Henry J, 1,299.00
NOTE: there were several ads for new cars, but none of the others contained prices
1949, Oldsmobile 88, 4 door, 1,995.00
1947, Studebaker, 4 door, 1,050.00
1936, Ford, 2 door, 250.00


Boy’s pajamas, cotton flannel, 1.99/pair
Children’s snowsuit, 10.98/each
Men’s coat, garbardine wool, 50.00/each
Men’s shirt, cotton plaid, 2.99/each
Men’s sweater, pullover, 3.99-5.00/each
Women’s coat, mink or marmot, 199.00/each
Women’s dress, 14.98/each
Women’s shoes, dress, 12.95/pair
Women’s shoulder bag, 15.00/each
Women’s slippers, Trimfoot, 2.95-3.95/pair
Women’s stockings, nylon, 1.00/pair
Women’s suit, Yorkshire flannel, 59.59/each
Women’s sweater, pullover, 3.50/each

Employment & services

Haircut and permanent wave, 6.95/each
Manager, Master-maid Products, 20,000.00/year
Salesmen, 100.00/week
Telephone work for girls, 36.00/week
Tree surgeon, 1.50/hour
Typewriter rentals, 3.00/month

Food & beverages

Apple, McIntosh, .19/3 lbs
Bacon, Crescent, .43.lb
Beans, Reliable wax, .33/two 19 oz cans
Beef, chopped, .53/lb
Bologna, .29/half lb
Bosco, Chocolate flavored milk amplifier, .27/12 oz jar
Bread, Marvel, white, .14/lb loaf
Butter, Brookfield, .68/lb
Candy, Hallowe’en, Hershey & Nestle bars, miniatures, .40/half lb
Cheese, Velveeta, .99/2 lbs
Coffee, White Rose, .87/lb
Crisco, .89/3 lb can
Eggs, .45/dozen
Fish, tuna, Chicken of the Sea, .31/can
Grapefruit, seedless, .25/3
Grapes, .25/2 lbs
Ham, boiled, sliced, .69/half pound
Juice, Ocean Spray, Cranberry, .29/two 16 oz can
Lettuce, Jersey Iceberg, .10/head
Macaroni, Larosa, .17/lb
Milk, Borden’s evaporated, .12/tall can
Onions, Yellow, .10/3 lbs
Pepper, Pure Black, .29/1 ounce can
Pork chops, center cut, .75/lb Potatoes, .99/50 lb bag
Pudding, My-T-Fine, .06/regular pkg
Soup mix, Lipton’s, Noodle, .32/3 pkgs
SPAM, .39/regular can
Sugar, granulated, .42/5 lb bag
Syrup, Log Cabin, .24/lb
Tomatoes, PrideFarm, .25/two no. 2 cans


Baby carriage, Boodle Buggy, 20.00/each
Carpeting, Broadloom, 7.50/sq yard
Chair, “Boudoir,” 19.95-24.95
Crib, Lullaby, maple, 32.00/each
Dinette set, 5 pices, 99.95-129.95/set
Living room set, 2 pieces, 189.00/set
Range, Rober Shaw, gas, 75.00/each
Refrigerator, Kelvinator, 5 foot, 75.00/each
Rug, Karastan, 9″ X 12″, 198.50/each
Sofa, sleeper, 79.50-99.50/each
Table & 4 chairs, light wood, Swedish modern, 100.00/set

Household & seasonal goods

Blanket, Cannon, wool, 6′ X 7′, 8.99/each
Bread box, 2.99/each
Curtains, shower, Para brand, 2.95-3.98/each
Dinnerware, Greenbriar, modern classic, 4.95/20 piece set
Firewood, 24.00/cord
Flatware, stainless steel, 24 piece table service, 4.99-5.95/set
Flower bulbs, tulips, .35/pkgs of 6
Knives with cleaver, 7 piece set, .2.99/each
Laundry detergent, Ivory Flakes, .29/large pkg
Paint, Benjamin Moore, indoor, 3.50/gallon
Sheets, Cannon, full size, 3.69/each
Shopping cart, large folding, 2.99/each
Slipcovers, 8 piece set, 52.00/set
Tea kettle, solid copper, 2.50/each
Towel, bath, Crane’s, 1.00/each
Wallpaper, 1.95/roll
Washing machine, Bendix, 169.95/each
Waxed paper, Cut-Rite, .23/125 ft roll


Daily Record [Morristown NJ], .05/daily paper

Personal care & health

Athlete’s food powder, Quinsma, .49/4 oz package
Bandages, Johnson & Johnson, Band-aid, .29/36 count box
Aspirin, Bayer, 5 grain tablets, .59/100 count bottle
Breath freshener, Breath-O-Later, .25/3 refills
Drano, .22/12 oz can
Hand cleanser, Dit, .19/pkg
Hand lotion, Jergen’s, .45/bottle
Laxative, Ex Lax, chocolate, .23/18 ounce bottle
Razor blades, Gillette, .49/10 pack
Shampoo, Prell, .79/2.5 ounce bottle
Shaving cream, Palmolive, .49/tube
Soap, Octagon, flakes, .25/large box
Tissue, Kleenex, .27/300 count box
Toothpaste, Philipps, .25/tube
Vicks Vapo-rub, .33/1.5 oz jar
Vitamins, One-A-Day, 1.96/60 ct bottle

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morristown, 7 rooms, 16,500.00
Morristown, 7 rooms, 13,900.00
Mendham, 7 rooms, 13,500.00
Houses for rent
Denville, 4.5 rooms, 90.00/month
Morris Twp., 6 rooms, 100.00/month
Morristown, 3 bedrooms, 125.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Dover, 6 rooms, 125.00/month
Whippany, 4 rooms, 75.00/month
Madison, 5 rooms, 65.00

Recreation & amusements

Basketball, youth, 2.79/each
Beagles, 30.00/each
Canasta ensemble, monogrammed, 2.00/set
Card game party, Ukranian Hall [Whippany], .75/”donation”
Dinner, 8 courses, The Colonial Inn [Madison] 1.75/person
Dolls, 4.98
Halloween costumes, 1.49-1.98/each
Halloween masks, rubber, .29-.49/each
Lunchbox kit, Thermos, 2.59/each
Orchestra, Leonard Bernstein conducting Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, 3.00-25.00/ticket
Record player, RCA Victor, “45,” 19.95/each
Stock car auto races, Morristown Raceway, .60/children; 1.25/adults
Tap shoes, 3.00-3.75/pair
Television set, Stromberg-Carlson, 279.95