Chrysler, Six, new, 885.00-935.00
Packard, 5 passenger, new, 1,750.00
Chrysler 70 Sport Coupe, used, 1930 685.00
Chrysler sedan, used, 1930, 374.00
Chrylser Roadster, used, 1926, 75.00
Tires, Goodyear Pathfinder, 18.60/set of 4


Coffee, Eight O’Clock brand .19/lb
Cola, ginger ale, C & C .25/2 small bottles
Milk, evaporated, Borden’s .10/3 small cans
Juice, grape, Welch’s .19/pint
Water, Perrier .25/2 12 oz bottles


Men’s suit reg. 30.00, sale 18.50
Men’s broadcloth shirts, 1.00/each
Women’s dress, 7.50
Women’s handbag, reg. 1.95, sale 1.00
Women’s dress shoes, 5.45/pair
Women’s spring coats, cloth, 8.95
Women’s spring coats, fur timmed, 10.95
Children’s coats, reg. 9.98, sale 7.50
Children’s dresses, reg. 1.95-2.50 sale .62
Umbrellas, reg. 3.50, sale 2.32


Attendant, care for semi-invalid in apartment, 80.00/month
Houseworker & cook, 35.00/month
Young man 18+ (no job title,) 20.00/week


Bacon, .08/half pound
Beans, Campbell’s, .05/can
Beef, prime rib, .23/lb
Bread, .07/20 oz loaf
Butter, .23/lb
Cheese, Swiss, Kraft, .25/2 half lb pkgs
Cookies, Nabisco Fig Newtons, .10/pkg
Eggs, .15/dozen
Ice cream cake, Breyers, 1.50/serves 8-10
Ketchup, Heinz, .19/14 oz bottle
Lettuce, Iceberg, .10head
Mayonnaise, Hellmann’s, .57/1 quart jar
Oats, Quaker, .25/3 pkgs
Onions, Texas sweet, .10/2 lbs
Oranges, Florida, .25/dozen
Ovaltine, .58/jar
Peaches, Del Monte, .29/2 1lb 14oz cans
Peanut butter, A & P, .10/no. 2 can
Preserves, grape jelly, Ideal, .19/lb jar
Soup, Campbell’s tomato, .07/can
Sugar, granulated, .04/lb


Chairs, English-type club, 14.32
Living room suites, 2 & 3 piece, 79.00

Garden equipment

Grass seed, .85/5 lb bag
Hose, 50′, 2.95
Lawn mower, 4.95-5.95
Lilac bush, .95/each
Rose bush, .37/each

Household goods

Bedspread, single or double, .95/each
Borax, .14/package
Brillo, .27/2 packages
Chest, cedar, Odora, 1.00/2 chests
Coal, pea (size), 9.50/2 tons
Curtains, criss-cross ruffled, 1.00/pr
Ironing table, reg. 1.98, sale 1.39
Matches, double-tip, .07/2 packages
Paint, house, Moore’s, 3.35/gallon
Range, gas, 69.75/each
Refrigerator, electric 4 cu ft, 129.50-169.50
Sheets, Fruit of the Loom, 1.00/each
Shower curtain, rubberized, 1.00/each
Silverware, .15/each, 1.75/dozen
Wall paper, .10-.15/roll

Medicine & health care

Absorbine Jr., reg. 1.55, sale .77/bottle
Antacid, Tums, .25/box
Aspirin, Bayer’s , reg. .30, sale .24/24 pills
Doans Kidney pills, .43/bottle
Ex-Lax, .37/box
Milk of Magnesia, Phillips, .33/bottle


Daily Record, .02/weekday paper
Classified advertising: 1 line .10, minimum charge .35, cash .30

Personal care

Cold cream, Pond’s, reg .65, sale .35
Deodorant, Mum, reg .69, sale .34/container
Facial tissue, Kleenex, .96/4 large packages
Mouthwash, Listerine, .63/bottle
Shampoo, Palmolive, .20/bottle
Shaving cream, Mennen, .20/bottle
Skin cleanser, Ambrosia, .60/bottle
Soap, Ivory, .25/6 bars
Toilet paper, A & P, .10/roll
Toothpaste, Pepsodent, .89/3 tubes

Professional Services

Lawn mower repairs & sharpening, 1.20/each
Permanent wave (beauty parlor), 5.75-10.00
Piano tuning, 3.50

Real estate

Bungalow, 5 rooms, Morris Plains, 4,800.00
Cottage, 6 rooms, Morristown, 2,500.00
Double house, 6 rooms, Morristown, 4,800.00
Apartments, Dumont Hotel, furnished, Morristown 50.00-100.00/month
1/2 house for rent, 6 rooms, 35.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Camera, Hawkeye, reg. 1.15, sale .89
Circus, Walter L. Main, .50/adult; .25/child
Cruise, Europe, round trip, 108.00/ticket
Luncheon, Women’s Work & Art Exchange, .60-1.00
Playing cards, .55/2 packs
Public Service Social Club ball, 1.00/ticket
Suitcase, leather, 12.50
Tennis shoes, .44 & .79/pair
Theatre, Little Theatre, Morristown, 1.00-2.00/ticket