Rambler, Ambasssador V8, 2,464.00-3,023.00
Rambler, American, 1,846.00-2,344.00
Rambler, Classic 6, 2,000.00-2,640.00
1960, Chevrolet, Impala convertible, 2,195.00
1958, Oldsmobile, Super 88 Celebrity, sedan, 1,495.00
1957, Ford Fairlane 500, 595.00


Boy’s coat, toggle, 10.99/each
Boy’s shirt, wash-and-wear, 3.00/2
Boy’s slacks, corduroy, 1.99/pair
Girl’s party dress, 3.17/each
Men’s coat, pile-lined, 13.88/each
Men’s jacket, ski parka, 22.95/each
Men’s shirt, dress, 4.50/each
Men’s slacks, 5.95/pair
Men’s sweater, “Pat Boone Cardigan,” 10.00/each
Women’s dress, designer knit, 13.99/each
Women’s jacket, mink, 795.00/each
Women’s slack set, knit, 2 piece, 3.66/each
Women’s sweater, orlon, 12.98

Food & beverages

Apple, .29/3 lb bag
Bacon, .49/lb
Beef, ground, 1.00/3 lbs
Beef, roast, .89/lb
Bisquick, .39/40 oz pkg
Bread, .25/lb loaf
Cake mix, Pillsbury, 1.00/four 18 oz boxes
Candy canes, .25/pkg of 6
Carnation Instant (nutrition drink), 1.17/14 quarts
Cereal, Kellogg’s, Corn Flakes, .49/two 12 oz pkgs
Coffee, Maxwell House, instant, .95/6 oz jar
Cookies, Burry’s, Chocolate chip, .29/8.25 oz pkg
Crackers, Sunshine, Cheese-it, .35/2 pkgs
Fish, tuna, .33/7 pz can
Flour, Pillsbury, .49/5 lb bag
Frozen dinner, Birdseye, .49/each
Ham, Hormel, canned, .59/lb
Lamb, chops, .59/lb
Margarine, Fleischmann’s, .39/lb
Mayonnaise, Kraft, .59/quart jar
Onions, white, .25/2 lbs
Peanut butter, Fyne Taste, .35/12 oz jar
Potatoes, U.S. No. 1, Long Island, .29/10 lb bag
Preserves, Ann Page, .95/four 12 oz jars
Soda, Coca Cola, .25/two 12 oz cans
Soup, Campbell’s .31/two 10.5 oz cans
Tang, .51/14 oz jar


Bed, “Hollywood style,” with boxspring & mattress, 29.00-59.95/each
Bedroom set, 6 piece, mahogany, 119.00/set
Carpeting, broadloom, Mohawk, 4.99/sqare yard
Dinette set, bronze, 5 piece, 34.00/set
Dining room set, 8 pieces, French Provincial, 279.95-439.95/each
Rug, Karastan Oriental, 8’10” X 12′, 299.00/each
Sofa, Italian Provincial, 2.29-3.69/each
Tile, vinyl asbsetos, 9″ X 9″, .08/each

Household & seasonal goods

Aluminum foil, .25/25 foot roll
Aluminum siding, Alcoa, 4 room house, 389.95/labor & materials
Bleach, Clorox, .33/half gallon
Blanket, General Electric, electric, twin size, 13.88/each
Blender, 12.99/each
Christmas lights, indoor, 7 lights, .98/each
Christmas wrapping paper, .98/3 rolls
Christmas tree tinsel, .15/box
Cleanser, Ajax, .23/21 oz can
Dishwasher, General Electric, portable, 149.95/each
Iron, Sunbeam, 10.95/each
Laundry detergent, .59/quart bottle
Range, gas, 128.88/each
Refrigerator, RCA Whirlpool, 14 cu ft, 299.95/each
Vacuum cleaner, Hoover, Constellation, 44.88/each

Personal care & health

Bromo Seltzer, .65/24 count bottle
Cough syrup, Pertussin, .79/4 oz bottle
Razor, Remington, Roll-a-matic, 13.59/each
Shampoo, Prell concentrate, .89/3 oz bottle
Soap, Palmolive, .31/3 regular cakes
Toilet paper, .89/10 rolls
Toothbrush, .49/3 pack
Toothpaste, Colgate, flouride, .53/three 15 oz tubes

Real estate

Houses for sale
Chester, 3 bedrooms, ranch, 1 acre, 19,500.00
Morristown, 4 bedrooms, 33,500.00
Washington Valley, 4 bedrooms, 3.2 acres, 59,500.00
Houses for rent
Denville, 6 rooms, 110.00/month
Morris Plains, 7 rooms, split level, 225.00/month
Morristown, 6 rooms, 125.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Madison, double-room with bath, 15.00/week
Morristown, room, with private bath, 18.99/week

