None advertised
1937, Plymouth, Deluxe Tudor, 575.00
1934, Chevrolet Phaeton, 245.00
1931 Roaster, 95.00


Boy’s sneakers, .59/pair
Childern’s overalls, .39/pair
Children’s sunsuit, 1.19-1.98/each
Men’s bathing trunks, wool, 1.00/pair
Men’s shirt, 1.00-1.65/each
Men’s necktie, .65-1.00/each
Men’s pajamas, Madras, 1.55-2.00/pair
Men’s shoes, Oxfords, 1.59/pair
Men’s slacks, 2.45-4.00/pair
Men’s suit, 17.75/each
Swim caps, .10/each
Tennis shoes, .98-1.29/pair
Women’s bathing suit, Lastex, 2.95-4.00/each
Women’s overalls, 2.00-2.98/pair
Women’s dress, 3.69/each
Women’s hat, straw, 1.00-5.00/each
Women’s sandals, “Happy-Go-Lucky,” .84-1.37/pair
Women’s shoes, 2.17-2.95/pair


Deliveryman, 45.00/week
Houseworker, female, 45.00/week
Sales man, service nutmeat and candy route, 35.00/week

Food & beverages

Bananas, .15/dozen
Beef, rib roast, .25/lb
Bread, sliced, .06/big loaf
Butter, .29/lb
Cake, layer, .29/each
Cereal, National Biscuit Company, Shredded Wheat, .11/pkg
Coffee, Beechnut, .25/lb can
Corn, Del Maiz, .14/can
Crackers, Uneeda, .13/three pkgs
Crisco, .49/3 lb can
Eggs, .25/dozen
Fish, tuna, light meat, .29/large can
Frankfurters, .25/lb
Ham, Cala, sugar cured, .18/lb
Juice, Dole, Pineapple, .09/No. 2 can
Lamb, leg, .25/lb
Margarine, Jeleke’s, .17/lb
Mustard, French’s, .08/6 oz can
Oranges, Sunkist, .15/dozen
Peanut butter, .25/two 16 oz jars
Pickles, sweet, .29/quart jar
Potato chips, Sunshine, .13/5 oz pkg
Potatoes, .19/10 lb bag
Salt, .03/24 oz box
Soda, Pepsi, .05/bottle
Sugar, granulated, .49/10 lb bag
Tea, Tetley, .49/50 ct box
Tomatoes, .25/three No. 2 cans


Alarm clock, Criterion, .98-1.50/each
Automobile Insurance, 32.80/all cars
Dining room set, French Provincial, 10 piece, 198.00-298.00/set
Disinfectant, Lysol, .44-.60/pkg
Fan, electric, 8″, 2.98-3.95/each
Ice cream freezer, 2.98-4.95/each
Ironing board, 1.49-1.98/each
Juicer, electric, 4.50-6/95/each
Laundry soap, Octagon, .29/large flat can
Paper towels, Scott, .19/2 rolls
Refrigerator, Coldspot, 6 cu ft, 88.00/each
Shower curtains, 1.99-3.49/each
Silverware, 32 pieces, 6 settings, 19.95-39.5/each
Thermos bottle, .29/quart size

Lawn & garden

Lawn chair, 1.49-2.49/each


.02/daily paper

Personal care & health

Aftershave, Vitalis, .79-1.00/bottle
Alka seltzer, .49-.60/pkg
Epsom salts, .09-.20/pkg
Goggles, “eliminates sun glare,” .05/pair
Milk of Magnesia, Phillips’, .29-.50/each
Mouthwash, Listerine, .59-.75/bottle
Ovaltine, .59-.75/jar
Pablum (baby cereal), .39-.50/pkg
Razor, electric, 2.99/each
Razor blades, Drury Lane, .25/25 count pkg
Shaving cream, Palmolive, .33/giant size
Toilet paper, Waldorf, .19/4 rolls
Tooth paste, Pepsodent, .39-.50/each

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morristown, 6 rooms, 5,300.00
Morristown, bungalow, 3,500.00
Morristown, cape cod, 9,500.00
Houses for rent
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 3 rooms, 5.50/week
Morristown, 2 rooms,

Recreation & amusements

Beach ball, .10/each
Boxing, Morris County Arena [Mt. Freedom NJ], .75/bleachers; 1.20/arena; 1.65/reserved seats
Camp cot, folding, 1.19/each
Camp grille, burns wood or charcoal, portable, .69/each
Camp stove, 3 burners, 9.79-12.95/each
Carnival, Florham Park Fire Dept., rides & refreshments, .05-.10/each
Croquet set, 3.59-3.98/set
Ice box (cooler), .57/each
Life preserver boat cushions, 1.29-1.98/each
Radio, RCA, console, floor model, 49.95/each
Tennis, Idlewild County Club Estates [Morris Plains NJ], .25/hour weekdays; 7.50/season pass
Tent, play, 5′ X 5′, 3.98/each
Theatre, Morris County Playhouse [Parsippany NJ], .55-1.65/evening performance ticket
Toy, sailboat, .25/each
Yacht chair, folding, .79-.98/each