Austin of England, Devon, sedan, 1,660.00
[note: other cars were advertised without prices]
1946, Chrysler New Yorker, sedan, 2,495.00
1941, Oldsmobile, sedan, 1,395.00
1939, Buick Club Coupe, 1,195.00


Boy’s suit, seersucker, 3.98-4.98/each
Girl’s bathing suit, 2.50-6.98/each
Girl’s dress, 1.00-5.98/each
Girl’s pinafore, 1.00-5.98/each
Men’s shirt, Basque, .98/each
Men’s shoes, Florsheim, 8.95/pair
Men’s slacks, washable, 3.95/pair
Men’s sport jacket, 17.95-45.00/each
Men’s suit, Palm Beach, 26.75/each
Women’s blouse, 2.00-5.00/each
Women’s dress, 7.98/each
Women’s shoes, dress, 9.95-16.95/pair
Women’s skirt, 2.50-5.00/each
Women’s slacks, 5.00-7.98/each
Women’s suit, summer, 19.98-29.98/each


Barber, 50.00/week
Counterman for coffee shop, 50.00/week
Handyman to work in garden, 1.00/hour
Telephone operator, New Jersey Bell, 32.00/week
Tree men, 1.25/hour

Food & beverages

Apples, Western Winesap, .15/lb
Bacon, Armour’s Star, .69/lb
Blueberries, .39/pint
Bread, .14/sliced loaf
Cake, Virginia Lee, Angel, .45/each
Cake mix, Gold Seal, .23/box
Cereal, Kellogg’s, Rice Krispies, .14/5.5 oz pkg
Coffee, Nescafe, instant, .39/4 oz jar
Cookies, Nabisco, Fig Newtons, .18/8 oz pkg
Cracker Jack, .09/2 pkgs
Crackers, Nabisco, Ritz, .31/lb pkg
Eggs, .79/dozen
Fish, tuna, Breast of Chicken, .45/can
Frankfurters, Armour’s Star, .55/lb
Ham, smoked cala, .57/lb
Jelly, Shimmel’s grape, .15/12 oz jar
Juice, Del Monte, orange, .25/no. 5 can
Juice, Welch’s, grape, .39/quart bottle
Lamb, leg, .69/lb
Margarine, Asco, .41/lb
Marshmallows, Campfire, .31/lb
Mayonnaise, Hellmann’s, .49/pint
Milk, fresh, .23/quart
Olives, Ideal, stuffed, .25/3 oz jar
Onions, yellow, .17/2 lbs
Oranges, .19/dozen
Peanut butter, Fyne Taste, .31/lb jar
Pickles, Colonial Kosher dill, .35/quart jar
Plums, red, .19/lb
Pork & beans, Rodal Scarlet, .27/two 16 oz cans
Potato chips, .23/5 oz bag
Processed meat, Hormel, SPAM .47/12 oz can
Soda, Coca Cola, .25/six 6 oz bottles
Soup, Campbell’s, tomato, .29/3 cans
Spaghetti, Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, with meatballs, .21/6 oz can
String beans, fresh Jersey, .23/2 lbs
Sugar, Jack Frost, .42/5 lb bag
Tea, Asco, .28/4 oz pkg
Watermelon, .05/lb


Ammonia, Sped-up, .25/two 32 oz bottles
Cleanser, Ajax, .11/14 oz can
Cot, roll-away, includes mattress, 59.50/each
Diapers, 2.00/dozen
Dutch oven, 6 quart, 3.99-6.98/each
Fan, electric, 8″, 4.45/each
Laundry soap, Octagon, .39/3 pkgs
Mason jars, .69/pint; .75/quart
Paint, house, 4.25/gallon
Sheets, Cannon, percale, 42″ X 72″, 1.37-1.98/each
Towel, Martex, bath, 1.79/each
Washing machine, Bendix, 199.95/each

Lawn & garden

Charcoal briquettes, .39/2 lbs
Grill, charcoal, folding, 3.98/each
Hose, garden, 3.35-5.00/each
Insecticide, Flit, .39/quart
Lawn chair, Telescope, canvas with wood frame, 7.98/each
Picnic jug, gallon size, 3.95/each
Picnic table, California redwood, table & benches, 19.95/set


.05/daily paper

Personal care & health

Alka-Seltzer, .49/pkg
Aspirin, Bayer, .59/bottle
Calamine lotion, .49/bottle
Cleansing cream, Noxema, .49/jar
Mineral oil, Squibb, .69/pint
Permanent wave, Lustra Oil, 7.50/person
Soap, Ivory, personal size, .20/3 cakes
Sunburn cream, Diana Grey, .59/pkg
Suntan lotion, Norwich, .23/pkg
Tissue, Lidia Grey, .65/two 400 count pkgs
Toilet paper, Petal Soft, .25/2 rolls
Toothpaste, Ipana, .43/tube

Real estate

Houses for sale
Mendham, 4 bedrooms, 12,000.00
Morris Plains, colonial, 6 rooms, 12,500.00
Morris Plains, 4 rooms, 8,500.00
Houses for rent
Wharton, 5 rooms, 95.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morris Plains, 7 rooms, 65.00/month
Morristown, large room, 15.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Auto picnic tray, 1.99/each
Bertrand Island Amusement Park [Lake Hopatcong], .10/ride
Camera, Anso, Rediflex, 14.70/each
Horse racing, Monmouth Park, 1.80/general admission
Radio, auto, 29.95/each
Telephone call, Morristown-San Francisco, 3 minutes, 2.50+tax/each
Television, Philco 1001, 349.50/each
Theatre ticket, Lakeside Theatre [Lake Hopatcong, NJ], 1.00-1.50/ticket