De Soto, 695.00
Pontiac Eight, 730.00
Studebaker, 665.00
1930 Chevrolet sedan, 150.00
1932 Ford V-8 sport coupe, 265.00


Boys’ overcoat, wool, 8.69-11.98/each
Boys’ pants and breeches, corduroy, 1.98-2.98/pair
Boys’ school suit, 7.94-16.95/each
Boys’ sweater, Zephyr, 1.49-2.50/each
Girls’ dresses, woolen, 3.69-5.98/each
Girls’ hose [tights], woolen, .25-.39/pair
Girls’ pajamas, flannel, .79-1.29/each
Infant’s sweater, 1.98-2.98/each
Men’s shirt, Arrow, 1.45-2.50/each
Men’s shoes, Bostonian, 4.95-6.50/pair
Men’s silk necktie, .65-1.00/each
Men’s ski suit, 5.98-9.89/each
Men’s sport coat, 19.98/each
Men’s suit, 14.95-26.75/each
Men’s trousers, 2.45/pair
Men’s vest, woolen, 1.98-2.98/each
Women’s dress shoes, 3.45-6.00/pair
Woman’s garter belt, 2.00-2.95/each
Women’s gloves, pigskin, 1.98-2.50/pair
Women’s hats, 1.45/each
Women’s scarf sets, .49-1.50/each
Women’s suit, 2 pieces, 6.98-12.98/each


Cook and housekeeper, live-in, 75.00/month
Demonstrator for Fashion Frocks, up to 15.00/week plus dresses free of extra cost
Doorman for theatre, 15.00/week

Food & beverages

Apples, Rome Beauty, .10/3 lbs
Applesauce, .20/3 cans
Bacon, .19/half pound
Beans, lima, Iona brand, .05/1 lb can
Beef, chopped, .25/2 lbs
Beef, pot roast, .29/lb
Bread, white, .08/loaf
Cheese, cream, .29/lb
Chicken, roasting, .32/lb
Cocoa, Hershey’s, .07/1 lb can
Coffee, 8 O’Clock, .29/2 one lb pkgs
Cookies, N.B.C. Graham Crackers, .17/pkg
Eggs, .27/dozen; Gold Seal brand, .39/dozen
Fish, red salmon, Horseshoe brand, .21/can
Flour, pancake, .15/2 pkgs
Frankfurters & bologna, .21/lb
Grapefruits, juicy Florida, .14/3 fruits
Ham, .27/can
Ketchup, Pride of the Farm brand, .09/12 oz bottle
Lettuce, iceberg, .07/head
Milk, Sheffield’s, .05/tall can
Oats, Quaker, .15/2 pkgs
Oysters, .19/dozen
Potatoes, 1.85/100 lb bag
Preserves, orange marmalade, Chivers Grange brand, .19/6 oz jar
Salt, Diamond Crystal shaker, .09/2 26 oz pkgs
Spaghetti, .17/3 cans
Sugar, .49/10 lbs
Syrup, corn, Karo brand (blue label), .12/can
Tea, 5 O’Clock, .25/3 pkgs


Bedroom suite, mahogany, 7 piece, 179.00-257.00/set
Bedroom suite, maple, 6 piece, 169.99-342.00/set
Chair, pillow back, 49.00-69.95/each
Lamp, floor, 12.95-17.95/each
Living room set, 3 piece, used, 6.95/set
Rugs, oriental, Sarouk, 9′ X 19′, 395.00-1,275.00/each

Household goods

Ammonia, .09/quart
Blanket, woolen, 6.98-8.95/each
Broom, .29/each
Coal heating stove, used, 9.00/each
Garbage can, 10 gallon, 1.00/each
Lamp (light bulbs), house, .05/each
Matches, Ohio Blue Tip, .09/2 boxes
Mattress protector, 54″ X 76″, 1.45/each
Mop, Johnson’s Triangle Kleen floor, .39/each
Napkins, paper, .06/80 count pkg
Pillowcases, .25/each
Refrigerator, used, 20.00/each
Sheet, 90″ X 108″, 1.25-1.49/each
Towel, Turkish, Cannon brand, .39-.50/each
Window shade, 35″, .49/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ] .02/daily paper

Personal care & health

Aspirin, .19-.50/100 count bottle
Bel-Caps #2 (for colds), .50/pkg
Carter’s Little Liver Pills, .25/bottle
Hand lotion, Jergen’s, .28-.50/jar
Lipstick, Tatoo brand, .67-1.00/each
Mystic cream, .21/jar
Shaving cream, Barbasol, .13-.25/tube
Skin cream, Noxema, .37-1.00/jar
Soap, Lifebuoy, .17/3 cakes
Toilet paper, Seminole, .19/3 rolls
Toothpaste, Dr. West’s, .25/big tube
Vicks VapoRub, .19/jar, .30/jar

Real estate

Houses for sale
6 rooms, 5,000.00
Houses for rent
Bungalows, furnished or unfurnished, 25.00-55.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 1 Kinney St., 2nd floor, 5 rooms and bath, 20.00/month
Morristown, 57 Speedwell Ave., 5 rooms, 18.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Board game, Monopoly, 1.98/each
Dinner, Jockey Hollow Inn, 1.00/each; lunch, .50/each
Dinner, Kings Arms Restaurant, .65/each
Empire Burlesque, .35, .55 & .75/ticket
Movie, Roth’s in Madison, .40/ticket
Piano, player, used, 63.00 (originally 650.00)
Yarn, .10/100 yards