Austen Healy, Spirit, 1,795.00
Rambler, Deluxe, 2 door, 1,845.00
Volkswagon, 1,627.00
1959, Dodge V8, 1,595.00
1956, Chevrolet, Convertible, 700.00
1951, Willy’s Jeep Station Wagon, 150.00


Children’s shoes, “Buster Brown,” 2.97-9.95/pair
Children’s snow suits, 5.00-10.00/each
Girl’s coat, wool, 10.00/each
Men’s coat, Burbury, tweed, 120.00/each
Men’s shirt, 100% cotton, 5.00/each
Men’s shoes, Hush Puppies, 9.95/pair
Men’s suit, 79.50/each
Women’s raincoat, zip lined, 15.99/each
Women’s skirt, 7.99/each
Women’s stockings, nylon, 1.1-1.39/pair
Women’s stole, autumn haze mink, 435.00/each
Women’s suit, 24.99/each

Employment & services

Accountant, Junior, 6,000.00/year
Clerk, Payroll, 74.00/week
Factory worker, 90.00/week
Secretary, 100.00/week
Weight loss salon, Slenderella, 48.00/8 week course

Food & beverages

Apple, Western, .19/lb
Bacon, Super Right brand, .59/lb
Beans, Iona, cut green, .85/two 15.5 oz cans
Beef, chopped, .59/lb
Bread, cracked wheat, .23/lb loaf
Cereal, Kellogg’s, Rice Krispies, .10/5.5 oz pkg
Candy cigarettes, .49/pack of 50
Cheese, Kraft, Cheez Whiz, .35/8 oz jar
Coffee, Chase & Sanborn, instant, .43/2 oz jar
Cookies, Sunshine, chocolate chip, .29/7.25
Fish, Cap’n John’s, flounder fillet, .99/two 10 oz pkgs
Flour, Hecker’s, .53/5 lb bag
Ham, Underwood Devilled, .37/2.5 oz can
Ice Cream, Linden Farms, .59/half gallon
Juice, V-8, .39/44 oz can
Ketchup, Ann Page, .37/two 14 oz bottles
Margarine, Nutley, .31/2 lb pkg
Marcaroni, Ronzoni, .43/two 16 oz pkgs
Onions, U.S. #1, .03/lb
Oranges, California, .59/5 lb bag
Peanut butter, Fresh Pak, .33/11 oz tumbler
Pizza kit, Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, .47/16.5 oz pkg
Potatoes, Sweet, .17/3 lbs
Preserves, Ann Page, .85/3 lb jar
Soup, Campbell’s, Tomato, 1.00/ten 10.5 oz cans
Sugar, granulated, .51/5lb bag
Turkey, 16-20 lbs, .43/lb
TV dinner, Morton’s, .39/11 oz
Yogurt, Dannon, .37/two 8 oz pkgs


Bedroom set, maple, 4 pieces, 143.00/set
Chair, upholstered swivel rocker, 34.00/each
Chair, Stratolounger, reclining, 99.00/each
Dinette set, formica table, 39.95-59.50/set
Diningroom set, Danish walnut, 8 pieces, 333.00-519.00/set
Hutch and Buffet, maple, 189.00-299.95/set
Mattress, twin size, 19.50
Rug, cotton, 30″ X 50″, 1.99/each
Sofa, Castro, sleeper, 89.95/each

Household & seasonal goods

Bakeware, Mirro, aluminum, layer cake pan, 1.15/each
Birdseed, wild birds, .61/5 lb bag
Blanket, electric, 10.88-21.95/each
Curtains, 88″ X 60″, 12.95/pair
Dishwasher, Westinghouse, portable, 148.88/each
Firewood, 32.00/cord (delivered)
Flower bulbs, tulip, .45/dozen
Laundry detergent, Tide, .32/large
Percolator, General Electric, 10.88/each
Pressure cooker, Presto, 4 quart, 8.95/each
Refrigerator, Westinghouse, 13 cu ft, 229.95/each
Snowthrower, Parker Grant, 95.00/each
Toaster oven, General Electric, 19.88/each
Vacuum cleaner, Vornado, 29.99/each
Washing machine, Kenmore, 158.00/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ], .07/daily paper

