Advertised, no prices
1955, Pontiac, Catalina, 2,095.00
1954, Chevrolet, Delray, 1,695.00
1952, Ford, Station Wagon, 795.00


Boots, plastic, rain, .49/pair
Boy’s coat, wool, 16.80-22.80/each
Boy’s slacks, corduroy, 2.99-4.98/pair
Children’s shoes, 4.90-8.50/pair
Children’s sleepers (pajamas), 1.89-1.99/pair
Children’s snowsuits, 10.80-24.98/each
Girl’s dress, 3.99-5.99/each
Gloves, wool with leather palm, 2.49-3.45/pair
Hat, ski cap, 2.29-3.95/each
Men’s jacket, wool, 13.99-19.95/each
Men’s overcoat, finest camel hair, 89.50-125.00/each
Men’s pajamas, flannel, 3.95-5.95/pair
Men’s shoes, leather loafers, 9.90/pair
Men’s slacks, corduroy, 3.99-5.95/pair
Men’s suit, imported English worsted, 59.50-75.00/each
Men’s union suit, cotton, 1.95-3.50/each
Women’s blouse, 3.89-14.98/each
Women’s coat, gabardine, 29.50-49.50/each
Women’s dress, coat style, 12.98/each
Women’s shoes, dress, 7.99-18.95/pair
Women’s slippers, felt, 1.49/pair
Women’s suit, “man tailored,” 59.50-95.00/each

Employment & services

Assembler, 1.31/hour
Automobile salesman, 7,000.00-10,000.00/year
Cafeteria manager, 75.00/week
Clerk-typist, 50.00/week
Mail boy, 49.00/week
Payroll assistant, 65.00/week
Secretary, executive, 75.00/week
Stenographer, 70.00/week
Tool designer, 7,000.00/year

Food & beverages

Apples, Stayman Winesap, .39/4 lb bag
Bacon, .49/lb
Beef, round roast, .69/lb
Broccoli, .23/bunch
Butter, .67/lb brick
Chewing gum, .19/6 pkgs
Chicken, frying, .39/lb
Chocolate syrup (Bosco) and half gallon ice cream, “TV special,” 1.13/combination
Cocoa, Nestle’s, .25/8 oz box
Cookies, Burry’s, Oxford Cremes, .29/lb pkg
Corn, Green Giant, .27/two 27 oz cans
Crackers, Nabisco, Premium Saltines, .49/two 16 oz pkgs
Eggs, .55/dozen
Fish, Beardsley Cod Fish cakes, frozen, .39/8 oz pkg
Frankfurters, all beef, .49/lb pkg
French Fries, Birds Eye, frozen, .33/two 9 oz pkgs
Grapefruit, Florida, seedless, .39/5 lb bag
Ham, smoked, .29-.49/lb
Juice, Minute Maid, orange, frozen, .89/six 8 oz cans
Juice, Mott’s, apple, .10/12 oz can
Lamb, shoulder, .29/lb
Lettuce, Iceberg, .19/large head
Macaroni, Ronzoni, .35/two 16 oz pkgs
Maple Syrup, Vermont Maid, .27/12 oz bottle
Margarine, Kraft, deluxe, .39/lb pkg
Meat, canned, Underwood, Deviled Ham, .15/2.6 oz can
Oranges, Temple, .33/6
Pancake flour, Aunt Jemima, .17/16 oz pkg
Pickles, Colonial, kosher spears, .49/two 32 oz jars
Pie, Jane Parker, apple, large, .43/each
Potatoes, Maine Russet, .25/5 lbs
Pretzels, Nabisco, Veri Thin, .29/8 oz bag
Rice, Uncle Ben’s, .37/two 14 oz pkgs
Soup, Campbell’s, tomato, .10/can
Tea, Tetley, bags, .61/48 count pkg
Tomatoes, fresh, .23/carton of 3 to 4
Yogurt, Dannon, .35/two 8 oz cups

Household & seasonal goods

Aluminum foil, Reynolds Wrap, .27/25 foot roll
Bird food, wild, P.O.V., .63/5 lb bag
Blanket, St. Mary’s, twin, 12.95/each
Bleach, Clorox, .33/two quart bottles
Cleanser, Ajax, .12/two regular cans
Clothes dryer, 88.00/each
Curtains, cafe style, 1.98-3.98/pair
Dishwasher, Kitchenaid, automatic, 188.00/each
Laundry detergent, Tide, .29/large box
Range, Tappan, electric, 30″, 179.95-279.95/each
Refrigerator, 11 cu ft, auto defrost, 168.00/each
Sheets, Cannon, twin, 2.59-2.98/each
Toaster, Toastmaster, 11.95/each
Towels, Cannon, bath, 1.00-1.79/each
Vacuum cleaner, Kenmore, tank type, 68.00-80.00/each
Venetian blinds, steel, 23″ to 35″ X 64″, 3.39/each
Washing machine, Norge, 158.00/each
Waxed paper, .21/100 foot roll
Window shades, 1.50/each


.05/daily paper

Personal care & health

Diapers, 27″ X 27″, 1.99/dozen
Heating pad, Wearever, electric, 4.25-5.45/each
Permanent wave, Oppenheim Collins salon [Morristown], 10.00-20.00/each
Soap, Dial, deodorant, .25/2 regular cakes
Tissues, Scotties, .43/two 400 count pkgs
Toilet paper, Swanee, .45/4 rolls

Real estate

Houses for sale
Denville, 3 bedrooms, custom split, 18,900.00
Long Valley, 3 bedrooms, large lot, 6,500.00
Morris Twp., 3 bedrooms, Dutch Colonial, 15,900.00
Houses for rent
Madison, 6 rooms, 100.00/month
Mountain Lakes, 3 large rooms and garage, 95.00/month
Morristown, 7 rooms, 115.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Mt. Freedom, 2 bedrooms, 60.00/month
Parsippany, 3 rooms, 75.00/month
Wharton, 2 bedrooms, 100.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Hi-Fi, Stromerg, 149.95/each
Magazines, Woman’s Day or Family Circle, .07/issue
Organ, Wurlitzer, spinnet, 995.00/each
Record albums, 45 RPM, .79/each
Record albums, LP, 2.98-3.98/each
Phonograph, portable electric, 12.95/each
Radio, Silvertone, table model, 32.00-36.95/each
Record player, Victrola, 45 player, 36.95/each
Tape recorder, DeJur, 399.50/each
Television, RCA Victor, personal & portable, 78.00/each
Theatre, McCarter [Princeton], 2.20-3.85/evening ticket