Chevrolet, various models, 445.00-565.00
Plymouth, Six, 445.00
Pontiac, Straight Eight, 585.00

1932, Plymouth, Coach, 350.00
1931, Chevrolet, Coupe, 350.00
1929, Chevrolet, Coach, 125.00


Boy’s knickers, .95/pair
Girl’s dress, .39/each
Hat, white, 1.39/each
Men’s shoes, sport, 3.00/pair
Men’s slacks, 1.95/pair
Men’s suit, 25.00/each
Men’s sweater, wool, 1.25/each
Women’s bathing caps, .25/each
Women’s bathing suit, 4.00/each
Women’s blouse, cotton, .39/each
Women’s coat, wool tweed, 6.75/each
Women’s dress, Nelly Don, 1.98/each
Women’s skirt, silk, 1.75/each

Food & beverages

Baking powder, KC, .25/25 oz
Beef, prime rib roast, .17/lb
Bread, white, .05/20 oz loaf
Cereal, Kellogg’s, Corn Flakes, .07/pkg
Cheese, American, .23/lb
Cherries, fancy, .19/lb
Chicken, .12/lb
Chocolates, assorted, .29/lb
Coffee, Ideal, .23/lb
Cookies, Uneeda Bakers, Priscilla cookies, .29/2 pkgs
Crackers, Uneeda Bakers, Saltines, .17/lb
Cucumbers, .10/3
Doughnuts, jelly, .17/dozen
Duck, .17/lb
Eggs, .21/dozen
Fish, Birdseye Frosted, salmon steaks, .27/lb
Ham, Hormel, canned, .39/lb
Ice cream, Brick, .39/quart
Jell-O, .17/3 pkgs
Juice, Asco, grape, .10/pint bottle
Lamb, leg, .19/lb
Lemons, Sunkist, .19/12
Lettuce, iceberg, .10/head
Milk, Whitehouse, evaporated, .17/3 tall cans
Mushrooms, Brandywine, sliced, .15/4 oz can
Olives, Asco, stuffed, .25/11 oz bottle
Onions, pearl, .10/pkg
Oranges, California, .21/dozen
Perserves, Ann Page, .15/16 oz jar
Peanutbutter, Asco, .25/2 pint jar
Salad dressing, Kraft, Miracle Whip, .10/half pint
Soda, Canada Dry, ginger ale, .25/two 12 oz bottles
Sugar, granulated, .24/5 lbs
Tea, .18-.35/quarter pound tin


Bench, Lawn, hardwood, 1.00-1.49/each
Chair, beach, includes canopy, 1.69-3.00/each
Dining room set, walnut, 10 pieces, 100.00

Garden & lawn equipment

Chair, Adirondack, unfinished, 1.50-1.98/each
Rake, bamboo, 18″, .15/each
Sand box with canopy, 30 square inches, 1.99

Household goods

Ammonia, .17/2 oz
Fly swatter, .10/each
Fly paper, Tanglefoot, .05/2 ribbons
Gloves, Goodrich, rubber, .25-.50/pair
Jelly jars, Mason, quart size, .75/dozen
Laundry detergent, Borax, .15/pkg
Lightbulbs, Westinghouse, .18/each
Paint, Devoe, lead & zinc, 2.75/gallon
Range, gas, 68.25/each
Refrigerator, Frigidaire, 96.00/each
Scouring pads, Brillo, .25/2 large pkgs
Towels, Martex, 21″ X 42″, 1.00/6

Personal care & health

Aspirin, 5 grain strength, .09/12 pill box
Hair tonic, quinine, .19/bottle
Laxative, Ex Lax, .13/pkg
Milk of magnesia, .21/bottle
Nose drops, .17/pkg
Razor, gold plated, .19/each
Shampoo, Palmolive, .27-.50/bottle
Soap, Life Buoy, .05/cake
Sunburn cream, Ungentine, .35-.50/pkg
Talcum powder, Mavis, .14/pkg
Toilet tissue, Waldorf, .17/4 rolls
Toothpaste, Listerine, .25/tube

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morris Plains, 6 rooms, 6,700.00
Morristown, 6 rooms, 6,000.00
Morristown, 7 rooms, 4,500.00

Houses for rent
Morris Plains, half house, 6 rooms, 22.50/month
Morristown, half house, 7 rooms, 25.00/month
Morristown, half house, 6 rooms, 30.00/month

Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 5 rooms, 35.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Automobile races, Woodbridge Speedway, .55/admission; 1.00/grandstand admission
Banana split, .15/each
Baseball game, Lackawanna League, Chatham vs. Morristown, .35/admission
Bus trip, Morristown-Coney Island NY, 1.25/round trip ticket
Dance, Club Juan [Morristown], 2.50/couple
Lunch, Thode’s [Morristown & Boonton], .30-.50/plate
Movie ticket, .10 & .15/matinee; .15 & .25/evening
Opera, Aida, Newark School Stadium [Newark NJ], open air facility, .55-1.65/ticket
Railroad trip, Lackawanna RR, Morristown-Chicago, 25.00/round trip ticket

How much did it cost to stock Thanksgiving tables in 1933? These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County New Jersey], November 21-27, 1933.

