None advertised
1939, Hudson, Coach, 575.00
1938, Chevrolet, 2 door sedan, 375.00
1937, Ford Deluxe 85 Tudor, 250.00


Bathrobes, quilted, 8.98/each
Boy’s sport coat, 13.00/each
Girl’s coat, 8.50/each
Girl’s dress, cotton, 2.98/each
Men’s coat, 40.00/each
Men’s jacket, wool, 2.98/each
Men’s necktie, 1.00/each
Men’s shirt, Manhattan, dress, 2.50/each
Scarf, wool or silk, .59/each
Women’s skirt, 2.00-5.98/each
Women’s blouse, 1.00-5.00/each
Women’s evening gown, 14.98/each
Women’s jacket, rayon, silke or crepe, 2.25/each
Women’s slippers, felt, 3.00/pair
Women’s suit, monogrammed, garbardine, 10.98/each
Women’s sweaters, 3.98/each

Food & beverages

Apple, McIntosh, .14/3 lbs
Baby food, strained, .25/4 jars
Bananas, .05/lb
Beef, top sirloin, .33/lb
Candy, Hershey’s Choice, .10/economy size
Cereal, Mell-O-Wheat, .27/28 oz pkg
Cheese, Muenster, fancy, .29/lb
Cider, sweet, .25/half gallon
Coffee, 8 O’clock coffee, .39/2 lbs
Corn, Niblets, .10/12 oz can
Crackers, Nabisco, Ritz, .19/lb pkg
Eggs, .52/dozen
Fish, codfish steak, .25/lb
Flour, Swansdown, cake, .21/large pkg
Gelatin, Ann Page, .10/4 envelopes
Gingerbread mix, Dromedary, .23/3 pkgs
Honey, Ann Page, .10/half pound
Juice, Ann Page, Grape, .25/2 lb jar
Junket Rennet Powder, .23/3 pkgs
Lamb, leg, .30/lb
Margarine, Nutley, .15/lb carton
Oats, Quaker, .17/two 20 oz pkgs
Oysters, Long Island, .15/dozen
Peas, Green Giant, .25/two 17 oz cans
Pineapple, Dole, .09/14 oz can
Potatoes, U.S. NO. 1 grade, .23/10 lbs
Sausage, pork, .29/link
Soda, Pepsi, .23/six 12 oz bottles
Soup, Campbell’s, tomato, .20/3 cans
Spareribs, .21/lb


Chair, leather, 89.50/each
Chairs, lounge, 4 piece set, 39.95/set
Desk, with chair, walnut or maple, 22.95/each
Hope chest, American walnut, 29.75/each
Lamp, floor, 11.50/each
Refrigerator, Firestone, 7 feet, 159.95/each
Range, Electric, 124.95/each
Rug, oval braided, 1.39-5.00/each
Sofa & chair set, 59.00-145.00/set
Table, solid mahogany, 9.95/each
Vacuum cleaner, Kenmore, Commander, 59.95/each
Washing machine, Firestone, 59.95

Household & seasonal goods

Bathroom mat, chenille, 2.00-3.98/each
Blanket, “pearce,” wool, 72″ X 84″, 11.50/each
Carpet sweeper, Bissell, 3.95-7.50/each
Casserole dish, Pyrex, .50/quart size
Christmas cards, personalized, 5.00/100 cards
Christmas lights, multiple cords, 1.39-1.98/each
Cleanser, Old Dutch, .19/3 cans
Hangers, sachet, 1.00/pair
Laundry soap, Octagon, .25/6 cakes
Mixmaster, Sunbeam, 28.75/each
Pillow cases, fancy, 1.25-2.50/each
Toaster, electric, 9.69/each
Towel, bath, 22″ X 44″, .59/each
Waffle iron or sandwich grill, chrome, electric, 3.50/each
Washing machine, Kenmore, 59.95/each

Personal care & health

Aspirin, .09/100 count bottle
Bubble bath, Evening in Paris, 1.00/bottle
Cold cream, .27/jar
Dr. Edward’s Olive tablets, for constipation and fixes “lazy liver”, .15-.60/bottle
Dusting powder, Elizabeth Arden, 2.00/box
Hair brush, Pro-phy-lac-tic, 1.50-10.00/each
Hand cleanser, Dit, .15/can
Heating pad, electric, 1.98/each
Laxative, Nature’s Remedy, .25/bottle
Milk of Magnesia, .50/pint
Permanent wave, 5.95/person
Razor, Remington, electric, 19.50/each
Shaving set, Colgate, .89/set
Tissues, .09/500 count box
Toothbrush, .09/each

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morristown, 6 rooms, oil heat, near train station, 5,800.00
Morristown, 6 rooms, near Burnham Park, 4,500.00
4 room log cabin, extra lot, 2,200.00
Houses for rent
6 rooms, Harding Terrace, 75.00/month
4 & 5 rooms, bungalows, 25.00-45.00/month
3 rooms, bungalow, 35.00/month
Apartments & rooms
6 rooms, 27.50/month
4 rooms, 16.00/month
Small room, furnished, 15.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Bicycle, Packard Deluxe, 26.95/each
Dance, Morris Grange Hall, square & modern, .44/admission
Dinner, spaghetti, St. Margaret’s Parish Hall, .50/person
Doll, “My Dream Baby,” 2.25/each
Doll carriage, 1.19-2.95/each
Football, 1.19/each
Lincoln timbers (toy building logs), .79/set
Movies, Roth Jersey Theatre, .22 & .33/matinee; .35 & .50/evening ticket
Opera, Newark Opera House, La Traviata, .75-2.00/ticket
Portraits, Thomas Studios, Silvertone, 2.50/3 portraits
Radio, console, E-Tube Silvertone 4 star, 59.95/each
Skates, ice & hockey, 3.98/pair
Skis, Olympian deluxe, 11.95/pair
Sled, Flexible Flyer, 5.95/each
Soda fountain specials, Master’s [Morristown NJ], banana split .20/each
Toy airplane, “Mechanical Bomber,” .69/each
Velocipede, 1.19/each
Victrola, RCA, 109.95/each
Wagon, child’s, 10.98/each
Woodburning set, 1.98/each

Tobacco & alcohol

Brandy, Greystone, apple 90 proof, 1.50/fifth
Cigarettes, all popular brands, .12/cents pack of 20; 1.19/carton
Scotch, Seagrams, Crown, 90 proof, 9.95/half gallon