Recreation & amusements

Baseball Glove, “Jackie Robinson,” 4.98-8.98/each
Bicycle, Flightline, 46.88/each
Camera, Brownie, instamatic, 10.19/each
Clock radio, Westinghouse, 18.88/each
Doll, “Chatty Cathy” talking doll, 10.98-18.00/each
Doll carriage, 6.95-14.00/each
Golf clubs, 7 piece set with bag, 28.88-70.00
Movie camera, Kodak, 8mm, 3 lense, 29.99/each
Ping pong table, 5′ X 9′, 19.95/each
Pool table, 249.95/each
Record albums, 1.99-3.98/each
Rocking horse, “Wonder Mare,” 13.98-20.00/each
Skates, ice, 8.75-15.95/each
Sled, Speedway, 6.98-12.98/each
Stereo, hi-fi console, 128.88/each
Television, RCA, color, 495.00/each
Television, Westinghouse, 19″, 158.88/each
Toy airplane, Remco Flying Fox, 6.97-14.98/each
Theatre, Aladdin, Madison Green Door Players, .60/child; 1.00/adult with child
Train set, Marx, 3 car, H.O., 7.88-24.95
Typewriter, Remington, portable, 99.95/each
Wagon, toy, “Acme Flyer,” 7.95/each

Tobacco & alcohol

Cigars, Phillies Flextips, .25/5 pack
Gin, Fairchild, 80% proof, 7.99/half gallon
Scotch whisky, Scotch, Cromwell, 3.49/fifth bottle

How much did it cost to stock Thanksgiving tables in 1961? These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County New Jersey], November 20-22, 1961 Meat, fowl & fish
Bacon, sliced, Shop Rite, .49/lg
Beef, chuck ground, .59/lb
Beef, round roast, Lancaster, .85/lb
Cheeseburgers, Lancaster, frozen, .49/8 oz pkg
Ham, canned, Lancaster, 5.99/7 lb can
Ham, smoked, .49/lb
Lamb chops, shoulder, .69/lb
Pork chops, .39/lb
Sausage, Lancaster, .55/lb
Shrimp, frozen, 4.89/5 lb box
Turkey, under 16 lbs, .39/lb
Turkey, 16-20 lbs, .35/lb
Turkey, 20+ lbs,.29/lb

Beans, lima, Fordhook, frozen, .49/2 pkgs
Broccoli, Andy Boy, large, .29/bunch
Corn, Del Monte, cream style, 1.00/six 17 oz cans
Onions, white, .29/2 lbs
Peas, Green Giant, /59/three 17 oz cans
Potatoes, baking, .39/5 lbs
Pumpkin, ideal, .29/two 29 oz cans
Soup, Campbell’s, Tomato, .10/can
Succotash, frozen, /47/2 pkgs
Sweet potatoes, .29/3 lbs
Tomatoes, Progresso, canned, .24/35 oz can
Turnips, yellow, .09/2lbs Fruits
Apples, Golden Delicious, .19/lb
Applesauce, Mott’s, .49/three 15 oz jars
Cranberries, Ocean Spray, fresh .15/lb box
Cranberry sauce, Ocean Spray, canned, .25/two 16 oz cans
Dates, Dromedary, pitted, .49/lb box
Figs, Turkish, .39/lb
Grapes, Emporer, .29/2 lbs
Lemon juice, Realemon, .33/16 oz bottle
Pears, Anjou, .29/2 lbs
Strawberries, frozen, .95/five 10 oz pkgs

Dairy & cheese
Butter, Lion brand, .59/lb roll
Cream cheese, Kraft, Philadelphia, .23/two 3 oz pkgs
Gouda, baby, .39/9 oz pkg
Margarine, Parkay, .30/lb Baking, cereals, spices & condiments
Biscuits, Pillsbury, sweet or buttermilk, .29/three 8 oz pkgs
Cake mix, Duncan Hines Deluxe, 1.00/3 pkgs
Crackers, Nabisco, Premium saltine, .27/16 oz pkg
Crackers, Nabisco, Ritz, .33/stack pack
Flour, Hecker’s, .49/5 lb bag
Pie crust mix, Flako, .20/10 oz pkg
Shortening, Spry, .69/3 lb can
Stuffing mix, Bond, .29/pkg

Cookies, Burry, Choconut, .39/10 oz pkg
Fruit cake, Virginia Lee, .99/lb pkg
Fruit cocktail, Del Monte, 1.00/three 30 oz cans
Ice cream, Farmdale, .50/half gal
Marshmallows, Burry, miniature, .49/lb pkg
Mince meat, Crosse & Blackwell, Rum & Brandy, .49/18.5 oz jar
Pie, apple, Nancy Lynn, .49/each
Pie, mince, Virginia Lee, .69/8 inch size
Pie, pumpkin, Virginia Lee, .59/8 inch size
Walnuts, Diamond, in shell, .49/lb

Cider, sweet, .69/gal
Coffee, Borden’s, instant, .71/5 oz jar
Coffee, Chock Full O’Nuts, .75/lb can
Juice, orange, Snowkist, frozen, /99/5 cans
Juice, tomato, Ideal, 1.00/four 32 oz bottles
Tea bags, Tetley, .25/16 count pkg

Thanksgiving Day Dinner at Red Shingle, Route 10, Union Hill, Dover, NJ
[MENU] Appetizer: Stuffed Celery, Apricot Nector. Soup: Turkey Soup. Main Course: Roast Turkey–Cranberry Sauce, Savary Stuffing, Giblet Gravy, Whipped Potato or Candied Yams, Brussel Sprouts, Served with Tossed Salad and Assorted Rolls, basket with Creamery Whipped Butter. Dessert: Pumpkin Pie topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with toasted sliced almonds or Apple Pie or Mince Pie. $2.75; Children’s Dinner, $1.50. Served from 12:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M.”—Display ad, Daily Record, November 21, 1961 (p. 13)[NOTE: spelling copied as published in original ad.]

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