Jeep, Dispatcher, 1,367.48
Oldsmobile, “88” holiday sedan, 2,929.29
1951, Chevrolet, 4 door sedan, 500.00
1948, Pontiac, sedan 150.00
1947, Oldsmobile, coupe sedan, 198.00


Boys’ shirt, polo, 1.50/2 shirts
Boys’ winter jacket, 7.80-15.80/each
Girls’ hat, wool knit, 1.77/each
Girls’ pre-teen dress, 2.00-9.98/each
Girls’ winter coats, 19.98-42.98/each
Infants’ high white shoes, 3.00/each
Infants’ shirt, Carter, 1.00/2 shirts
Jacket, leather, 4.88
Junior shoes, 4.90/pair
Men’s shirt, 3.99/each
Men’s slacks, wool, 16.95-22.50/pair
Men’s suit, 59.00-85.00/each
Snow suit, 10.80-24.98/each
Women’s coat, Oppenheim Collins, 36.00-79.95/each
Women’s dress, 10.95-39.95/each
Women’s handbag, 1.32-7.98/each
Women’s robes, 9.95-22.95/each
Women’s skirt, 4.95-22.95/each


Electronic technician, 94.00-99.00/week plus bonus
Executive secretary, 70.00-75.00/week
Lab technician, 70.00-75.00/week
Secretary, 65.00/week
Stenographer, 60.00/week

Food & beverages

Apples, McIntosh, .29/3 lbs
Baby food, Gerber, strained, .49/5 jars
Bacon, Lancaster brand, .27/8 oz
Bananas, .25/2 lbs
Beans, with pork, Ideal brand, .10/lb can
Beef, rib roast, .59/lb
Beef stew, Dinty Moore, .39/two 23 oz cans
Bread, Supreme, .22/20 oz loaf
Cauliflower, Snow White, .25/large head
Cereal, Kellogg’s corn flakes, .15/box
Cheese, Kraft, Velveeta, .49/lb
Chocolate Chip Morsels, Nestles, .19/6 oz pkg
Chocolate syrup, Hershey’s, .19/16 oz can
Coffee, Maxwell House, instant, .49/2 oz jar
Cookies, Keebler, Coconut, .49/lb
Crackers, Nabisco, Premium Saltines, .23/lb
Crisco, .32/lb
Eggs, .79/dozen
Fish, Taste of the Sea, whiting, .24/1.5 lbs
Flour, Pillsbury, cake, .33/2.75 lb box
Ham, smoked cala, .29/lb
Juice, Minute Maid, blended, .29/2 six oz cans
Ketchup, Del Monte, .19/14 oz bottle
Lettuce, iceberg, .25/2 large heads
Macaroni, Mueller’s, .57/2 lbs
Margarine, Parkay, .19/lb
Milk, Bordens, .45/2 quarts
Miracle Whip, .55/quart jar
Pears, Del Monte, Bartlett, .39/29 oz can
Pepper, ground, Ideal brand, .10/1.5 oz pkg
Potatoes, .59/25 lb bag
Preserves, Anna Myers, grape jam, .35/2 jars
Salt, Sterling, iodized, .10/26 oz container
TV dinner, Swanson’s, .73/11 oz pkg
Tangerines, .19/dozen
Tea, Tetley, .49/48 count box
Tomatoes, Red Ripe, .10/lb can


Bed, maple, double sized, 24.50/each
Bed, bunk, maple, 87.00-139.00/each
Bedroom set, cherry, 179.00-388.00/3 piece set
Chair, 57.00-98.00/each
Chair, wing, solid maple, 94.00-159.00/each
Couch, studio, 69.50-89.50/each
Dinette set, chrome, 7 piece, 99.50/each
Dining room set, mahogany, 398.99-707.00/10 piece set
Lamp, table, mahogany, 29.99-55.00/each
Loveseat, Lawson, 98.00-159.99/each
Mattress, twin, with box springs, 69.99-119.00/set
Sofa, Simmons, convertible, 159.00-219.00/each

Household goods

Aluminum foil, Magic, .24/12 inch 25 ft. roll
Bleach, Dazzle, .25/half gallon
Corn popper, 2.99-4.99/each
Dinnerware set, 16 pieces, 3.99-5.98/set
Dryer, clothes, 199.00-299.95/each
Freezer, upright, 10 cu ft, 188.00/each
Lamp, fine china table model, 9.98-19.98/each
Lampshades, Crompson, 2.99/each
Living room suite, 2 piece, colonial maple, 159.00-189.00/set
Quilt, patchwork, 4.97-7.98/each
Range, 36″, 138.00/each
Refrigerator, Westinghouse, 249.95/each
Rug, oval braided, 12″ X 29″, .97-1.49/each
Sewing machines, Singer, 59.50/each
Sheets, Springwood, twin, 11.89/each
Slipcovers, couch and 2 chairs, 79.00/set
Soap, laundry, 3.88/25 lbs
Towels, Turkish, 1.00/2 towels
Vacuum cleaner, Hoover, 79.95/each
Washer, clothes, Norge, 199.95-299.95/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ] .05/daily paper

Personal care & health

Hand lotion, Aquamarine, 1.25/bottle
Shampoo, Super Aquamarine, .29-.59/bottle
Soap, Swan, .26/3 cakes
Toilet paper, Scott or Marcal, .09/1,000 sheet roll
Toothpaste, Crest, with Floristan, .29-.49/tube

Real estate

Houses for sale
Lake Hiawatha, 2 bedrooms, 10,800.00
Mendham, colonial, 4 bedrooms, 33,500.00
Morris Plains, colonial, 3 bedrooms, 16,700.00
Houses for rent
Denville, 3 bedrooms, 170.00/month
3 bedrooms, 135.00/month
Apartments & rooms (no location specified)
3 rooms, 15.00/week
3 rooms, utilities included, 85.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Basketball, official size and weight, 2.89/each
Bicycles, racing, 37.95-75.00/each
Boston Symphony Orchestra, 1.80, 2.10, 2.40, 3.00 & 3.60/ticket
Dinner, The Acres, Whippany, 2.75/plate
Film developing, .30/8-exposure rolls
Hockey pucks, .25/each
Hockey sticks, .79/each
Ice skates, men’s, 11.00/pair
Luggage, 29.95/3 piece set
Night and Day Treatment Make-Up, cream & foundation, 5.00-9.00/set
Roses, miniature, Wilson Florists, 1.00/dozen
Television, Westinghouse, 24″, 179.00-289.95/each
Watch, 17 jewel, 10.95/each
Wood, fireplace, 20.00/cord