—no new car advertisements—
Buick sedan, used, 1941 1,000.00
Ford Deluxe Sedan, used, 1940 625.00
Plymouth Coupe, used, 1938 295.00
Oil, motor .25/2 quart cans
Spark plugs .38/each, sets of 4


Coffee .25/lb
Cola, Pepsi .05/bottle
Juice, apple .15/2 18 oz cans


Men’s gabardine suits 35.00
Men’s Van Heusen shirts 2.25
Men’s Florsheim shoes 11.00/pair
Women’s umbrella 2.50/each
Women’s handbags 2.98-7.50
Women’s house frock 2.98-3.98
Women’s gingham suits 4.98
Misses’ suits reg. 25.00, sale 14.95
Misses’ coat reg. 25.00, sale 15.95
Girl’s cotton dresses 1.09
Watch, women’s, Bulova 29.75


Cooks 90.00/month
Housekeeper 10.00/week
Investigators 100.00/month + car fare
Waitresses 80.00/month


Apples, Western Winesap .25/3 lbs
Baby food, Stokely’s .18/4 cans
Bacon .33/2 1/2 lbs
Beef, rib roast .29/lb
Bread .08/large loaf
Butter .43/lb
Cereal, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes .05/6 oz pkg
Cheese, Swiss .36/lb
Crackers, Nabisco’s Ritz .21/lb package
Crisco .23/lb can
Eggs .38/dozen
Fish, halibut steak .29/lb
Ham, smoked .34/lb
Ketchup, Heinz .25/28 oz bottle
Mayonnaise .25/pint jar
Onions, Texas .14/3 lbs
Oranges, Valencia .29/dozen
Peanut butter .24/1 lb jar
Preserves, grape jelly .25/1 lb jar
Potatoes .19/5 lbs
Soup, Campbell’s tomato .25/4 14 oz cans
Strawberries .22/quart
Sugar .06/lb


Chair, upholstered 49.95
Love seat, upholstered 69.95
Porch couch and chair 47.50
Porch glider 29.95-32.95
Sofa 99.50/each

Garden equipment

Annuals (snapdragons etc.) .35/dozen
Grass seed .89/3 lb bag

Household goods

Bedspreads 2.50-12.00
Curtains .89-4.98/pair
Curtains, blackout .29/each
Dinnerware set, 53 pieces, Sears 9.49/each
Light bulbs, Lightmaster .15/2 bulbs
Linoleum rug, 9X12 4.98/piece
Paint, Master-mixed house 3.09/gallon
Shower curtain 1.98
Silverware, Sterling silverplate 36.95/set
Wax paper .11/125 foot roll
Windex .25/2 regular bottles

Medicine & health care

Absorbine Jr. reg. 1.25, sale .64
Aspirin, .09/100 count bottle
Band-aids .23/36 count box
Epsom salts .18/5 lbs
Laxative, Feenament chewing gum .19/16 ct
Milk of Magnesia, Phillips reg. .50, sale .21


Daily Record .03/weekday paper
Classified advertising: 1 day .10/line; 6 consecutive days, .7/line

Personal care

Beauty cream, Yardley 1.50/2 jars
Cleansing cream, Barbara Gould reg. 2.00
Facial tissues .23/1,000 count box
Mouthwash, Zincora .49/quart
Nail polish remover .07/3 oz size
Shaving cream, Barbasol .13/tube
Soap, Ivory .17/3 medium cakes
Talcum powder .39/jar
Tooth powder reg. .50, sale .22

Professional Services

Car wash 1.00
Film developing .08/roll
Permanent wave (professional) 4.00-6.00
Piano tuning 3.00
Radios repaired .50 & up
Reupholstering, 3 piece 44.50/complete
Tennis racquets restrung 2.30-7.95

Real estate

Colonial, 9 rooms, Burnham Park 8,000.00
Colonial, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 13,200.00
Bungalow, 8 rooms, 2 car garage, 4,000.00
Bungalow, 5 rooms, 4,200.00
7 rooms, Hanover 5,900.00
Apartment, 5 rooms, 55.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Boy’s fishing set, Sears 1.39
Buffet supper, Wayside Inn, Denville 1.00
Camera film .14-.23/roll
Card party, Green Village Fire House .40/ticket
Concert, HMS Pinafore, A Capella Choir .55/ticket
Croquet set, Sears 2.59
Dancing, Morris Grange Hall .44/ticket
Greens fees, Braidburn County Club, Florham Park 1.00/18 holes, 1.50/all day
Movie [Roth-Jersey Theatre], .35-.50/ticket
Radios, table models 11.50-37.50