Cadillac, Executive, 4,895.00
Volkswagen, Karmann Ghia, convertible, 2,494.00
Volkswagon, sedan, 1,650.00

1961, Volkswagen, 2 door, 1,376.00
1960, Ford, 2 door, standard 6,876.00
1959, Chevrolet, convertible, 1,376.00


Boy’s shirt, 5.00/2 shirts
Hat, straw, Stetson & Dunlap, 3.60-5.50/each
Men’s coat, summer weight, sports, 24.95/each
Men’s shoes, Bostonian, 16.95/pair
Men’s shorts, Bermuda, madras, 6.95-8.95/pair
Men’s slacks, dacron & wool, 12.95/each
Men’s suit, Sorento, dacron & worsted, 29.88/each
Women’s shoes, Naturalizer, 8.99-10.99/pair
Women’s shorts, Bermuda, 4.00/pair

Food & beverages

Bacon, .59/lb
Bananas, .10/lb
Beef, porterhouse steak, .89/lb
Blueberries, cultivated, .33/pint
Bread, rye, .29/loaf
Butter, Mayfair Creamery, .59/lb
Cheese, Kraft, Velveeta, .79/2 lb loaf
Cherries, bing, .49/lb
Chocolate, Hershey’s, Kisses, .49/11 oz pkg
Coffee, Beechnut, .59/lb
Cookies, Nabisco, Oreos, .45/lb bag
Duck, Long Island, .59/lb
Fish, flounder, .29/lb
Frankfurters, Oscar Mayer, .55/lb
Frozen dinner, Birdseye, 1.00/three 11 oz pkgs
Ham, boiled, .99/lb
Ice cream, Holland Dutch Treat, .59/gallon
Lamb, chops, .69/lb
Margarine, Shop Rite, .25/lb
Mayonnaise, Hellman’s, .67/quart
Mustard, Ideal, .19/16 oz jar
Peanuts, Planter’s, 1.00/three 7 oz cans
Pickles, Kosher, .39/quart
Potato chips, .39/17 oz pkg
Potatoes, U.S. No. 1, .29/4 l bag
Pretzels, Virginia Lee, .29/10 oz pkg
SPAM, Hormel, .39/12 oz can
Sugar, Shop Rite, .67/5 lbs
Tea, Lipton. .65/48 count box
Watermelon, .05/lb


Bed, bunk set, with mattresses & ladder, 49.00/complete
Bedroom set, solid cherry, 4 pieces, 379.00/set
Carpet, 5.25/square yard
Chair, recliner, 39.00/each
China cabinet, 66″ tall, 99.00-198.00/each
Dining room set, maple, 358.00/set
Dinette set, 5 pieces, bronze, 34.00-59.95/each
Lamp, white china, 36″ tall, 11.99-19.95/each
Mattress, Simmons, Correct Posture, 38.00-59.50/each

Garden & lawn equipment

Annual plants, .59-.89/dozen
Birdbath, 3.77-4.98/each
Charcoal briquettes, .99/20 lb bag
Fencing, picket, 3′ high X 8′ wide, 7.20/section
Hose, garden, 13.88/75′ feet
Ladder, extension 16 ft, 15.88/each
Lawnmower, 19″, 2.5 HP, 49.88/each
Picnic table set, redwood, deluxe, 35.00/set
Redwood stain & sealer, .88/quart
Rose food, Ortho, .79/pint
Sprinkler, 3.99/each
Tomato plants, .69-.98/gallon can

Household goods

Air conditioner, 129.95/each
Ammonia, Fyne Tex, .29/two 32 oz bottles
Beach, Shop Rite, .29/half gallon
Clothes washer, 259.95/each
Dish detergent, Ajax, .37/15 oz bottle
Freezer, 17 cu ft, 189.00/each
Paint, Sears, latex house, 3.99/gallon
Paper cups, Dixie, 1.00/three 50 count pkgs
Refrigerator, GE, 158.88/each
Scouring pads, Brillo, 1.00/three 18 count pkgs
Washing machine, Frigidaire, 12 lb size, 169.95/each

Personal care & health

Deodorant, .44/pkg
Shampoo, VO5, .77/15 oz bottle
Soap, Ivory, .27/3 medium cakes
Sun lotion, Coppertone, 1.15/4 oz bottle
Toilet tissue, Fyne Soft, .89/10 rolls
Toothpaste, Crest, .64/extra large

Real estate

Houses for sale
Mendham Twp., 3 bedrooms, ranch, 22,000.00
Randolph, 4 bedrooms, ranch, 25,000.00
Rockaway Boro, 2 bedrooms, 15,200.00
Houses for rent
Chatham twp., 7 rooms, 175.00/month
Denville, 6 rooms, 200.00/month
Madison, 8 rooms, 200.00/month

Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 2 rooms, 85.00/month
Mount Tabor, 4 rooms, 125.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Badminton set, 4 players, 3.99/set
Dinner, Town House on the Green, [Morristown NJ], 1.00/person
Flag kit, 3.50/each
Movie ticket, Ledgewood outdoor theatre, 1.00/carful
Organ, Wurlitzer, 395.00/each
Radio, pocket transistor, 8.49/each
Sleeping bag, Wenzel, 12.95-19.95/each
Slide projector, Sawyers, 500S, 35mm, 29.95/each
Stereo, RCA, console, 88.00/each
Swimming pool, in ground, 995.00-3,895.00/each
Television, General Electric, 11 inch, portable, 99.00/each
Tent, family size, 29.95-57.75/each
Turtle kit (bowl, food, ornament & gravel), .44/each
Turtles, .21-.49/each

How much did it cost to stock Thanksgiving tables in 1963? These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County New Jersey], November 26, 1963.

Meat, fowl & fish
Bacon, Gobel’s, 49 cents/lb
Beef, top round steak, 99 cents/lb
Corned beef brisket, boneless, 45 cents/lb
Duck, Long Island, 49 cents/lb
Ham, boneless rolled, Burns, 99 cents/lb
Lamb, legs, 59 cents/lb
Lobster tails, $1.49/lb
Oysters, fresh, 75 cents/half pint
Shrimp cocktail, 70 cents/three 4 oz jars
Turkeys, 29 cents/lb

Asparagus, tips, 35 cents/10 1/2 oz can
Beans, green, Birdseye, frozen $1.00/five 9 oz pkgs
Beans, lima, frozen, 95 cents/6 10 oz pkgs
Broccoli, 25 cents/bunch
Celery, Pascal, 19 cents/large stalk
Corn, Kounty Kist, 25 cents/two 12 oz cans
Olives, stuffed, 29 cents/8 oz jar
Onions, white, 9 cents/lb
Peas, Green Giant, 95 cents/five 17 oz cans
Turnips, yellow, 5 cents/lb
Yams, 1.00/5 lb can

Fruits & nuts
Apples, MacIntosh, 29 cents/3 lbs
Chestnuts, 19 cents/lb
Cranberries, Ocean Spray, 19 cents/lb
Cranberry Sauce, Foodtown, 33 cents/two 16 oz cans
Peanuts, Foodtown, 79 cents/three 6 oz cans
Pineapples, large size, 39 cents/each
Pumpkin, Libby, 39 cents/two 29 oz cans
Walnuts, Diamond, 47 cents/lb

Dairy, eggs & cheese
Cheese, sharp cheddar, 65 cents/lb
Cheese, cream, Philadelphia, 31 cents/8 oz pkg
Egg Nog, Borden’s, 63 cents/quart
Eggs, Wildmere, large, 57 cents/dozen

Cake mixes, $1.00/four 17 oz pkgs
Chocolate, Thin Mints, 49 cents/lb
Cookies, Hydrox, Sunshine, 55 cents/2 pkgs
Fruit cake, 70 cents/2 lb can
Mince Pie, Morton, frozen, $1.00/three 20 oz pies
Pie crust, My-T-Fine, mix 27 cents/two 9 oz pkgs
Plum pudding, R&R, 49 cents/lb can
Pumpkin pie, Morton, frozen, 29 cents/20 oz pkg

Baking, cereals, spices & condiments
Crisco shortening, 33 cents/lb
Flour, Hecker’s 54 cents/5 lb bag
Mince meat, Non-Such, 55 cents/28 oz pkg
Mustard, Foodtown, 21 cents/34 oz jar
Stuffing, gourmet bread, 33 cents/two lb loaves
Thyme leaves, 9 cents/ 3/4 oz

Champagne, Coast to Coast, New York State, 2.89/fifth bottle
Cider, Mott’s, 85 cents/gallon
Coffee, Eight O’Clock, 55 cents/lb
Ginger ale, Canada Dry, 53 cents/two 1 pt 12 fl oz bottles
Juice, orange, Birdseye, frozen, 59 cents/12 oz can
Juice, tomato, Foodtown, $1.00/four 46 oz cans
No-cal beverages, 29 cents/2 bottles
Tea, bags, 60 cents/100 ct box

“Holiday Reveonese Rum Cake
1 pound sweet butter, softened but not melted
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups sifted Presto flour
8 eggs, whites and yolks beaten separately
Mix butter, sugar, vanilla and flour all together. Add separately beaten egg yolks and whites together with other ingredients. Bake in moderate 350 degree oven in 8 X 14″ greased pyrex dish for about 35 minutes or untl done. After cake is done, but while still warm, make two deep oblong slits down cake, being careful not to cut all the way to bottom. Pour syrup in slits so it will soak through to bottom of cake, and let cool.
4 cups granulated sugar
4 cups water
1/2 cup rum
Boil 20 minutes. ‘It’s a good idea to make the syrup while the cake is baking so you can pour it on the cake while it’s still warm.'”
Daily Record [Morristown, N.J.], November 26, 1963 (p. 7)