[Advertised, no prices]
1935, Dodge, Touring Sedan, 550.00
1932, Graham, Sport Sedan, 287.00
1927, Whippet, Coach, 25.00


Boy’s hooded jacket, 7.98/each
Coat, racoon, 98.00/each
Girl’s dress, .37-.44/each
Men’s gloves, pigskin, 1.59-1.98/pair
Men’s necktie, .39-1.00/each
Men’s shirt, dress, 1.39/each
Men’s shoes, dress, 4.45-10.50/pair
Men’s suit, Parkway, 19.97-35.00/each
Ski pants, wool, .56-.69/pair
Uniform, nurse, 1.00/each
Union suits, silk & wool, 1.59-1.98/each
Women’s coat, camel hair & Shetland tweed, 18.95/each
Women’s dress, silk, 5.98/each
Women’s hat, satin, 1.00/4 pairs
Women’s shoes, Red Cross, 4.95/pair

Employment & services

Girl, housework, 30.00/week
Man, grocery delivery, 25.00/week
Washing service, .49/10 lbs
Woman, help with housework and childcare, 8.00/week

Food & beverages

Baby food, Clapp’s, .07-.15/pkg
Bacon, .18/lb
Beef, ground chopped beef, .29/2 lbs
Beef, sirloin steak, .39/2 lbs
Bread, Supreme, .08/large wrapped loaf
Butter, Derrydale, .37/lb
Cabbage, green, .20/6 lbs
Cereal, Kellogg’s, Corn Flakes, .05/pkg
Cheese, Kraft, Velveeta, .14/8 oz pkg
Chewing gum, Wrigley’s, Juicyfruit, .05/2 pkgs
Coffee, Win-Crest, .16/lb
Crackers, Nabisco, Ritz, .21/lb
Cream cheese, .25/lb
Eggs, large, .45/dozen
Farina, Quaker, .09/pkg
Figs, .11/two 8 oz pkgs
Flour, Gold Medal, 1.09/24.5 lb sack
Ham, smoked, .25/lb
Lamb, stewing, .11/2 lbs
Lemons, Juicy California, .11/12
Lettuce, Iceberg, .08/head
Macaroni, Mueller’s, .07/pkg
Margarine, Durkee, .17/lb
Mayonnaise, Kraft, Miracle Whip, .23/16 oz jar
Milk, evaporated, Farmdale, .20/3 tall cans
Oranges, juicy Florida, .10/6
Ovaltine, .43-.75/jar
Oysters, large, .15/dozen
Peas, split green, .01/two 1 lb boxes
Potatoes, .10/3 lbs
Rice, .07/2 lbs
Soup, Campbell’s, .23/3 cans
Sweet potatoes, .10/6 lbs
Tangerines, .26/30
Tomatoes, .05/no. 2 can
Vanilla, Burton’s, .11/2 bottles
Yeast, Fleischmann’s, .03/cake

Household & seasonal goods

Bread box, .87-1.19/each
Brillo, .27/2 lb pkgs
Broom, .87-1.00/each
Comforters, 1.69-2.89/each
Curtains, Priscilla, 1.59/pair
Dining room suite, mahogany, 10 pieces, 198.00-265.00/set
Dinner set, china, 53 pieces, 6.74-16.98/set
Dust mop, .39-.59/each
Floor wax, .39/pint can
Iron, GE, “Heat-O-Matic,” 3.50-5.00/each
Ironing board covers, .19/each
Kitchen cannisters, enamel, .69/set
Laundry soap, Ivory, .19/two 5 oz pkgs
Lemon oil (for polishing wood furniture), .10/2 pints
Linoleum, .22/sq yard
Paper towels, .07-.15/150 sheet roll
Radiator covers, .69-1.00/each
Range, gas, 44.95-62.95/each
Refrigerator, Coldspot, 8 cu ft, 174.50-250.00/each
Sofa bed, Simmons, 59.00-89.00/each
Table cloth, .19-.35/each
Towels, Cannon, Turkish, .24/each
Washing machine, 44.95-59.95/each
Wax paper, .05/40′ roll


.02/daily paper

Personal care & health

Antacid, Tums, .05-.10/pkg
Bandaids, J & J, .16-.25/pkg
Cleansing cream, Tussy, emulsified, 1.15-1.75/jar
Cough syrup, Smith Bros., .19-.35/bottle
Hair tonic, Vitalis, .59-1.00/bottle
Hand lotion, Jergen’s, .28-.50/pkg
Lydia Pinkham’s vegetable compound, .89-1.20/bottle
Mouthwash, Listerine, .43/large bottle
Pain reliever, Anacin tablets, .12-.25/bottle
Razor blades, Gillette, .14-.25/pkg
Shampoo, Fitch, .37-.75/bottle
Shaving cream, Barbasol, .26-.50/pkg
Skin lotion, Jergen’s, .57-1.00/large size
Soap, Ivory, .11/2 medium cakes
Talcum powder, .16-.25/pkg
Tissues, Kleenex, .25/200 sheet box
Toilet paper, .06/2 rolls
Tooth brush, Dr. West, .50/each
Toothpaste, Phillips, .13-.25/tube
Vicks Vapo-Rub, .19-.35/jar

Real estate

Houses for sale
Farm, 20 acres & 10 room house, 5,500.00
Morris Plains, 6 rooms, 4,800.00
Morristown, 7 rooms, 7,000.00
Houses for rent
Morristown, 7 rooms, Georgian Gardens, 80.00/month
Morristown, 6 rooms, 65.00/month
Morristown, 6 rooms, 35.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 6 rooms, 15.00/month
Morristown, 5 rooms, 23.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Bingo, American Legion [Morristown NJ], .40/admission
Burlesque show, Empire, .25-.75/ticket
Card party, Junior Order Hall [Morris Plains NJ], .35/tally
Dinner, The Captain’s Table [Morristown NJ], .50/weekday; .75/Sunday
Games, Monopoly, 2.00; Pick Up Sticks, .25-.50; Bingo, .50-1.00/each
Luncheon and cruise fashion show, Woman’s Work Art Exchange [Morristown, NJ], 2.00/ticket
Opera, Metropolitan Opera, “La Traviata,” 2.00-5.00/ticket
Radio, Philco, floor model, 45.00-57.00/each
Radio, Philco, table model, 14.00
Trunks, 19.50-83.50/each