Renault, Dauphines, 1,695.00
[others advertised, no prices]
1957, Ford Fairlaine, 1,995.00
1956, Cadillac Eldorado, 3,950.00
1955, Plymouth Sedan, 945.00


Bridal gown, sample dresses, 35.00/each
Bridesmaid dress, 15.00-20.00/each
Children’s pajamas, 1.98-2.98/pair
Girl’s play clothes, .99-4.99/each
Men’s bathing trunks, 3.19-5.00/pair
Men’s necktie, .89-1.50/each
Men’s pajamas, 3.19/pair
Men’s shirt, dress, 2.89/each
Men’s shoes, Bostonian, 14.95-20.00/pair
Men’s shorts, Bermuda, 3.99-5.95/pair
Men’s slacks, “wash & wear”, 6.99-8.95/pair
Men’s suit, summer, 29.95-45.95/each
Women’s bathing suit, 5.99-12.98/each
Women’s raincoat, 10.99-14.98/each
Women’s shorts, 3.99-5.99/pair
Women’s skirt, cotton, 3.99-5.98/each


Assembler, electro-mechanical, 100.00/week
Auto mechanic, 2.25/hour
Barber, 85.00/week
Burroughs bookkeeping machine operator, 60.00/week
Engineers, E.E. & M.E., 6,000.00-15,000.00/year
Salesman, oil company, 75.00-150.00/week
Secretary, executive, 80.00/week
Typist, experienced, 60.00/week

Food & beverages

Bacon, sliced, .75/lb
Baked beans, B & M, .49/two 18 oz jars
Beef, chuck steak, .49/lb
Bisquick, .43/40 oz pkg
Blueberries, Jersey Fresh, .29/pt
Bologna, .53/lb
Broccoli, .29/bunch
Bread, Jane Parker A & P, .19-.25/loaf
Cake, Jane Parker A & P, orange chiffon, .49-.59/each
Cake mix, Betty Crocker, marble, .31/20 oz pkg
Candy, M & Ms, .25/6 oz cello pkg
Cereal, Kelloggs, Variety pack, .35/10 pack
Cheese, Kraft, Velveeta, .27/8 oz pkg
Coffee, Eight O’Clock, .73/lb
Eggs, .55-.57/dozen
Fish, Cap’n John’s, frozen cod fillet, .39/lb pkg
Fish, Chicken of the Sea, tuna. .35/7 oz can
French fries, Ideal, frozen, .29/2 pkgs
Fritos, .19/4 oz bag
Ice cream, Fresh pack, .79/half gallon
Junket Rennet Powder, .37/3 pkgs
Juice, Dole, Pineapple, .27/two 18 oz jars
Juice, Hawaiian Punch, .93/4 oz jar
Ketchup, Pride of the Farm, .15/14 oz bottle
Lemons, .25/6
Maple syrup, Vermont Maid, .5/24 oz bottle
Onions, .05/lb
Pie, Jane Parker A & P, cherry, .49/each
Pie crust, Betty Crocker, stick, .36/two 10 oz pkgs
Rice, Carolina, white, .53/3 lbs
Soda, Coca Cola, .33/six 6 oz bottles
Sugar, .49/5 lbs
Watermelon, .03/lb
TV Dinner, Swanson, chicken or pot roast, .59/11 oz pkg
Waffles, Nifty, .24/two 5 oz pkgs
Yogurt, Dannon, .35/two 8 oz cups


Air conditioner, Emerson, 3.5 HP, 128.00/each
Bedroom set, 3 pieces, “modern,” 139.00/set
Bleach, Bright Sail, .49/two half gallon bottles
Chair, oversized platform rocker, 29.95-59.95/each
Coffee maker, Pyrex, instant, 12 cups, 3.88-4.95/each
Dinnerware set for 12, 101 pieces, 27.88-42.99/set
Fan, attic, 36″, 69.95/each
Floor wax, Simoniz, .89/quart
Kitchenette set, 5 piece, 298.00/set
Laundry detergent, Colgate, Vel, .33/15 oz pkg
Paper plates, Fonda, 9″, .51/49 plates
Plastic wrap, Saran, .89/three 25′ rolls
Range, gas, 36″, 98.00/each
Refrigerator, RCA Whirlpool, 8 cu ft, 118.00/each
Washing machine, GE, 199.95-299.95/each
Waxed paper, Kitchen Charm, .19/100 ft

Lawn & garden

Bar-B-Q Brazier (grill with legs), 7.77-11.98/each
Chair, aluminum, stacking, 4.99-10.00/each
Charcoal briquettes, 1.59/20 lb bag
Charcoal lighter, Big Boy, .16-.79/can
Hose, garden, plastic, 1.77/50 ft
Lawn mower, Sears Craftsman, 2.5 HP, 66.66-89.95/each
Lawn sprinkler hose, .66/20 ft


.07/daily paper

Personal care & health

Hair cut, women’s, 2.00/person
Permanent wave, 7.95-12.50/person
Soap, Lifebuoy, .29/3 regular cakes
Tissues, Hudson, .39/two 400 ct pkgs
Toilet paper, .25/3 rolls

Real estate

Houses for sale
Chester, 2 bedrooms, 14,900.00
Morristown, 7 rooms, split level, 21,950.00
Roxbury Hill, 3 bedrooms, 18,590.00
Houses for rent
Dover, half duplex, 80.00/month
Lake Hopatcong, summer rental, 65.00/week
White Meadow Lake, 3 bedroom, ranch, 135.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, single room, 8.00/week
Morristown, 3 rooms, 75.00/month
Morristown, 3.5 rooms, 110.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Badminton set, J.C. Higgens, 7.44/set
Bicycle, Sears, 29.88-36.95/each
Boat, plastic inflatable, 4′, 5.95-11.95/each
Camera, Polaroid, model 800, 28.82/each
Dog, Collie puppies, 10.00/each
Doll, bride, 3.88-5.98/each
Film developing, Kodachrome, 35mm, 20 exposure, 1.00/set
Golf, Succasunna Golf Club, 1.50/weekdays; 2.50 Sat., Sun. & holidays
Hi fi console, 68.00/each
Horse racing, Monmouth Park, 1.80/general admission
Movie, drive-in, Ledgewood Circle [Succasunna, NJ], 1.00/car
Organ Hammond, 600.00 (used)
Picnic cooler, Scotch plaid, 4 gallons, 2.58/each
Pool table, 7′ long with cover, 16.98-20.00/each
Radio, Silvertone, portable, 12.00/each
Swim vest, Coast Guard approved, adult size, 3.98/each
Television, console, 21″, 148.00-259.95/each
Theatre, Grist Mill Playhouse [Andover NJ], 1.70-3.90/ticket