No new automobiles or trucks advertised in this period
Pontiac coup, rumble seat, 195.00 (no year)
Ford, 1939, deluxe sedan, 595.00
Anti-freeze, Durozone, .99/gallon
Battery, automobile, 5.45-9.95/each
Oil, motor, 3.95-4.35/5 gallon can
Spark plugs, .33/each
Tires, Allstate, 14.85/each


Men’s jacket, Sheepskin Mackinaw, Ski-Mac, 22.50/each
Men’s suits, 27.95-44.95/each
Men’s blue denim overalls, 1.57/pair
Women’s skirts, 2.98-5.98/each
Women’s suits, 100% wool, “man tailored” style, 19.95/each
Women’s dresses, wool and rayon, 7.00-19.98/each
Women’s dress shoes, pumps, patent leather, 8.95/pair
Women’s coats, 100% wool, 19.98-35.00/each
Women’s handbags, calf leather, 1.98-7.98/each
Boy’s shoes, oxfords, 4.00-5.00/pair
Girl’s dresses, woven gingham, 5.98/each
Girl’s pinafore, striped cotton, 2.98/each
Girl’s shoes, 6.50-7.95/pair
Hats, women’s “Beau catchers,” 4.00/each
Gloves, Womens, suede, 6.50-10.00/pair
Watch, Bulova, 24.75/each

Food & beverages

Apples, .23/2 lbs
Beef, chopped, .27/lb
Beef, Porterhouse steak, .40/lb
Bisquick, .30/large box
Cereal, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, .05/6 ounce package
Cheese, Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese, Kraft, .11/3 ounce package
Cheese, Velveeta, Kraft, .71/2 lb loaf
Cocoa, Nestle’s, .19/half pound package
Coffee, Eight O’Clock, .41-.51/2 lbs
Coffee, Sanka, decaffeinated, .36/lb jar
Crackers, Ritz, Nabisco, .21/lb package
Crisco, .68/3 lb jar
Eggs, .55/dozen
Fish, fancy codfish steaks, .33/lb
Flour, .45/10 lb bag
Grapefruit, Indian River, .19/3
Jelly, grape, Ann Page, .20/1 lb jar
Juice, orange, .19/18 ounce can
Karo Syrup, .15/24 ounce bottle
Ketchup, Heinz, .22/14 ounce bottle
Mayonnaise, Hellman’s, .35/16 ounce jar
Onions, yellow, U.S. grade No. 1, .17/3 lbs
Oranges, Florida, juicy, .20/dozen
Ovaltine, .35-.65/package
Peanut butter, Skippy, .33/lb jar
Pudding, Jell-O or Royal, .06/package
Raisins, Sunmaid, .25/2 15 ounce packages
Soda, Pepsi, .23/six 12 ounce bottles
Soup, tomato, Campbell’s, .25/3 cans
Tea, Ehler’s, bags, .41/48 count box
Tomatoes, .10/number 2 can
Worcestershire sauce, .09/5 ounce bottle


Bedroom set, 3 piece, maple, 100.00/set
Cot, folding, 24.00/each
Crib, four poster, maple, 10.00/each
Dinette set, 5 piece, 40.00/each
Dining room set, 10 piece, walnut veneer, 329.00/set
Lamps, with shades, 10.95/each
Living room set, 3 piece, 269.00/set
Mattress, 24.75-29.75/each


Asbestos insulation tape, .45/3 inch by 100 foot roll
Ball peen hammer, .79/each
Hacksaw with blade, .30/each
Insulation, house, Kimsul, 4.95/100 square foot roll
Paint, interior gloss, Dutch Boy, 2.95/gallon
Wallpaper, .06/roll
Wallpaper toolkit, complete, .98/each
Weather stripping, .10/17 foot roll

Household goods

Ammonia, .10/quart bottle
Curtains, cotton, 3.98-6.98/pair
Dinnerware set, 123 pieces, 39.95/set
Laundry soap, Chiffon soap flakes, .19/large package
Matches, .12/book (no count indicated)
Scouring pads, Brillo, .27/2 large packages
Wax paper, Cut Rite, .15/125 foot roll


Daily Record [Morristown, NJ], .03/daily paper

Personal care & health

Absorbine Jr., .69-1.25/bottle
Alka-Seltzer, .49/25 tablets
Aspirin, Anacin, .19/12 tablets
Band-Aids, Johnson & Johnson, .23/36 count package
Cod liver oil, .69-1.00/pint
Cough drops, Luden’s, .13/4 boxes
Cough syrup, with codeine, .37-.45/4 ounce bottle
Hair color, Clairol, .69-1.00/box
Hand lotion, Jergen’s, .79/large size
Milk of Magnesia, Phillips’, .14/4 ounces
Pepto Bismol, Norwich, .47/4 ounces
Permanent Wave, Galdi’s Beauty Shop [Morristown, NJ], 4.50/each
Razor blades, .25/18 blades
Shampoo, Woodbury, .29-.50/bottle
Soap, Ivory, .06/medium size bar
Toilet paper, .05-.10/roll
Toothbrush, Pepsodent, .47/each
Toothpaste, Listerine tooth powder, .33/double size container
Vick’s Vaporub, .27-.35/1.5 ounce jar
Vitamins, “B” complex, 1.19-2.98/100 count bottle

Real estate

Houses for sale:
Morris Plains, 6 rooms, sun parlor, 2 car garage, 8,500.00
Morristown, 2 family, 7,500.000
Morris Twp., 6 rooms, 2 car garage, 4,500.000
Madison, 6 rooms, 3,500.00
Indian Lake, bungalow, needs repair, 1,400.00
Houses for rent:
Apartments & rooms:

Recreation & amusements

Books, “world famous classics,” .35/each; 1.00/dozen
Camera film, .28-.33/roll
Co-Ed Teen Age Canteen YMCA, [Morristown, NJ], .25/admission
Dancing, square and modern, Morris Grange Hall [Troy Hills], .55/admission
Dinner, Turkey, St. Peter’s Parish House, includes entertainment, .15/children; .25/adults
Dog, Pekinese, male puppy, AKC registered, 60.00
Lunch, Ace Drug Company, fountain specials, .25-.50/person
Photographs, portraits, Edwards studio [Morris Plains], 5.00/3 portraits
Ski pants, all wool, 3.00-4.98/pair