1937, Oldsmobile, 250.00
1935, Oldsmobile sedan, 175.00
1931, Chevrolet truck, 150.00


Boys’ snow suit, 10.00-13.95/each
Cap & mitten sets, 1.48-1.98/each
Children’s slippers, 1.89-3.75/pair
Girls’ teen holiday dress, 14.95/each
Men’s shirt, 3.70/each
Men’s slippers, 1.89-3.95/pair
Women’s blouse, “jewel neck,” 2.90/each
Women’s coat, Barbizon, 59.95/each
Women’s dress, Huxley, 17.97/each
Women’s handbag, pigskin, 6.40-8.00/each
Women’s jacket, wool, 14.98/each
Women’s skirt, wool, 5.40/each
Women’s slippers, 2.89-5.95/pair
Woman’s suit, wool, 21.00/each
Women’s sweater, Peggy Parker’s slipover, long sleeve, 4.98/each


Housekeeper, 35.00-80.00/month
U.S. Army, Master Sergeant/First Sergeant, 138.00/month
U.S. Army, Sergeant, 78.00/month
U.S. Army, Private, First Class, 54.00/month
U.S. Army, Private, 50.00/month

Food & beverages

Apples, Pippin, .25/2 lbs
Beans, baked, Van Camp, .12/no. 2 can
Beef, ground, .28/lb
Bread, Marvel, cracked wheat, .11/20 oz loaf
Celery, .10/stalk
Cereal, Wheaties, .11/8 oz
Cheese, Ched-O-Bit, .35/lb
Cheese, Philadelphia, cream cheese, .11/3 oz
Chicken, fresh, .41/lb
Chocolate bars, Hershey, .13/3 bars
Chocolate fudge mix, Tootsie, .21/14 oz pkg
Coffee, Maxwell House, instant, .29/4 oz
Crackers, Nabisco, Ritz, .21/lb
Doughnuts, fresh, .15/dozen
Eggs, .64/dozen
Fish, cod fillet, .36/lb
Flour, Gold Medal, .32/5 lbs
Grapefruit, .07/lb
Juice, V-8 Cocktail, .15/18 oz
Ketchup, Pride of the Farm, .17/19 oz
Lettuce, iceberg, .11/head
Malted milk, Borden’s, chocolate, .25/16 oz
Margarine, Nutley, .18/lb
Milk, Fyne-Taste Evaporated, .35/4 tall cans
Oysters, fresh, .39/dozen
Peas, Reliable sweet peas, .14/20 oz
Pickles, Lang’s, dill, .27/quart
Ravioli, Chef Boy-ar-dee, .15/16 oz can
Salami, cooked, .39/lb
Soup, Campbell’s, tomato, .25/3 10.5 oz cans
Tea, Salada, .47/lb
Tomatoes, .29/lb
Walnuts, budded, .43/lb


Baby carriage, 27.00-35.00/each
Bed, mahogany, used, 25.00/each
Couch, studio, 39.97-59.50/each
Dining room set, steel, 30.75/set
Hamper, 6.98/each
High chair, maple, 7.98/each
Lamp, portable, sun, 32.50/each
Living room set, 2 piece, 249.00/set
Radiator covers, metal, .69/each
Stool, upholstered, 1.19-3.98/each
Table, poker, 12.50/each
Wardrobes, Odora, 9.98/each

Household goods

Blanket, North Star, wool, 14.95/each
Bleach, ’33’, .12/quart
Broilmaster, Faraday, 3.95/each
Heater, Herzog, electric, 17.50/each
Paint, Paqua, 2.35/gallon
Range, kerosene, table top, 79.95/each
Rinso (laundry detergent), .23/large pkg
Rubber gloves, .23-.49/pair
Wax paper, Cut-Rite, .15/125 feet


Daily Record [Morristown NJ] .03/daily paper

Personal care & health

Bel-Ans (anti-gas remedy), .25/bottle
Castor oil, .49-.75/bottle
Cotton swabs, Q-Tips, .09-.25/pkg
Cough remedy, Pertussin, .89-1.00/bottle
Epsom salts, .09-.20/lb
Hair brush, nylon, 1.79-2.98/each
Hair tonic, Kreml, .49-1.00/bottle
Laxative, Nature’s Remedy, .25/box
Lotion, Tussy Wind Weather (hand), 3.00/6 8 oz bottles
Mouthwash, Listerine, .59/largest size bottle
Pain reliever, aspirin, .11/100 count bottle
Paper towels, Scotts, .07/150 count roll
Safety pins, .07-.10/box
Shampoo, Crestone, 1.00/8 oz bottle
Shaving cream, Barbasol, .11-.25/pkg
Soap, Hershey’s cocoa butter, .19/3 cakes
Soap, Ivory, .29/3 large cakes
Sun lamp, portable, 32.50/each
Toothbrush, TEK, .51/2 brushes
Toothpaste, .27/tube
Vitamins, Vita-Link, 1.95/120 capsules

Real estate

Houses for sale
Denville, 4 room bungalow, steam heat, 4,000.00
Mendham, 5 room bungalow, 6,250.00
Morris Plains, 6 rooms, 9,500.00; taxes, 123.00
Houses for rent
NONE LISTED Apartments & rooms
NONE LISTED (there are listings for “rooms wanted,” mostly for returning soldiers, without price)

Recreation & amusements

Canteen, Co-ed [email protected], .25/ticket
Dance, Morris Grange Hall, .35/ticket
Dinner & entertainment, Terrace Room, 1.75/ticket
Movie, Palace Theater, .25/ticket
Type-a-tune, (musical instrument and educational toy), 14.95/each