Talcum powder, .15-.25/pkg
Tissues, Kleenex, .25-.35/box
Toilet paper, 1,000 sheeets, .25/3 rolls

Real estate

Houses for sale
Convent Station, 7 rooms, new, 9,000.00
Morris Plains, 6 rooms, 8,000.00
Morristown, 8 rooms, duplex, 10,500.00
Houses for rent
Morristown, 6 rooms, 65.00/month
Morristown, 7 rooms, 55.00/month
Morristown, 6 rooms, 35.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 3 rooms, 20.00/month
Morristown, 6 rooms, 35.00/month
YMCA, furnished room [Morristown], 5.00/week

Recreation & amusements

Bastketball game, YMCA, Bayley HS vs. Rockaway HS, .35/admission
Book, Wonder Book of Knowledge, 1.88-2.24/each
Dance, benefit Whippany Fire Company, .50/admission
Dinner, Model Restaurant [Morristown], “Blue Plate Special,” .50/person
Movies, Palace Theatre, .15-.20/matinee; .20-.30/evening
Piano, new, 450.00/each
Puppies, English Setter, 15.00/each
Radio, Atwater Kent, 70.00; speaker, 21.00/each
Theatre, Broad Street [Newark NJ], .50-1.00/matinee ticket