Ford, V8 Coup, 495.00
Hudson Eight, 760.00
Truck, Chevrolet, half-ton pick up, 465.00
Tires, Goodyear, 6.65-9.25/each
Carburetors, Ford and Chevrolet, 1.99-2.99/each
Fan belts, Ford and Chevrolet, .12/each


Men’s coats, Hart, Schaffner & Marx, 24.90-40.00/each
Men’s trousers, 1.95-3.95/pair
Men’s shoes, Bostonian, 4.65-6.50/pair
Women’s skirts, 1.98-3.98/each
Women’s suits, 27.75/each
Women’s dresses, cotton, “Rita Rae” style, 1.50/each
Women’s dress shoes, Oxfords and pumps, 2.95-10.50/pair
Women’s sweater sets, 2.98-4.98/each
Women’s coats, silk lined, trimmed with Persian lamb, 40.00-69.00/each
Girl’s dresses, cotton, .64/each
Hats, women’s, Dunlap felt, 7.50-10.00/each
Gloves, women’s, .69-1.19/pair
Union suits, men’s, .69-1.00/each

Food & beverages

Beef, ground, .25/2 lbs
Beef, Porterhouse steak, .31-.39/lb
Butter, Brookfield, .40/lb
Cereal, Cream of Wheat, .21-.23/box
Cheese, Philadephia brand cream cheese, Kraft, .10/3 oz package
Chicken, roasting, 5-6 lbs, .25-.35/lb
Coffee, Sanka, 97% caffeine free, .46/lb can
Crackers, Ritz, Nabisco, .20/package
Crisco, .20/lb can
Fish, sardines, California in tomato sauce, .09/lb
Grapefruit, .10/3
Ham, Swift’s Premium, .20-.25/lb
Jelly, Ideal brand, .27/2 lb jar
Juice, pineapple, Dole, .25/2 cans
Karo syrup, .13-.15/bottle
Ketchup, Ideal brand, .27/2 lb jar
Macaroni, spaghetti or noodles, Mueller’s, .25/3 packages
Mayonnaise, Kraft, .15/half pint
Onions, U.S. No. 1 yellow, .19/5 lbs
Oranges, fancy, Florida, .25/15
Ovaltine, .49-1.00/jar
Peas, Birdseye, frozen, .27/box
Potatoes, fancy Maine, .98/100 lb bag
Soda, Cliquot Club ginger ale, .25/2 bottles
Soup, tomato, Campbell’s, .20/3 cans
Sugar, .23/5 lbs
Tea, Lipton’s, .35/half pound


Bedroom set, 4 piece, walnut, 68.75-99.50/set
Cedar chest, 12.95-14.50/each
Chairs, lounge, upholstered, 29.00/each
Cribs, 6.95/each
Desk, “secretary,” walnut, 19.75/each
Dining room set, 9 piece, 99.50-139.50/set
Living room set, 3 pieces, 88.00/set
Mattress, Simmons, 18.50-33.50/each
Rugs, 9′ X 12′, 24.50-39.00/each
Sleeper sofa (divan), 21.00/each


Shears, pinking (clothesmaker’s scissors), 4.95/pair
Wallpaper, .10/roll

Household goods

Laundry soap, Borax, .15/lb package
Pots & pans, Wearever brand, assorted types, 1.00/each
Range, gas, PSE&G, 59.95/each (includes connection)
Refrigerator, Sears & Roebuck, Coldspot, 99.50-159.50/each
Scouring pads, S.O.S. brand, .23/2 packages
Shades, window, .57/each
Sheets, .69/each
Towels, dish, .19/each


Daily Record, [Morristown, NJ], .02/daily paper

Personal care & health

Aftershave, Vitalis, .59-1.00/bottle
Aspirin, Bayer’s, .43-.75/bottle of 100
Baby powder, Johnson & Johnson, .15-.19/bottle
Cod liver oil, Pure Norwegian, .39-.75/pint
Cotton swabs, QTips, .19-.25/package
Cough drops, Vick’s, .06-.10/box
Laxative, Ex-Lax, .15-.25/package
Milk of Magnesia, Phillips’, .31-.50/bottle
Razor blades, Gillette, .16/package of 5
Shaving cream, Barbasol, .47-.75/jar
Soap, Ivory, .17/2 large bars
Tissues, Kleenex, .11-.25/box
Toilet paper, .25/7 rolls 650 count
Toothbrush, Dr. West’s, .28/each
Toothpaste, Pepsodent, .26-.50/tube
Vick’s Vapo Rub, .21-.35/jar

Real estate

Houses for sale:
Morris Plains, 6 rooms, 5,500.00-6,500.00
Houses for rent:
Morris Plains, 7 rooms and garage, 40.00/month
Morristown, 6 rooms and bath, 25.00/month
Apartments & rooms:
Morristown, furnished, 5.00/week

Recreation & amusements

Dinner, Waldorf Astoria (New York City), Morse Grill, 2.00/person
Hotel rooms, Waldorf Astoria (New York City), 5.00-7.00/single; 8.00-10.00/double
Minstrel show, St. Margaret’s Parish (benefit), .50/ticket
Pen, fountain, vacuum filler, sackless, .29-.49/each
Radio, Philco, long and shortwave, 42.50/each
Radio, Philco, table top model, 20.00/each
Ski pants, women’s, 2.98-3.98/pair
Sleds, steering, .98/each
Soda fountain special, fresh fruits, strawberry sundae, Whelan Drug Store, .15/each
Telephone calls, anywhere in NJ, .15/18 miles; .25/30 miles
Yarn, Shetland floss, .16/ounce