None advertised; war years

1933, Ford, truck, 200.00
1929, Ford, sedan, 50.00
others advertised, no prices


Children’s overalls, denim or seersucker, 1.39/pair
Girl’s dress, 3.98-5.98/each
Men’s shirt, sport, .98-3.49/each
Men’s shoes, leisure style, 2.95/pair
Men’s slacks, gabardine, 100% wool, 9.95/pair
Men’s suit, tropical worsted, 25.00/each
Women’s blouse, cotton, 2.25/each
Women’s cap, jockey style, 1.29/each
Women’s dress, 14.98/each
Women’s gloves, summer, 1.00/pair
Women’s overalls, 3.98/pair
Women’s slippers, Oomphie, 3.95/pair
Women’s sweatshirt cardigan, 1.98/each
Women’s suit, 2 pieces, 8.98/each

Food & beverages

Apples, fancy winesap, .10/lb
Bacon, sliced, .23/half pound
Baking powder, Ann Page, .21/two 12 oz cans
Beef, ground, .25/lb
Bread, Marvel, sandwich, .10/20 oz loaf
Cake, Jane Parker, pound, .41/28 oz cake
Carrots, California, .09/bunch
Cheese, cheddar, .37/lb
Fish, haddock, .21/lb
Coffee, 8 O’Clock, .21/lb
Frankfurters, .37/lb
Ham, smoked, .37/lb
Jam, Ann Page, grape, .17/lb jar
Juice, Whitehouse, apple, .14/quart
Kool-Aid, .05/pkg “makes 10 quarts”
Lettuce, iceberg, .09/large head
Macaroni, Ann Page, .11/lb pkg
Margarine, Nutley, .17/lb
Mayonnaise, .25/pint jar
Milk, Whitehouse, evaporated, .28/3 tall cans
Mustard, French’s, .08/6 oz jar
Olives, Sunripe, .19/9.5 oz jar
Onions, yellow, .23/3 lbs
Peanut butter, Ann Page, .32/16 oz jar
Potatoes, U.S. No. 1 grade, .35/10 lbs
Pretzels, Crispa, .10/10 oz pkg
Soda, Hire’s, root beer, .21/3 oz bottle
Soda, Pepsi, .05/bottle
Soup mix, Aunt Polly, chicken noodle, .25/3 pkgs
Sugar, Jack Frost, .31/5 lbs
Watermelon, .99/whole melon


Linoleum, Victory, .59/square yard
Reupholstering, 3 pieces, includes fabric, 59.50/set
Rug, scatter, .89/each

Garden & lawn equipment

Fertilizer, Driconure, 1.75/50 lb bag
Hose, garden, 3.33/50 feet
Poultry house, 10′ X 12′, 198.00/each
Sharpening service, lawn mowers, 1.00+/mower

Household goods

Bleach, Dazzle, .17/qt bottle
Dinnerware, Lu-Ray, 20 piece starter set, 4.40/set
Fruit jars, Mason, quart size, .98/dozen
Ice cream freezer, 2 quart size, 2.79/each
Laundry detergent, Ivory Snow, .23/large pkg
Moth balls, .08/12 oz pkg
Moth proofing, Larvex, .79/pint
Paint, house, 2.98/gallon
Sheets, Cannon, Cavalier, 1.59/each
Starch, White Sail, laundry, .05/12 oz bottle
Towels, Cannon, bath size, .29/each
Turpentine, pure spririts, .09/6 oz
Vacuum bottle, Thermos, .69/each

Personal care & health

After-shave lotion, Stag, .59/bottle
Alka-Seltzer, .49/pkg
Cold cream, Pond’s, .39/jar
Comb, pocket, .04/each
Deodorant cream, Dorothy Gray, .50/jar
Foot balm, Dr. Scholl’s, .31/jar
Hearing aid, Western Electric, 119.00/each
Hydrogen peroxide, .19/pint
Razor blades, Gem, .39/12 pack
Shampoo, Krem, .31/bottle
Shaving cream, Noxema, .49/pkg
Soap, Cuticura, .14/cake
Sun burn cream, Rexall Gypsy, .50/pkg
Sun glasses, .11-.25/pair
Toilet tissue, Scott, .07/1,000 ct roll
Toothbrush, TEK, .29/each
Toothpaste, Pepsodent, .39/tube
Witch hazel, .19/pint

