Studebaker, President Eight, coup, 1,690.00-1,850.00
Buick, 26 models offered, 935.00-2,055.00
Chevrolet Six, 475.00
1930, Studebaker, Commander 8 Brougham, 800.00
1928, Packard, sedan, 695.00
1928, Chrysler, Roadster, 475.00


Men’s coat, overcoat, Saxon wave, 21.50/each
Men’s necktie, .55/each
Men’s shirt, Manhattan, dress, 1.00/each
Men’s suit, Nottingham, wool, 22.50/each
Men’s tuxedo, 25.00/each
Women’s coat, 6.95/each
Women’s dress, silk, 3.85-7.85/each
Women’s gloves, 2.95/pair
Women’s pajamas, silk, 5.95-17.50/pair
Women’s skirt, wool, 1.98-4.98/each
Women’s sweater, wool, 1.98-3.98/each

Food & beverages

Bacon, Asco, .12/half pound pkg
Bananas, .25/dozen
Beef, sirloin steak, .39/lb
Bread, Fischer’s, .05/loaf
Butter, Louiella, .37/lb
Candy, Lucille, chocolates, 1.09/5 lb box
Cereal, Kellogg’s, Corn Flakes, .06/pkg
Cheese, New York “store” cheese, .23/lb
Cookies, Nabisco, Vanilla Wafers, .10/pkg
Coffee, Chase and Sandborn, .38/lb
Corn, Ideal brand, .10/can
Eggs, .25-.45/dozen
Fish, Alaska Red Salmon, .23/tall can
Flour, Gold Medal, .79/24.5 lb bag
Ham, Smoked, .39/lb
Lamb Chops, .23/lb
Lettuce, Iceberg, .25/2 heads
Mayonnaise, Regal Scarlet, .15/8 oz jar
Milk, Whitehouse, evaporated, .17/3 tall cans
Oats, Quaker, .25/3 pkgs
Oranges, Sunkist, .24/15 oranges
Pie, Mrs. Wagner’s, .10-.25/each
Soda, Cliquot Club Pale Dry (ginger ale), .27/2 bottles
Spaghetti dinner, Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, .29/pkg
Sugar, granulated, .25.5 lb bag


Bed, decorated metal, 5.00/each
Bedroom set, 3 piece, 125.00/set
Bridge set, steel table & folding chairs, 8.95-9.95/set
Chair, upholstered, 15.75-17.50/each
Livingroom suite, 3 pices, 125.00/set
Magazine rack, 1.95/each
Mattress, coil spring, 5.00/each
Rug, thick pile, 9′ X 12′, 19.50/each

Household & seasonal goods

Christmas trees (real), 2′ -6′ tall, .75-2.50/each
Mop, “Handy Mandy,” .49/each
Laundry soap, Octagon, .22/pkg
Window shades, first quality, .57/each

Personal care & health

Cod liver oil, .59/bottle
Cough syrup, Smith Brothers, .21/bottle
Hair tonic, Kreul, 1.89/bottle
Milk of Magnesia, Phillips, .29/bottle
Soap, Ivory, .23/6 cakes
Quinine, Bromo, .17/bottle
Toilet paper, .20/three 1,000 sheet rolls
Toothpaste, Pepsodent, .29/tube
Vicks nose drops, .34/bottle
Vicks Vapo Rub, .21/jar

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morristown, 5 rooms, new bungalow, garage, 6,000.00
Morristown, 5 rooms, near train station, 5,000.00
Morristown, 10 rooms, partial improvements, 3,000.00
Houses for rent
Morris Plains, 6 rooms, 40.00/month
Morristown, 4 rooms, 35.00/month
Morristown, 5 rooms, 30.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 5 rooms, furnished, 55.00/month
Morristown, 5 rooms, 35.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Books, .49-.75/each
Dance, Pi Delta Sigma, Woman’s Community Club [Morristown NJ], 2.00/ticket
Dinner, Twin Doors restaurant, .85-1.25/plate
Doll, “Flossie the Flirt,” 4.98/each
Football tournament, 1.00/admission
Radio, Philco, console, 69.50/each
Skates, ice, 6.00-7.00/each
Sleds, steering, .98/each
Stuffed animals, 2.50/each
Tea set, toy, china, 9 pieces, .25/each
Toy airplane, 4.95/each
Train set, Lionel, electric, 5.95/set
Tricycles, 7.95/each
Victrola, RCA, model R-10, 86.75/each

