Kaiser-Frazer, “Henry J,” 1,362.00
Other cars were advertised without prices
1957, Dodge Coronet, 4 door sedan, 1,995.00
1949, Ford Custom Tudor, 1,196.00
1948, Packard, 4 door sedan, 1,196.00


Boots, storm, rubber, 6.95/pair
Children’s cowboy boots, 4.95-7.95/pair
Children’s slippers, “Howdy Doody,” 1.99/pair
Girl’s dress & pinafore set, 6.98/each
Men’s bathrobe, tartan plaid, 22.50/each
Men’s shirt, Murray, sport, 5.95-16.50/each
Men’s necktie, Botany, wool, 1.50/each
Men’s slacks, wool, 7.75/pair
Men’s sport coat, 14.99-39.95/each
Men’s suit, tweed flannel or worsted, 48.00/each
Toddler’s shoes, Oxford, leather sole, 6.95-8.95/pair
Women’s dress, cotton, 2.98/each
Women’s dress, rayon & tafetta, 10.78/each
Women’s shoes, Red Cross, “The Regency,” 10.95/pair

Food & beverages

Apples, McIntosh, .35/4 lbs
Bacon, Sunnyfield, sliced, .55/lb
Beef, ground, .65/lb
Beef, rib roast, .89/lb
Bread, Jane Parker, rye, .18/loaf
Candy, Nestle’s, Semi-Sweet Morsels, .22/6 oz pkg
Candy, Whitman’s Sampler, 2.00/1 lb box
Cheese, Philadelphia, cream, .41/8 oz pkg
Chicken, legs, .65/lb
Chocolate syrup, Hershey’s, .45/48 oz pkg
Cookie mix, Nestle’s, .37/pkg
Cookies, Nabisco, Chocolate Mallomars, .31/two 4 oz pkgs
Crackers, Keebler Town House, .21/8 oz pkg
Eggs, .69/dozen
Fish, fancy swordfish, .69/lb
Grapefruit, Florida, .19/3
Ham, smoked shank, .39/lb
Ketchup, Del Monte, .20/14 oz bottle
Juice, Minute Maid, .33/six 2 ounce cans
Margarine, Allsweet, .32/lb pkg
Mincemeat, Borden, Nonesuch, .19/9 oz pkg
Oil, Mazola, .61/quart
Pineapples, Del Monte, sliced, .36/30 oz can
Potatoes, U.S. No. 1 grade, Maine, 1.99/48 lb bag
Raisins, A & P, seedless, .17/15 oz pkg
Rice, Carolina, .17/lb box
Soda, Canada Dry, Ginger Ale, .39/two large bottles
SPAM, Armour, .48/12 oz can
Tea, .45/48 count box
Tomatoes, Iona, .29.two 19 oz cans
Wheat germ, Kretschmer’s, .28/12 oz jar


Bed, Hollywood style, with boxspring, inner spring & plastic headboard, 59.50/each
Chair, Lay-Z-Boy, adjustable with ottoman, 129.00/each
Chair, platform rocker, mahogany, 69.50-104.00/each
China, Syracuse, Apple Blossom pattern, 10.80/5 piece setting
Cocktail set, 7 piece, 5.99/set
Desk, 59.50-229.00/each
Fireplace ensemble, brass, 29.98/each
Freezer, Coldspot, 9.2 cu ft, 304.95/each
Hope chest, large, 54.95-84.95/each
Kitchen set, chrome, 5 piece, 54.50/set
Mattress, 19.95/each

Household & seasonal goods

Blanket, electric, 34.95/each
Christmas cards, thrift pack, 1.00/25 cards
Christmas gift wrap paper, .05-.10/roll; foil wrap, .15/roll
Christmas lights, 1.09-4.29/strand
Dish soap, Duz, .30/large pkg
Iron, Kenmore, 16.25/each
Sandwich toaster, Sears, 6.49/each
Toaster, automatic, 16.75/each
Vacuum cleaner, Electrolux, cannister, 14.95/each
Waffle iron, electric, 13.99/each

Personal care & health

Hair brush, nylon, 1.00/each
Lipstick, Revlon, .89/2 sticks
Perfume, Chanel no. 5, 7.50/bottle (no size specified)
Razor, Remington, electric, 23.50-27.50/each
Soap, Camay, .25/3 cakes
Tissues, Angel Soft, .20/400 count box

Real estate

Houses for sale
Indian Lake, 6 rooms, 14,000.00
Denville, bungalow, 2 bedrooms, 8,600.00
Morristown, “antique home,” 8 rooms, 8,000.00
Houses for rent
Lake Parsippany, 5 rooms, unfurnished, 125.00/month
Morris Plains, 5 rooms, 52.00/month
Brookside, bungalow, 4 rooms, 50.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Garden apartment, 4 rooms, unfurnished, 92.50/month
3 rooms, furnished, 75.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Boxing gloves, children’s, 5.66/pair
Camera, Polaroid, 89.75/each
Doll, “Baby Coo,” 4.98/each
Doll buggy, folding, 8.49/each
Doll house, 7 rooms, 5.94/each
Harmonica, .59/each
Ice skates, junior hockey, 7.98/pair
Ice skates, women’s figure, 8.95/pair
Model airplane, .25/each
Paint set, pastels, 1.00/set
Skis, junior, 2.89/pair
Stuffed animal, “Slumber Pup,” 2.98/each
Television, RCA, 17″, 299.95/each
Toy tea set, .98/each
Toy tool set, 18 pieces, 4.98/set
Train set, Lionel, 4 car freight, 57.50/set
Tricycle, “Happy Time,” 20.95-22.95/each

Tobacco & alcohol

Cigarettes, popular brands, .20/pack; 1.89/carton
Scotch, Johnny Walker Red, 6.21/fifth sized bottle
Wine, Manischewitz, Concord Grape, 4.91/half gallon