Meat, fowl & fish
Beef, prime rib roast, 17 cents/lb
Chicken, roasting, 21 cents/lb
Clams, 15 cents/dozen
Duck, Long Island, 18 cents/lb
Goose, fresh, 19 cents/lb
Ham, Swift’s Premium, 14 cent/lb
Haddock, fillet, 19 cents/lb
Lamb, leg, 17 cents/lb
Oysters, Long Island, 15 cents/dozen
Pork Loins, Jersey, 14 cents/lb
Shrimp, 12 cents/lb
Turkey, 23 cents/lb

Celery hearts, 23 cents/2 bunches
Olives, stuffed, 17 cents/6 oz jar
Onions, white, 5 cents/lb
Peas, fresh, 25 cents/2 lbs
Sweet potatoes, 10 cents/3 lbs
Turnips, yellow, 5 cents/2 lbs

Fruits & nuts
Almonds, 21 cents/lb
Apples, Baldwin, 25 cents/8lbs
Brazil nuts, 17 cents/lb
Cranberries, fresh, 17 cents/2 pkgs
Cranberry sauce, Ideal, 25 cents/two 17 oz tins
Currants, 15 cents/11 oz pkg
Dates, Dromedary, 17 cents/7 1/2 oz pkg
Figs, Roeding, 25 cents/three 8 oz pkgs
Fruit cocktail, Royal Scarlet, 23 cents/2 cans
Grapefruit, 25 cents/6
Oranges, Florida, 25 cents/15
Pecans, Dixie Ann, 29 cents/lb
Pumpkin, Ideal, 25 cents/2 No. 3 cans
Raisins, Del Monte, 7 cents/pkg
Peanuts, salted, Lofts, 19 cents/lb
Walnuts, Diamond, 27 cents/lb

Dairy, eggs & cheese
Butter, finest sweet, 32 cents/lb
Cheese, American, 19 cents/lb
Cheese, cream, 31 cents/lb
Cheese, Munster, 19 cents/lb
Cheese, Swiss Gruyere, 29 cents/6 portions

Cake, Dundee, Loft’s, 39 cents/each
Chocolate covered cocoanut royals, Lofts, 39 cents/lb
Chocolates, mixed, 35 cents/box
Fig pudding, Heinz, 29 cents/14 oz tins
Fruit cake, 69 cents/2 lbs
Plum Pudding, R&R, 23 cents/lb can

Baking, cereals, spices & condiments
Baking powder, Davis, 17 cents/12 oz can
Bell’s Poultry Seasoning, 9 cents/1 1/2 oz pkg
Cocoanut, Baker’s Moist, 11 cents/large can
Crisco, 16 cents/lb
Flour, cake, Swans Down, 29 cents/3 lb pkg
Lard, Swift’s Silverleaf, 8 cents/lb
Milk, evaporated, 16 cents/3 cans
Mince Meat, None Such, 11 cents/pkg
Pie crust, Flako, 10 cents/pgk
Stuffing, Stickney’s, 25 cents/2 pkgs
Sugar, 23 cents/5 lbs
Thyme or sage, 5 cents/pkg

Beer, Pabst, 10 cents/bottle
Cider, Laird’s, 39 cents/gallon
Coffee, Eight O’Clock, 17 cents/lb
Ginger ale, Canada Dry, 25 cents, two 16 oz bottles
Juice, grape, Ideal, 23 cents/two 16 oz bottles
Juice, tomato, Sun Rayed, 17 cents/3 cans
Water, Perrier, 15 cents/12 oz bottle

“Food Market Advice
It is time to begin to think of foods which are associated with Thanksgiving and to be sure that they will be included on your marketing list. Among these are yellow turnips, white boiling onions, cranberries for cocktail, jelly or sauce, sweet potatoes, Emperor grapes, Florida oranges, red apples and mixed nuts including new crop pecans, walnuts, almonds, and peanuts. Persimmons, pomegranates, tangerines, Bosc pears and bananas also help to make a fruit and nut centerpiece attractive. Celery, olives and shelled or salted nuts are favorite relishes for the feast. If the traditional onions or turnips are not wanted as the vegetable the more modern Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower or green beans may be served as they are plentiful and inexpensive. Sinced turkey stuffings are frequently a subject of dispute, some people like their bread stuffing dry, others moist, some people insisting on chestnut, mushroom, oyster, celery or sweet potato stuffing, it is fortunate that all these ingredients are in market at moderate prices. On your list, therefore, should be poultry seasoning, sage or thyme for seasoning your stuffings. The addition of an appetizer course to the standard Thanksgiving dinner grows more common each year. The Quaker Maid suggests several possibilities including tomato juice cocktail, cranberry juice cocktail, pineapple and grapefruit juice, halved grapefruit and oyster, clam or sea food cocktail. Although both fresh squash and pumpkin are in markets and are excellent for pies, canned pumpkin will be found to be satisfactory and a great time saver. Undiluted evporated milk helps to make this old time favorite thick and creamy in texture. Many people prefer buying mincemeat for pies, and there are several excellent brands available…Turkeys will be surprisingly low for Thanksgiving. It’s a good idea to get your order in early. Giving a holdiay turkey to a less fortunate neighbor is a thoughtful custom. It is suggested that two pounds per person be allowed for when ordering a turkey. The larger birds have more meat in proportion and we all enjoy turkey left-overs.”
Daily Record [Morristown, N.J.] November 21, 1933 (p. 8)