Real estate

Houses for sale
Denville, 6 rooms, 5,500.00
Morristown, 5 rooms, 6,500.00
Morristown, 3 family house, 4,500.00
Houses for rent
Lake Arrowhead, 50.00/month
Morristown, 6 rooms, 45.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morris Plains, 4 rooms, 43.00/month
Morristown, 3 rooms, 28.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Bar-B-Q Karry-All, folding cart, 3.98/each
Camera film developing, .29/roll
Dance, Malapardis Victory Club, .55/admission
Flag kit, 1.98-3.29/each
Luggage, men’s Gladstone bags, 9.95/each
Movie ticket, Palace Theatre, .30/adult ticket
Portraits, photograph, Thomas Studios [Morristown], 5.95/each
Swimming, Olympic Park [Maplewood/Irvington NJ], .30/child; .50/adult; Sundays & holidays .75/adult
Tennis, Morristown Municipal courts, .20/hour
Theatre, Papermill Playhouse [Millburn NJ], “The Desert,” .85-2.20/evening ticket

How much did it cost to stock Thanksgiving tables in 1943? These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County, New Jersey], November 22-23, 1943.

Meat, fowl & fish
Beef, rib roast, 35 cents/lb
Chicken, roasting, 42 cents/lb
Geese, Grade A, 37 cents/lb
Ham, smoked, Fink’s, 38 cents/lb
Oysters, 25 cents/doz
Pork shoulders, 30 cents/lb
Sausage, pork, 41 cents/lb
Shrimp, jumbo, 43 cents/lb
Turkey, 50 cents/lb

Asparagus, A&P, 14 cents/29 oz can
Beans, string, Lord Mott, 14 cents/19 oz can
Cabbage, 3 cents/lb
Celery, 15 cents/bunch
Corn, A&P, 14 cents/20 oz can
Olives, stuffed, Sultana, 25 cents/4.6 oz jar
Peas, Green Giant, 15 cents/20 oz can
Pickles, dill, 21 cents/qt jar
Potatoes, 18 cents/5 lbs
Turnips, yellow, 3 cents/lb
Yams, 17 cents/2 lbs

Fruits & nuts
Almonds, Blue Diamond, 55 cents/lb
Apples, McIntosh, 25 cents/3 lbs
Cherries, Maraschino, 10 cents/4 oz bottle
Cranberries, fresh, 27 cents/lb
Cranberry sauce, Dromedary, 18 cents/16.5 oz jar
Grapefruit, Texas pink, 20 cents/3
Grapes, Emperor, 29 cents/2 lbs
Oranges, medium, 29 cents/doz
Pecans, paper shell, 43 cents/lb
Pumpkin, A&P, 14 cents/29 oz can
Walnuts, Diamond, 45 cents/lb

Dairy, eggs & cheese
Cheese, blue, 27 cents/8 oz
Cheese, provolone, 25 cents/8 oz
Margarine, Swift’s, 25 cents/lb
Milk, White House, evaoprated, 27 cents/3 tall cans

Cake, chocolate marshmallow, 29 cents/lb
Fruit Cake, Jane Parker, 2.10/5 lb cake
Pound Cake, Jane Parker, 45 cents/28 oz

Baking, cereals, spices & condiments
Baking powder, Ann Page, 11 cents/12 oz pkg
Bell’s Poultry Seasoning, 10 cents/1 oz pkg
Extract, Ann Page, almond, 19 cents/2 oz bottle
Flour, Sunnyfield, all purpose, 43 cents/10 lb bag
Pie crust, Flako, 13 cents/8 oz pkg
Salt, Diamond Crystal, 6 cents/25 oz pkg
Spices, Ann Page, 9 cents/2 oz pkg
Stuffing, Burry’s, 14 cents/pkg
Stuffing bread, Marvel, 10 cents/24 oz loaf

Cider, 59 cents/gal
Coffee, Eight O’Clock, 41 cents/2 lbs
Juice, pineapple, Dole, 15 cents/no. 2 can
Juice, tomato, 21 cents/58 oz can

“Home Canned Vegetables
With plenty of home canned vegetables homemakers’ rationing problems are less serious. Of course you do not need to be reminded to boil all home canned, nonacid vegetables 12 to 15 minutes before tasting. Then proceed to use them as always. Use any liquor left from vegetables in soups, gravies, or chill for vegetable cocktails after boiling as directed. Now and then vegetables taste mighty good baked in white sauce and topped with bread crumbs blended in a little fat. When bits of chopped, cooked meat, fish, hard cooked eggs or grated cheese is added you have a meat substitute worth considering. Have always in mind that variety is the spice of meal planning.”
—Eliza M. Stephenson, Home Service Director, Jersey Central Power & Light Co., Daily Record [Morristown, N.J.] November 22, 1943 (p. 7)