Tobacco & alcohol

Prohibition in effect; no alchohol advertised
Cigarettes, Marlboro, .17/pack

How much did it cost to stock Thanksgiving tables in 1931? These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County New Jersey], November 23-24, 1931 Meat, fowl & fish
Bacon, Sunnyfield, sliced, .25/two half lb pkgs
Chicken, .34/lb
Ducks, Long Island, .23/lb
Geese, .27/lb
Ham, Decker’s, canned, .32/lb
Turkey, .39/lb

Asparagus, Del Monte, .25/can
Beans, string, .23/2 lbs
Carrots, .05/bunch
Cauliflower, .19/heard
Celery hearts, .23/2 bunches
Lettuce, iceberg, .10/large head
Olives, stuffed, .23/8 oz bottle
Onions, white boiling, .13/3 lbs
Peas, tendfer, .29/2lbs
Pickles, dill, .19/qt jar
Potatoes, sweet, .10/3lbs
Pumpkin, Raymal, .25/three no. 2 1/2 cans
Tomatoes, .29/2 lbs
Turnips, .10/4 lbs Fruits
Apples, Spitzenberg, .29/doz
Cocoanuts, large, .10/each
Cranberries, fresh, .19/2 lbs
Cranberry sauce, Ideal, .19/17 oz can
Dates, Dromedary, pitted, .19/pkg
Figs, Blue Ribbon, .10/8 oz pkg
Grapefruit, .25/5
Grapes, Emperor, .23/2 lbs
Lemons, Sunkist, .10/6
Orange peel, Dromedary, sliced, .13/pkg
Oranges, Sunkist, medium, .25/15
Peaches, Del Monte, sliced, .10/tall can
Pineapple, Del Monte, crusdhed, .25/2 medium cans
Raisins, Del Monte, .10/pkg
Tangerines, .20/12

Chocolates, Primrose, assorted, .39/pkg
Fruit cake, Uneeda Bakers, 1.50/2 lb tin
Ice cream, Breyers, Ice Cream Turkey, 1.50/one & 1/2 qts
Nuts, Mixed, .23/lb
Pudding, Heinz, fig, .25/lb can
Pudding, Crosse & Balckwell, plum, .25/lb tin
Walnuts, Diamond, English, .29/lb

Dairy, eggs & cheese
Butter, Sunnyfield, .37/lb
Cheese, Swiss Gruyere, .29/box
Eggs, large, .27/doz Baking, cereals, spices & condiments
Baking powder, Asco, .10/can
Crackers, Uneeda Biscuits, .04/pkg
Crisco, .10/lb can
Flour, Swansdown, cake, .23/pkg
Lard, .19/2lb tub
Mince Meat, None Such, .25/2 pkgs
Pie crust, Flako, .14/pkg
Poultry seasoning, Bell, .09/pkg
Sage, ground, .10/can
Sugar, granulated, .25/5 lb cotton sack
Thyme, leaf, .05/pkg
Vanilla, pure extract, .10/bottle

Cider, sweet, .39/gal
Coffee, Ideal brand, .29/lb
Juice, A & P, grape, .27/qt bottle
Juice, Del Monte, tomato, .25/3 cans
Soda, Canada Dry, Ginger Ale, .40/3 bottles
Water, Perrier, sparkling, .25/2 bottles Thanksgiving Dinner, Morris Restuarant Menu: Fruit Cup or Clam Cocktail, Chicken Broth or Vegetable Soup; Entree Turkey or Chicken; Four Vegetables, Alligator Pear or Waldorf Salad, Chocie of Dessert, Tea, Coffee or Mlk, $1.25.”—Dislay ad, Morris Restuarant, 147 Morris St. Morristown, Daily Record, November 25, 1931 (p. 3)

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