Ford Anglia, 1,561.00
Oldsmobile 88, 6 passenger, 2,887.00
Pontiac Star Chief, 3,500.00
1957, Dodge, Sierra Custom Wagon, 2,195.00
1953, Jaguar, cream convertible XK120, 1,000.00
1950, Pontiac, 150.00


Boy’s coat, 6.66/each
Boy’s shirt, 1.98/each
Boy’s slacks, 3.98/pair
Children’s shoes, 6.98-10.98/pair
Girl’s dress, 2.98-3.98/each
Men’s shirt, 4.95/each
Men’s slacks, Wash n’ Wear, 3.57-6.95/pair
Men’s sport coat, wool, 21.95/each
Men’s suit, 31.95/each
Men’s sweater, 15.95/each
Women’s dress, cotton, 10.98/each
Women’s dress, lace with simulated mink collar, 39.98/each
Women’s hat, Betmar’s Bowler, 8.95/each
Women’s jacket, “Wild and Wooly,” orlon, 45.00/each
Women’s shoes, 14.95/pair
Women’s skirt, flannel, 18.95/each
Women’s sweater set, orlon, 3.66-6.98/each


Accountant, junior, 90.00/week
Assembler, female, 1.54/hour
Bookkeeper, 85.00/week
Engineer, chemical, B.S., 7,000.00/year
Engineers, EE & ME, 10,000.00/year
Lab technician, electric, 80.00/week
Sales manager, 100.00/week
Salesman, 6,000.00/year
Snack bar attendant, 9AM-3PM, 35.00/week
Typist-clerk, 65.00/week

Food & beverages

Baby food, Gerber’s, strained, .99/10 jars
Bacon, sliced, .49/lb
Beef, chuck steak, .39/lb
Beef stew, Dinty Moore, .49/24 oz can
Bread, .29/20 oz loaf
Cereal, Kellogg’s Variety 10 pack, .49/pkg
Cheese, Borden, American slices, 1.00/five 6 oz pkgs
Chow mein noodles, La Choy, .27/6 oz can
Coffee, Eight O’Clock, .53/lb
Cold cuts, bologna, .59/lb
Cookies, Burry’s, Happy family, .39/14 oz pkg
Corn, fresh, .25/10 ears
Crackers, Ritz, .25/12 oz box
Fish, Mrs. Paul’s, frozen codfish cakes, .35/8 oz pkg
French fries, F.F. Deluxe, frozen, .49/two 16 oz pkgs
Ham, Morrell, canned, 2.49/lb
Juice, Libby, frozen orange, .89/four 6 oz cans
Marshmallow Fluff, .25/7.5 oz jar
Miracle Whip, Kraft, .29/pint jar
Oil, Wesson, .28/pint
Onions, U.S. No. 1 grade yellow, .13/3 lbs
Oranges, Valencia, .39/10
Peanut butter, Skippy, .33/12 oz jar
Pickles, Colonial Kosher, .25/quart jar
Pie, Jane Parker, 8″, .47/each
Potato chips, Kerr’s, .59/lb bag
Soda, Coca Cola, .89/five 26 oz bottles
Soup, Campbell’s .41/four 10.5 oz cans
SPAM, Hormel, .43/12 oz can
TV Dinner, Swanson, .49/11 oz pkg

Household & seasonal goods

Aluminum wrap, Alcoa, .69/75′ roll
Blanket, Westinghouse, electric, double size, 18.80/each
Clothes dryer, RCA, gas, 139.90/each
Coffee maker, Kenmore, automatic, 7.98-9.95/each
Dinnerware set, 45 pieces, Malmac, 19.95-29.95/each
Dishwasher, Kitchen Aid, 209.95-479.95/each
Flower bulbs, daffodil, .46/6
Freezer, Westinghouse, 9 cu ft, 179.95-289.95/each
Iron, Proctor Silex, Deluxe, steam, 9.49-19.95/each
Laundry detergent, Cheer, .69/giant pkg
Lawn mower, Sears Craftsman, 79.88-89.95/each
Lawn seed, Creeping Bent, .69/lb
Linoleum, vinyl, .99-1.39/square yard
Mason jars, .99/dozen pint sized jars
Paint, Sears, house exterior, 3.99-5.75/gallon
Range, Roper, gas, 30″, 139.95/each
Refrigerator, Frigidaire, 13 cu ft, 220.00-299.95/each
Washing machine, G.E., 185.00/each
Wax paper, Blue Ribbon, .33/two 100′ rolls
Wheel barrow, 3 cu ft, 4.99-11.00/each


.07/daily paper

Personal care & health

Permanent wave, Epstein’s Department Store [Morristown, NJ], 10.00/person
Petroleum jelly, Vasoline, .35/4 oz jar
Shampoo, Waldorf, .49-1.00/bottle
Slenderella International (weight loss salon), 1.00/visit
Soap, Lifebuoy, .32/3 regular cakes
Tissues, Vanity Fair, .33/two 400 count boxes
Toilet paper, Swanee, .37/three 500 count rolls

Real estate

Houses for sale
Denville, 3 bedrooms, 8,500.00
Florham Park, 3 bedrooms, split level, 18,000.00
Morris Twp., “Highland Woods,” (new construction), 9 rooms, 31,500.00
Houses for rent
Mt. Freedom, 2 bedrooms, 85.00/month
White Meadow Lake, 3 bedrooms, 110.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Landing, 1 room, 20.00/week
Morristown, 1 room, 12.00/week
Morristown, 2 rooms, 60.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Accordion lessons, Alfred Mayer Accordion and Organ Studios, [Morristown, NJ], 8.00/8 lessons
Atlantic City bus trip, RT from Morristown, 4.75/ticket
Board game, Monopoly, 2.19-4.00/each
Bowling dresses, 10.98-14.98/each
Dinner, Town House on the Green (recommended by Duncan Hines) [Morristown, NJ], 1.00/person
Fishing rod set, 5.99-9.95/each
Football, 1.96/each
Football helmet, 2.95/each
Football shoes, 6.95-15.95/pair
Golf balls, Steel Flyt, 5.88/dozen
Horse racing, Freehold Raceway, 1.20/admission
Hi-fi stereo phonograph, 4 speed, 67.00/each
Movie, drive-in theatre, [Ledgewood, NJ], 1.00/carful
Paint-by-Numbers set, .77/each
Radio, Zenith, portable transistor, 34.95/each
Television, RCA, 21″, remote control, 249.95-389.95/each
Water skis, 15.88-36.25/pair

School supplies

Dictionary, Webster’s New American, 1.49/each
Globe, 9″, 1.98/each
Index cards, .25/148 pkg
Loose leaf binders, .69/each
Loose leaf paper, .39/150 sheets
Lunch kit, J.C. Higgins, 1.88-2.49/each
Paste, .29/5 oz jar
Pencil box with sharpener, .29/each
Pencil pouch, vinyl with zipper, .20/each
Pencils, .29/10 pkg
Theme writing tablets, .99/3
Typing paper, .23/75 sheet box