Buick, 2 door, 6 passenger sedan, 2,395.00
Dodge, 6 passenger sedan, 2,183.00
Ford, Victoria, 1953, 598.00
Ford, station wagon, 1948, 325.00
Pontiac, 2 door sedan, 1947, 160.00
Tires, Allstate, 75.00-99.80/each
Brake fluid, .39/12 ounce can
Spark plugs, .49-.85/each


Men’s coat, 44.85-85.00/each
Men’s shirts, 2.99-3.95/each
Men’s shoes, calfskin, 9.98-17.98/pair
Women’s blouses, acetate-cotton, 1.99/each
Women’s dresses, “suit style,” 14.98/each
Women’s sweaters, cardigan, orlon, 5.99-9.79/each
Women’s coats, mink trimmed wool, 79.00-139.00/each
Boy’s dungarees, 1.00/pair
Girl’s dresses, 4.99-9.99/each

Food & beverages

Apples, Winesap, .27/2 lbs
Bananas, .29/2 lbs
Beans, baked, Van Camp’s, .10/16 ounce can
Beef, ground, .39/lb
Bosco, .57/24 ounce jar
Butter, Swift’s Brookfield, .63/lb
Cake mix, Swansdown, .33/large box
Cheese, Velveeta, Kraft, .79/2 lb package
Chicken, frying, .45/lb
Coffee, Eight O’Clock, .95/lb bag
Cookies, Oreos, Nabisco, .39/pkg
Crackers, Ritz, Nabisco, .32/1 lb package
Crisco, .22/lb can
Eggs, .57/dozen
Fish, cod steaks, .29/lb
Flour, Gold Seal, .41/5 lb bag
Fruit cocktail, Del Monte, .49/2 17 ounce cans
Ham, boiled, Armour Star, .69/lb
Jelly, .45/32 ounce jar
Juice, Orange, Snocrop, .19/2 four ounce cans
Marshmallows, Campfire, .33/lb package
Oranges, Temple, .49/dozen
Peanut butter, Beech Nut, .39/11 ounce jar
Pickles, Kosher style spears, .25/32 ounce jar
Pineapples, fresh, .29/each
Potato chips, Wise, .25/4.5 ounce package
Potatoes, New Crop Florida, .20/3 lbs
Ravioli, canned, Chef Boyardee, .26/15.5 ounce can
Soda, Canada Dry, .45/2 28 ounce bottles
SPAM, .39/12 ounce can
Tea, Lipton, .63/48 count box
Yogurt, Dannon, .18/8 ounce cup


Bed, twin or full size, spindle, 79.96/each
Bedroom set, 5 piece, 59.95-72.96/set
Chairs, contour chaise, 69.50/each
Chest, cedar, Lane, 49.95-59.95/each
Dinette, 5 piece, wrought iron, 37.50/set
Dining room set, 9 piece, mahogany, 249.00/set
Living room set, 3 piece, modern, 129.00/set
Sofa, 199.00/each
Table, dining room extesion, 40″-78″, 125.00/each


Gas cans, 1.49/5 gallon can
Wallpaper, .98-2.49/roll
Wrench set, pipe, 3 piece, 1.89-2.69/set
Wrench set, socket, 21 piece, 3.99-12.99/set

Household goods

Air conditioner, 129.95/each
Ammonia, Parson’s, .22/32 ounce bottle
Blankets, wool, 72″ X 90″, 11.95/each
Bread box, all metal, 1.00-1.39/each
Clock, alarm, 1.59/each
Clothes dryer, GE, 159.95/each
Clothes washer, Kenmore, 138.00-158.00/each
Dinnerware set, Melmac, 16 piece, 7.95-16.00/set
Flatware, 50 pieces, 9.98-19.98/set
Freezer, 11 cu feet, 249.00-429.00/each
Generator, electric power, home model, 5 kw, 595.00/each
Hot plate, Electric, 1.29-1.98/each
Laundry soap, Octagon, .25/3 cakes
Range, Kenmore, Triple-top gas, 158.00-239.95/each
Refrigerator, Coldspot, 9.2 cu feet, 239.00/each
Tea kettle, aluminum, .99-4.95/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ] .05/daily paper

Personal care & health

Cold cream, Jergen’s, .69-1.00/jar
Permanent wave, Oppenheim & Collins salon [Morristown, NJ], 8.50/each
Shampoo, White Rain, .60/3.5 ounce bottle
Soap, Lifebuoy, .26/3 regular sized bars
Tissues, Marcal, .23/3 packages, 100 count
Toothpaste, Pepsodent, .47/”bonus” tube

Real estate

Houses for sale:
Morristown, 7 room ranch, 31,650.00
Dover, 6 rooms, ranch, 26,000.00
Chester, early American farm house, 10 acres, 21,500.00
Morris Plains, 5 rooms, 14,900.00
Houses for rent:
Morristown, 3 bedrooms, split level, 125.00/month
Dover, 4.5 rooms, attached house, 75.00/month
Apartments & rooms:
Morristown, 5 rooms, utilities included, 125.00/month
Morristown, 4 rooms, faces Green, 75.00/month
Room, large, 10.00/week

Recreation & amusements

Canaries, “guaranteed to sing,” 3.49/each
Dog, German shepherd puppies, AKC registered, 50.00/each
Luggage, American Tourister, 26″ pullman, 19.95-34.95/each
Parakeets 1.98/each
Roller skates, 12.95/pair
Phonograph, portable, Philco, 29.95/each
Telephone calls, 3 minutes, after 6PM, Boston to Boonton, .60/each
Television, Philco, cabinet model, 299.95/each
Theatre, Community Theatre [Morristown, NJ], “Mr. Hulst’s Holiday,” 1.00/orchestra; 1.50/loge
Valentines, Hallmark, .29/children’s school package