Chevrolet, 150 series sedan, 1,696.50
Oldsmobile, 88, 2 door, 2,362.00
Packard, Clipper, 2,638.00
Used, Chevy convertible, 1952, 1,500.00
Used, Jeep station wagon, 1951, 495.00
Used, Plymouth, 1950, with radio & heat, 895.00
Tires, Firestone, 10.95-11.95/each


Men’s suit, dacron, 60.00/each
Men’s shirt, sport, 1.49-2.49/each
Women’s skirt, tailored, 3.00-14.00/each
Women’s suit, “better,” 22.50-40.00/each
Women’s dress, cotton-orlon, 8.98/each
Women’s sweater, cashmere, 10.38-22.98/each
Women’s coat, “better,” 20.00-30.00/each
Women’s handbags, 5.32-16.67/each
Boy’s jacket or slacks, 3.95/each
Girl’s playsuits, 1.99-2.99/each

Food & beverages

Bacon, .87/lb
Bananas, .25/2lbs
Beans, baked, Van Camp’s, .29/two no.2 cans
Beef, sirloin steak, .61/lb
Bread, white, .15/16 oz loaf
Butter, .59/lb
Cereal, Kelloggs Rice Krispies, .26/9.5 oz pkg
Chicken, frying, .29/lb
Chocolate, Whitman’s Sampler, 2.25/lb box
Coffee, Ehlers, instant, .59/2 oz jar
Cookies, Sunshine Hydrox, .35/12 oz pkg
Corn, frozen, Birdseye, .29/2 pkgs
Crackers, Ritz .39/lb pkg
Crisco, .33/lb can
Eggs, Wildmere, .53/doz
Fish, flounder fillet, .65/lb
Ham, .79/lb
Hot dogs, .53/lb
Ice cream, 1.29/half gallon
Juice, orange, .23/two 18oz cans
Margarine, Good Luck brand, .30/lb
Mayonnaise, Kraft Miracle Whip, .47/quart jar
Milk, Borden’s, .22/quart
Onions, Texas, .19/3 lbs
Oranges, Florida, .39/5 lb bag
Peanut butter, Skippy, .37/14 oz jar
Pineapples, fresh, .19/each
Potatoes, New .29/5 lbs
Soda, C & C, .29/3 12oz cans
Tea, White Rose, .55/48 count box
Tuna, Chicken of the Sea, chunk light .38/6.5 oz can
TV dinner, Swanson’s turkey .89/12 oz pkg


Bedroom set, Hollywood style, 3 piece, 60.00-99.00/set
Bridge set (table & chairs), 25.00-74.50/set
Cedar chest, Lane, 49.95-79.95/each
Chair, Barca Lounger, 89.50-110.00/each
Lamp, table model, 6.50-39.95/each
Living room set, 3 piece, 189.95/set
Mattress & box spring, 69.50/set
Rug, Oriental, 9’X12′, 89.00-149.00/each
Sofa, Maple, 69.00-119.00/each
Sleeper sofa, “TexFoam,” 74.95

Garden equipment

Grass seed, 5.45-7.15/5 lbs
Hose, plastic 1.99/50 feet
Lawn mower, hand 7.99; gas 61.70-99.95/each
Picnic table set, redwood, 22.00/each
Rake, metal 20″, .79/each
Rose bushes, 2.00/3 bushes

Household goods

Air conditioner, Philco, window unit, 199.00/each
Ammonia, Parsons .22/quart bottle
Bedspread, Chenille, 3.97-9.98/each
Cleanser, Old Dutch, .23/two 14 oz cans
Clothes washer & dryer, General Electric 449.90-529.00/set
Cookware, Revereware, 11 piece set, 39.95/set
Dinnerware set, 136 pieces, 29.73/set
Ironing board, 5.99-9.99/each
Laundry soap, Cheer, .30/large pkg
Range, Sears, gas, 99.00/each
Refrigerator, Kelvinator, 12 cu feet, 329.95/each
Reynolds Wrap, 12″ width, 25′ roll .45/each
Sheets, Cannon, 1.87/each
Sterling silver service, 8 settings, 89.95/set
Vacuum cleaner, 24.95-59.95/each


Daily Record .05/weekday paper

Personal care & health

Bandaids, Johnson & Johnson .33/36 count bottle
Shaving cream, Mennen, .79/each
Soap, Ivory, .25/3 medium cakes
Tissues, .19/4 packets
Toilet paper, 1,000 ct, .29/3 rolls
Toothpaste, Pepsodent, .69/2 giant tubes

Real estate

Morristown, 3 bedroom ranch, new, 15,200.00
Morristown, 3 bedroom split level, 17,200.00
Madison, 6 rooms, 14,000.00
Rent, Succasunna, 3 bedroom ranch, 125.00/month
Rent, Lake Hopatcong, bungalow, 600.00/summer season
Apartment, Morristown, w/utilities, 65.00/month
Apartment, Morristown, 3 rooms, 90.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Badminton set, Sears, 3.69/each
Baseball glove, J.C. Higgens, 4.44/each
Bicycle, Sears, 14″, 19.95/each
Bus, Greyhound, NYC-Washington DC, 8.65/round trip ticket
Camera film, 1.00/3 rolls
Circus, Kelly Morris .50/child; 1.00/adult
Dinner, Far Hills Inn, Mother’s Day, 1.75/child; 2.50/adult
Fishing rod set, 10.88/set
Golf balls, 1.25/3 balls
Phonograph, Traveler (portable), 79.95-119.95/each
Piano, Mahogany spinet, 565.00-795.00/each
Radio, Zenith, portable, 39.95/each
Roller skates, Sears, 1.99/pair
Sewing machine, Necchi, 98.95/each
Swing set, 10-play steel, 28.88/each
Television, B&W, 21″, mahogany cabinet, 149.95/each
Television, color, RCA Victor, 1,000.00/each
Theatre/movie ticket, 1.00/each