Personal care & health

Heating pad, General Electric, 4.99/each
Shampoo, Helo, .60/large bottle
Soap, Ivory, .25/4 bars
Toilet paper, Swanee, .25/two rolls
Toothpaste, .53/giant tube

Real estate

Houses for sale
Morristown, 3 bedrooms, 25,900.00
Mountain Lakes, 2 bedrooms, 13,900.00
Parsippany, 6 room ranch, 19,500.00

Houses for rent
Chester Twp., 3 bedroom ranch, 175.00/month
Morris Plains, 5 room bungalow, 150.00/month
Morristown, 6 room duplex, 125.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 4 rooms, 100.00/month
Mt. Freedom, 4 rooms, 110.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Christmas tree, flameproof vinyl, 6′, 4.99-10.00/each
Golf clubs, set of 7, 14.99-55.00/set
Halloween costumes, .99-2.69/each
Hifi stereo console, Motorola, 4 speakers, 99.95/each
Movies, Drive in, 1.00/car
Piano, grand, 395.00/each
Radio, transistor, 19.95/each
Television, Mahogany cabinet, 21″, 119.95/each
Train set, Lionel, “Santa Fe,” 5 car with diesel engine, 24.66/est

How much did it cost to stock holiday tables in 1960? These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County New Jersey], December 15-25, 1960 Meat & fowl
Fruited hams, .79/lb
Leg of lamb, .59/lb
Rib roast, .69/lb
Turkey, .39/lb
Young geese, .79/lb
Ducklings, Long Island, .79/lb
Rock Cornish hens, .49/lb
Italian sausage, .69/lb
Shrimp cocktail, .49/5.6 oz jar
Stuffing bread, .37/2 loaves

String beans, .19/lb
Celery, pascal, .29/2 large stalks
Broccoli,large bunch, .35/each
White onions, small, .29/2 lbs
Potatoes, .25/3 lbs
Sweet potatoes, .25/3 lbs
Stuffed olives, Linden House, .29/4.5 oz jar
Brussels sprouts, .35/2 lbs
Onion soup mix, Lipton, .33/2 pkgs
Lima beans, Birds Eye, frozen, .89/four 10 oz pkgs
Cranberry sauce, Ocean Spray, .43/two 16 oz cans
Fresh cranberries, .17/lb
Figs, Calimyrna, .49/two 8 oz pkgs
Dates, pitted, .33/10 oz
Cherries, maraschino, .21/4 oz jar
Grapefruit, .29/3
Grapes, Emperor, .29/2 lbs
Tangerines, Florida, .29/12
Appleberry sauce, .49/three 17 oz cans
Fruit cocktail, 1.00/three 29 oz cans
Fruit baskets, .98/each

Dairy, eggs & cheese
Cheez Whiz, Kraft, .37/8 oz jar
Camembert, Borden, .39/4 oz
Cheddar cheese, sharp, Cracker barrel,.45/8 oz pkg
Cream cheese, Philadelphia, .27/two 3 oz pkgs
Swiss cheese, .45/8 oz pkg
Butter, .65/lb Cakes, candies, & nuts
Mince pie, .69/pie
Pumpkin pie, .63/pie
Fruit cake, 2.95/3 lb cake
Plum Pudding, Crosse & Blackwell, .49/16 oz can
Hard sauce, Crosse & Blackwell, .49/16 oz can
Pfeffernusse cookies, .39/10 oz bag
Fruit stollen, .69/each
Popcorn balls, .39/12 pack
Walnuts, Diamond, .45/lb
Almonds, Blue Diamond, .53/lb
Chocolate chips, Nestles, .49/12 oz pkg
Candy canes, .25/6
Whitman Sampler, 200/lb
Candy filled Christmas stockings, .49/each

Sweet cider, Linden House, .67/gallon
Egg nog, Borden’s, .63/quart
Coffee, Maxwell House, instant, .89/6 oz jar
Ginger ale, Canada dry, .49/two large bottles
Juice, orange, .33/quart