Used, Oldsmobile, sedan, 1934, 50.00
Used, Packard, 120 sedan, 1936, 175.00


Men’s coat, worsted, 50.00-65.00/each
Men’s suit, Stein Bloch, 50.00-60.00/each
Men’s shoes, Nunn-Bush, 10.00-13.50/pair
Men’s shirts, Van Heusen “lightweight,” 2.50/each
Women’s suit, cotton, 7.89/each
Women’s dress, cotton and seersucker, 8.98-12.95/each
Women’s handbags, 7.50-13.95/each
Infant’s dresses, 1.79/each
Hats, 7.95/each

Food & beverages

Apples, Rome, .23/2 lbs
Bacon, sliced, Sunnyfield, .37/lb
Beans, baked, B & M, .10/13 oz can
Beef, pot roast, .27/lb
Bread, white, Marvel, .09/20.5 oz loaf
Butter, Louetta, .49/lb
Cereal, Kellog’s Corn Flakes, .08/11 oz package
Chicken, fryers, .48/lb
Coffee, Eight O’Clock brand, .41/2 lbs
Duck, Long Island, .35/lb
Cheese, American or Velveeta, Kraft, .21/half pound
Cookies, Fig Newtons, Nabisco, .15/7 oz package
Corn, canned, Niblets, .10/12 oz can
Crisco, .23/lb jar
Eggs, Grade A, .45/dozen
Fish, cod, fresh, .25/lb
Hot dogs, .37/lb
Juice, orange, .46/46 oz container
Juice, V-8 Cocktail, .15/18 oz can
Ketchup, Asco, .12/10 oz bottle
Macaroni or spaghetti, .11/two 8 oz pkgs
Margarine, .24/lb
Mayonnaise, Fre-Mar, .17/8 oz jar
Milk, evaporated, White House, .27/3 tall cans
Onions, Yellow no. 1, .28/3 lbs
Oranges, Florida large sweet, .53/8 lb bag
Peanut butter, Sultana, .21/lb jar
Pineapples, fresh whole, .20/each
Potatoes, .25/5 lbs
Preserves, Ann Page, .18/lb jar
Soda, Coca Cola, .05/bottle
Tea, Asco, .21/quarter pound package
Tomatoes, .10/19 oz can
Tuna, canned, .26/6 oz can


Baby carriage, 35.00/each
Bedroom set, maple, 3 piece, 89.00/set
Cedar chest, Lane, 39.50/each
Chair, “Gainsborough” living room-type, 55.00/each
Kitchen stool, 3.19-3.79/each
Linoleum, 1.49-1.58/square yard
Living room set, maple, chair and davenport, 68.00/set
Mattress, full or twin, 39.50/each

Garden equipment

Garbage can, 9 gallon, .98/each
Hose, rubber, 25′, 1.69-2.19/each
Rake, steel, .89-.98/each
Seed, grass, 2.55/5lbs

Household goods

Bleach, Clorox, .17/quart
Laundry soap, Lux Flakes, .19/2 5 oz packages
Mothballs, .17/2 12 oz packages
Ovenware, Fireking, .79/8 piece set
Refrigerator, Coolerator, 75.00/each
Sheets, muslin, Utica, 1.50-2.15/each
Vacuum cleaner, Electrolux, 16.95/each
Window shades, 3.10-10.95/each


Daily Record .03/weekday paper

Personal care & health

Absorbine Jr., .73-1.25/4 oz bottle
Alka-Seltzer, Miles, .49/25 tablets
Aspirin, Anacin, .19-.25/12 tablets
Carter’s Little Liver Pills, .19-.25/40 count pkg
Cream, face, Jergen’s, .43-.75/jar
Laxative, Ex Lax, .19/18 count package
Milk of Magnesia, Squibb, .33/12 oz bottle
Shampoo, Eaton’s .19/pint
Shaving cream, Barbasol, .28-.50/tube or jar
Soap, Ivory, .06/bar
Toilet paper, .13-.20/3 rolls
Toothbrush, Tek, .29-.50/each
Toothpaste, Listerine, .33/double size
Vitamins, Puretest, 1.10/2 containers

Real estate

Madison, 6 rooms, 2 car garage, 8,700.00
Morris Twp., bungalow, 5 rooms, 4,900.00
Morristown, double house, 6 rooms, 5,000.00
Morristown, 12 rooms, 7 acres, 4 baths, 25,000.00
Apartment, Morristown, 5 rooms, 33.00/month
Apartment, Morristown, 3.5 rooms, 16.50/month

Recreation & amusements

Baseball game, Morristown, Ledgewood Field, .50/ticket
Circus, Hunt’s 3 Ring, .35-.70/ticket
Co-ed Teenage Canteen, Morristown YMCA, .25/ticket
Corsage, roses, .50-1.00/each
Dance, Morris Grange Hall, .55/ticket
Dinner, Methodist Church fair, turkey a la king, 1.00/person
Movie, Morristown, Palace Theatre, “His Butler’s Sister,” .20/ticket
Theatre, Papermill Playhouse, “The Red Mill,” 1.20-3.00/ticket
Wagon, children’s, U.S. Traveler, 5.95-9.95