[Several advertised; no prices]
1942, Nash, 4 door sedan, 995.00
1938, Buick, 4 door sedan Century, 750.00
1933, Oldsmobile, 350.00


Men’s bathrobe, wool & flannel, 11.25/each
Men’s coat, wool, 35.00-57.50
Men’s slacks, 7.50-10.95/pair
Men’s sport jacket, gabardine, 8.95/each
Ski pants, 10.00-14.95/pair
Ski suits, 24.35/each
Women’s bathrobe, chenille, 8.00/each
Women’s blouse, 3.50-7.98/each
Women’s boots, zippered, 10.95/each
Women’s coat, leather, lined, 55.00/each
Women’s dress, rayon and wool, 8.00-20.00/each
Women’s jacket, Navy pea, 14.00/each
Women’s pajamas, 3.00/pair
Women’s shoes, 12.95/pair
Women’s suit, wool flannel, 29.95/each
Women’s sweater, wool, 6.00/each

Employment & services

Assistant bookkeeper, female, 35.00/week
Assistant sales manager, male, 3,000.00/year
Bar man, 50.00/month
Bookkeeper, 40.00/week
Dry cleaning, men’s suit, .75/each
Fountain girl, 28.00/week
Production workers, American Cyanimid, 1.00/hour
Salesman, 80.00-100.00/week
Secretary, 44.00/week
Typist, 30.00/week

Food & beverages

Apples, .19/2 lbs
Bacon, sugar cured, .22/half lb
Bananas, .11/lb
Bean sprouts, La Choy, .14/no. 2 can
Beef, pot roast, boneless, .53/lb
Bologna, .73/lb
Bread, enriched, .11/loaf
Butter, fancy, .79/lb
Cauliflour, large, .19/head
Cereal, Kellogg’s, Rice Krispies, .12/boz
Cheese, American, .55/lb
Chicken, .47/lb
Cocoa, Hershey’s, .13/8 oz can
Coffee, Asco, .38/lb
Corn, Asco, creamed, .17/20 oz can
Crackers, Nabisco, Uneeda, .08/box
Cranberry sauce, Ocean Spray, .23/16 oz can
Eggs, large, .57/dozen
Fish, haddock fillet, .43/lb
Flour, Gold Seal, .34/5 lb bag
Flour, cake, Swansdown, .15/20 oz pkg
Frankfurters, .47/lb
Grapefruit, Florida seedless, .05/medium; .07/large fruit
Ham, Cala, .39/lb
Ketchup, Heinz, .24/14 oz bottle
Lamb, chops, .55/lb
Lard, .29/lb
Mushrooms, fresh, .29/lb
Oats, Quaker’s, .12/20 oz box
Olives, stuffed Spanish, .43/2 oz jar
Oranges, Florida, .29/11 large sized
Ovaltine, .35/regular size
Potatoes, Idaho baking, .49/10 lbs
Raisins, fancy seedless, .14/7 oz pkg
Soup, Campbell’s, tomato, .29/3 cans
Tangerines, .10/dozen
Tea, Asco, orange pekoe, .19/4 oz pkg
Turnips, yellow, .03/lb

Household & seasonal goods

Bed, four poster style, 19.00-30.00/each
Card table set (table & 4 chairs), 37.50-44.50/set
Cleanser, Spic & Span, .39/2 pkgs
Comforters, wool filled, 7.98/each
Ironing board, 5.75/each
Laundry detergent, Kirkman, soap flakes, .36/18 oz pkg
Mail box, aluminum, 1.98/each
Pea coal, 17.35/ton
Rubber gloves, .29/pair
Sheets, Cannon, percale, 81″ X 108″, 5.00/each
Snow shovel, with wheels, 5.95/each
Sofa bed, 39.00/each
Tool set, 10 piece, 1.29/set
Towels, bath, .59/each
Vaccuum cleaner, Kenmore, 54.95/each
Weather stripping, .30/6 ft roll


.04/daily paper

Personal care & health

Alka Seltzer, tablets, .49/box
Aspirin, Rexall, .49/100 ct bottle
Bathroom scale, 5.95/each
Bobby pins, .11/2 pkgs
Bromo Seltzer, .49/bottle
Cold cream, Noxema, .49-.79/boudoir size jar
Cough drops, Rexall, .10/box
Cough medicine, Pertussin, .89/bottle
Hair brush & comb set, Jewelit, 2.00-4.00/set
Hair tonic, Vaseline, .63/bottle
Hot water bottle, .69-1.00/each
Lotion, skin, Viola Ray, 1.00/16 oz bottle
Mineral oil, .97/2 quarts
Nose drops, Rexall, .35/each
Shaving cream, .29/2 pkgs
Soap, Lux, .10/cake
Toothbrush, Tek, .50/each
Vitamins, Natola, 2.95/bottle

Real estate

Houses for sale
Dover, 5 rooms, 6 acres, 11,000.00
Green Village, 6 rooms, 2 acres, 13,500.00
Whippany, 4 rooms, 10,500.00
Houses for rent
[Advertised, no prices]
Apartments & rooms
3 rooms, furnished, 25.00/week

Recreation & amusements

Antique show, Beechwood Hotel [Summit NJ] .50/admission
Ballroom dancing, YMCA, 5.00/single; 7.50/married couple
Co-Ed Nite, Morristown YMCA (dancing, swimming, bowling, table tennis & soft drinks), .25/admission
Movies, Palace Theatre [Morristown NJ], .35/adults; .14/children
Radio, portable, 37.30/each
Record player, automatic, 25.95/each
Sled, Flexible flyer, 8.95/each